How to Sell My Sex Tape in 2024? From Clips to Money

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Want to make extra income this month in an out-of-the-box way? How about selling sex tapes for $10,000, sounds unusual, but people have quit their regular jobs to make more money selling sex tapes.

You don’t need to be a pornstar or a famous adult creator to sell your sex tapes. Only three things matter here: quality content, the right platform & better promotion. 

At present, there are plenty of tube and cam sites where you can make money by selling homemade porn. If you have a pretty face, an attractive physique, and a proper camera, it’s good business for you! 

All you need to do is drive publicity so your clips sell more and have lifetime recurring income.

With that said, let’s get started. 

5 Checklist for Selling Sex Tape (Before You Hit Record)

Now, before we get down to the business of how to sell your sex tape and where you can sell them securely, let’s talk about what you need to do and have before selling  your sex tape:

Legal Age

Is the age of 18 considered legal to sell sex tapes?

First, you must understand your country’s laws and regulations to get an answer to this question. For example, in most countries like the U.S., Canada, and Australia, you can sell your sex tapes if you’re 18. 

But, in some countries, the legal age to sell your sex videos may be as high as 21 or even 25. 

When submitting your sex video on adult platforms, you’d be asked to provide a government ID. So, know the legal age of selling sex tapes in your region before planning to do it. 


Regarding sex, partners consenting before getting into the act is imperative. And if you’re going to distribute or sell images or videos of your intimate moments, you must ask for your partner’s consent.

So before hitting the record button, check your partner’s government ID to verify their age and ask whether they consent to sell their sex video online or not

Filming Gadgets

Onto the #3 step, check all your filming gadgets. This is the essential part where you have to check all your filming devices and accessories are present, like the camera, ring lights, batteries, extra memory cards, toys (if it’s needed), etc.

During the shoot, if someone forgets to bring an accessory and you only discover it afterward, it may disrupt the flow and cause unnecessary delays. So have a separate checklist for the filming gears and try to update them for every video you will shoot. 

Furthermore, you need a high-speed internet connection to access adult platforms while uploading your sex tape. 

Find Your Niche

To attract customers and boost sales of your sex tapes, it’s important to narrow down your focus to a specific niche within the industry. This allows you to better target your audience and cater to their specific interests.

First, ask yourself about your interests and passions to find your niche. For example, you’re passionate about hot and sensual sex. But you decided to do Femdom porn because of a larger fanbase and are uncomfortable with specific sequences. Your performance will surely put the viewers off and make them lose interest in you. 

Not finding your interested niche may jeopardize your work in the long run. So if you still didn’t choose a niche, we recommend doing it now. 


Porn is not just a crazy act of two horny consenting adults; it’s an art that connects body and mind and educates people about the beauty of intimacy. 

If you’re new to selling sex videos to make money on sites like Pornhub, then please make a small script before you start to film.

Homemade amateur porn should be natural, without any artificial moaning and screaming. To shoot a genuine sex tape that’s actually sexy, you need a script that helps your audiences to connect in a flow without interpretation. So take a pen and paper, and start writing. 

How to Make a Sex Tape That’s Sexy

First of all, you have to understand porn is objectively a form of art. It should hold some meaning while expressing the erotic themes and make an emotional connection to the audience. 

So if you think just ramming and plowing into the cave and splashing the seed all over the mountains makes a saleable sex tape, then you’re wrong. 

In addition, making homemade porn that actually sells is not easy. In 2022, the category ‘amateur porn’ snowballed and reached the top 20 most searched porn on Pornhub. So if you’re not creative in your films, you may become one among millions instead of one in a million. 

selling sex tapes using popular niches

Here are a few things that you can keep in mind while writing your script and filming your sex tape. 

1. Plan your actions.

Yeah, we literally meant ‘your actions.’ Back then, sex tapes were only focused on the red-hot steamy couple, continuously followed by cameramen with many background noises. 

Though it has done well in that period, today’s audience expects a little commitment to the plot and some spicy dramas. So, make it clear what your action will be during the entire film.

2. Communicate with Your Partner

Your sex tapes don’t need much communication. But whatever you plan to shoot, irrespective of any erotic theme, you need to communicate with him/her/them before you film. 

Communicating with your partner will avoid awkward and uncomfortable moments during the sexual act. If you let them know your actions prior, they may prepare themselves or let you know their opinions. 

3. Test Run with Your Gadget

Before you shoot your sex tape, run a quick test with all your filming devices. If any accessories or devices are defective, test runs will let you know. 

To do the test run:

  1. Set the gadgets and props as if it’s an actual shoot and record a scene for 15 to 20 seconds.
  2. When it’s over, plug in your earphones and playback the recording.
  3. Check out the white balance, background setup, and every detail; if it needs adjusting, do it on the spot. 

4. Record Your Sex Tape

Unlike porn produced by porn studios and companies with high-quality filming gear, professional directors, and cinematographers, homemade porn sometimes looks like a third-rate short film done on zero budget.

The reason is that shaky videos can cause motion sickness to the viewers and mediocre microphones that never record moans and squeaks. 

Although it is called ‘amateur porn,’ you need to work like a pro to make homemade porn that viewers love to come again. There are many resources on Youtube for free, so use them. 

Remember, you need to show your best to the users. Dress according to the plot, make your appeal more titillating, and at the same time, only use over-the-top makeovers when it’s necessary. Be comfortable and genuine. 

5. Edit Your Sex Tape

To create a saleable sex tape, you need to tweak it here and there to make it good. The first step in editing is to keep an end in your mind. 

Create a mind map of your sex tape and write it down clearly. One of the classic beginner’s mistakes is making too many transitions and flashy animations. Don’t do that; it affects the quality of the content.

Audio is more critical in porn videos. It builds more kink and lets your viewers experience a pleasurable climax. So only use background music whenever it’s necessary. 

Color correction is essential while editing your sex tape. As most amateur porn is shot indoors, getting appropriate lighting is exhausting. Edit the colors according to the mood of the scene, which provides a good viewing experience.

6. Compress Your Sex Tape

Every adult website has a specific requirement for uploading an image and a video. Go to the tube or cam site where you want to sell your sex video and search for the information regarding the uploadable video and image size.

In the case of Pornhub, the accepted video specifications are 

  1. File Formats: AVI, WMV, MP4, MPG, or MOV
  2. Maximum File Size: 50GB
  3. Bitrate: Min 1500 kb/s
    • 8000 kb/s recommended for best results 
  4. Optimal Frame Rate: 30-60 FPS
  5. Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
  6. Video Resolution: 720p
    • On Pornhub Premium’s homepage, 1920 x 1080 is recommended for the best results.

Also, if you want to upload and sell your sex video in Pornhub premium, you need to be met the following criteria:

  1. Full-length scenes must end with a climax (i.e., cumshot, orgasm)
  2. It should not contain black frames around video
  3. Compilations must have a theme or be tied to a specific category 
  4. Clear audio quality 

So before uploading your sex video, understand the eligibility criteria and the requirement of video specifications. 

If you follow these steps for making your sex tape, you can create a masterful video, like the Brazzers and Girlsway, without wasting thousands of dollars and years of time.

How to Sell Your Sex Tape – 5 Effective Strategies 

At first, people had to buy illicit VHS sex tapes on the black market, which could cost them between $60 and $175. However, as more people discovered the sex tape’s contents, it became an internet sensation and grossed $77 million in less than a year

Whether it’s past, present, or future, selling sex tapes is profitable and can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars. So here are five strategies that’ll help you achieve that goal. 

1. Know Your Competition

The first step to selling your sex tape is to know your competition. There are plenty of adult marketplaces, like ExtraLunchMoney, where you can find a wide range of adult content creators like you. Go there, find your competitors, and learn how they do it.

Develop your unique acting style; whether it’s your sexy postures or your flirty dialogues, create your own way to tempt your viewers. 

Also, avoid copying others’ content or plot, and always be yourself in front of the camera. It takes time to get to know what you’re good at. So chill and have fun during the filming. 

2. Produce Amazing Content

For people who keep asking, “how to sell my sex videos like hotcakes?” The answer is simple: produce unique content that makes your viewers feel it’s worth it. 

Why do you think people buy sex tapes? Because that’s what they like and can buy it. No strings attached. To keep your one-time buyers your recurring customers, stand out.

By producing quality content with good lighting, excellent background, proper accessories, arousing but harmonic voices, various sexual positions with sensual movements, and a passionate and sexy climax, you can make yourself different from others and increase the sale of your sex tape. 

3. Set Your Pricing Aptly

You should know what to charge to sell sex tape and stick with it. 

Always be sure to be competitive when you price your sex videos and don’t offer discounts just because everyone is doing it. Though it gives a boost to sales, you should only use them when it’s necessary. 

You can increase the price of a specific sex tape that sells well compared to others. For example, if you find someone selling at a low price for the same content, research a bit more about them and then consider your change in pricing.

The effective way to increase the price of your sex tape is to produce custom content. Create what your customers want from you. It increases the demand for your sex tapes and enables you to increase the price subtly. 

4. Payment First, Sex Tape Next

To the #4 step of how to sell your sex tape, make sure you received the payment from your customer before giving out your sex tape.

To sell sex tapes through third-party sites like Pornhub and OnlyFans is not an issue because of the presence of inbuilt payment gateways. But if you want to sell your sex tapes as a person, then utilize adult payment processors like CCbill and Verotel. 

Choose a secure and risk-free payment gateway, ask your customers to pay, and after receiving the payment, deliver the sex tape.

Make sure to give hassle-free payment options to your customers because it is one of the well-known methods to retain them. 

5. Promote Yourself on Social Media  

If you want to sell your sex tapes online successfully, people who’d like to buy them must know you.

Whenever people find a model attractive in a video or an image, they dig out their social handles to learn more about them. 

As you know, most models selling nudes and sex tapes online attract their audience via sexy pictures posted on their Instagram and Facebook. But always be cautious of what you’re posting. If you explicitly post, your account is more likely to be suspended.  

As for promoting the clips and sneak peeks of your sex tapes, you can utilize adult-friendly sites like Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and hundreds of adult online forums like ViperGirls and KittyKats

Be active and engage with your followers to build a vibrant community. Use adult hashtags to pull more onlookers, and by creating content with your creativity and style, turn them into your patrons. 

Where Can I Sell My Sex Tape?

Once you’ve recorded your sex tape and readied yourself with price factors and payment options, it’s time to select an adult platform to sell your sex video. 

Remember, if you’re serious about selling your sex tape as a business or side hustle, make sure the platform you select allows adult content creators to produce, promote and distribute your own content. At the same time, you retain the full copyright to your work. 

You’re also not limited to selling the same content with just one website if you want to play your hand everywhere to see where you can win. So it’s all up to you. 

Let’s look at the top-performing adult platforms that are suitable for you to sell your sex tape. 

1. OnlyFans

Every month, OnlyFans receives more than 300 million visitors, with the majority of visitors between the ages of 25 and 34. Although it was founded in 2016, its popularity has spiked recently during the covid pandemic.

Where to sell sex videos on fan webistes
Source: OnlyFans

As an adult content creator without much following, you can earn an average income of $150 to $200 per month by selling your sex tapes. Also, OnlyFans takes a 20% commission on your revenue. 

With a massive base, you must create and strategize your every move. If you have some followers on social media, convert them to OnlyFans. Market yourself in OnlyFans’ subreddits and other adult platforms. 

Payment options:

Payouts are pretty handy in OnlyFans. Users have to subscribe to view or download your content. You can decide how much to charge for your content. 

You receive 80% of the revenue as an adult content creator, while the OnlyFans platform takes out a 20% cut. Payments will transfer directly to your linked bank account if you use an automatic recurring payment method.  

Accepted payout methods:

  • Visa/MasterCard
  • Maestro/Debit cards
  • Discover
  • Some prepaid Visa cards

Payout methods that are not accepted:

  • PayPal
  • Prepaid cards

Other Best Adult Marketplaces to Sell Your Sex Tape

With more than 60 million content creators (most adult workers), OnlyFans pose a massive challenge if you’re starting fresh. But worry not; there are other best OnlyFans alternatives that give you the same privilege as OnlyFans but with less competition. So let’s take a look.

PlatformMonthly VisitsCommissionPayment Gateways
Fansly29.6M20%Bank transfer, skrill, Paxum, cryptocurrency
LoyalFans5.3M20%Wire transfer, Paxum, ACH, SEPA
ManyVids23.4M20-40%SEPA, cheque, ACH, wire transfer
JustFor Fans4.1M30%ACH, Paxum, cryptocurrency
Unlockd431K85-15ACH, wire transfer, cryptocurrency, cash.

2. Pornhub

With more than 2.6 billion visitors browsing porn on Pornhub every month, it’s a no-brainer that Pornhub can generate billions of dollars every year. Almost 80% of Pornhub’s visitors are men, and the majority age group is between 25-34. 

Where to sell sex tapes on porn tube sites
Source: PornHub

Although Pornhub allows its users to watch porn free of cost, as an adult creator, you can monetize your content too. Create your own channel and make it verified. It allows users to perceive you as a real person, not some random bot.

Not only can you earn by selling your sex tape on Pornhub, but by monetizing your channel, you can also earn from ad revenue. 

Your video earns you 80% of the revenue when someone purchases it. In addition to the 15% processing fee, you keep 65% of the revenue.

Payout options:

Pornhub only accepts:

  • Bank transfers
  • Cryptocurrency
  • SEPA
  • Paxum
  • Cheque
  • Cosmo
  • Verge.

Other Recommended Porn Tube Sites to Sell Your Sex Tapes

As of now, most of the free-of-charge tube sites have options to sell sex tapes and monetize your video content. We’ve pulled you a list of the best porn tube sites to sell your sex tape. 

Porn Tube SitesMonthly VisitsCommissionPayment Gateways
XVideos3.0B50%Wire transfer, Paxum, cosmo, Epayservices
XHamster1.3B0%ePayments, Paxum, cryptocurrency, wire transfer
YouPorn187.6M35%Wire transfer, Paxum, cosmo, SEPA
Sex.com62M20%Paxum, wire transfer
Porn.com14.8M25-35%Cheque, Paxum, wire transfer

3. Chaturbate 

Finally, you can consider doing live sex cams if you’re already into selling your sex tapes. For instance, you can begin your live sex journey at Chaturbate because it has 475 million monthly visitors watching live sex.

Where to sell sex tapes on cam sites
Source: Chaturbate

Doing live sex cams comes with an advantage: actively engaging with your viewers and getting to know what your fans want from you. 

Apart from getting tips while doing live cams, you can earn when your users download your sex tape from your profile. 

Regarding commission, Chaturbate takes up to 40% of your total revenue. More than 81% of Chaturbate users are male, so if you play your moves right, you may have a chance to find your sugar daddy. 

Payout options:

  • Paxum
  • CosmoPayment
  • ePayService 
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin 
  • Check 
  • Wire Transfer

Other Best Webcam Sites to Sell Your Sex Tapes

Just like OnlyFans, competition in Chaturbate has also gone fierce. But with the best high-paying webcam sites coming into play in recent years, you have several options, to begin with. 

Live Cam SiteMonthly VisitsCommissionPayment Gateways
LiveJasmine257M35-45%Paxum, Cosmo Payment, ePayService
BongaCams175M50%Paxum, Cryptocurrency, ePayService
JerkMate74M65%Paxum, wire transfer
Flirt4Free36MNo set percentageACH, wire transfer, ePayService, Cosmo
CamSoda28.M50%Paxum, wire transfer, cheque, direct deposit

How to Sell Your Sex Tape on Your Website?

Seeing the amount of commissions adult platforms get from your hard work is mind-boggling. So it’s time to learn how to sell your sell tape from your own adult site. 

You should consider getting your website now if you’re sure about promoting your content with suitable marketing methods across social and adult platforms.

You get it all by having your own adult platform, whatever your fans and audience pay you. Of course, you have to pay the payment processing fee, but it won’t take that much. 

However, the downside of creating your adult website is the cost of designing and developing it. Coupled with the cost you must pay the adult hosting provider, it would at least take up to $30,000 and a couple of months. Also, this amount varies according to your region and the features you want to integrate.

xModel demo banner

This is why you should choose a ready-made script like xModel by

xModel is a turnkey software solution to create your adult paid membership website. Whether you are a pornstar, cam model, or adult creator, xModel is the best possible solution you can get. From selling sex tapes to doing live cams, xModel can seamlessly manage it in and out. 

The highlight of purchasing xModel: 

  • 1 Free domain (only for .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, and .name extensions)
  • 50% off on first-month hosting
  • 6 months free product upgrades and support 
  • Free installation service. 

All you have to do is purchase xModel and wait a few days to go live.

Also, if you want to enhance your website, provides several advanced add-ons like currency conversion, site watermark, Twitter integration, private shows, and many more for an affordable price range.

Regarding payment gateways, xModel has an in-built reliable adult-friendly payment processor, CCBill, so you can start earning from day one.

Simply put, with xModel, what your fans give you is all yours. You can focus on developing yourself in the adult industry without worrying about paying sky-high commissions. 

Stop reading: Go Sell Your Sex Tape!

Although there are many ways to sell sex tapes, what you offer your audiences ultimately counts.

Consider offering exclusive videos to your recurring customers and always keep yourself ahead of others. Make yourself unique and charm your viewers with good action and acting. 

Understandably, you might struggle to drive sales initially, but doing without giving up increases your traffic. By building yourself, your customers earn tens of thousands of dollars monthly. 


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