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The team at Adent have bent over backwards to assist me (mini-nerd) and my organisation (newbies at best) with the entire process from purchasing the software (XFans) through to installing payment gateways and testing the completed package.


Just today I've experienced breakdown xCams script on my server because my fault. Tried to install additional module in linux, and unintentionally erased aplication with cams. Adent.io reacted in less then an hour and seted up service running again.

George B

The team at Adent is top notch. My company has been working with them since 2016, and five years later, after hundreds of emails and upgrades, updates, and customizations, we have nothing but praises for this company.

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100% User Satisfaction

Balentino Studios

United States

They Made Me A Believer (Best Software For StartUps)

Adent.io 100% delivers as promised!!! From great customer service to simple to use admin and user features within their software that actually does was it says it can do.

Gary Baboian

United States

GREAT Company that does what it says

Goes up and beyond in Customer Service. They have answered every question and need in a Professional manner. The response tie exceeds those of others.

Amazing service and Product

I've had a good experience with them and recommend them to anyone looking for a turnkey script. They answered all my questions patiently via email

The guys over at Adent are Amazing

The guys over at Adent are amazing to work with. Awesome Customer Service and an awesome experience overall. We were very well taken care of and looking forward to working with them in the future.

I was really impressed

The solution is written using clean code, SOLID principles, up to date front end technologies. This is coming from a developer with over 10 years experience

The team at Adent is top notch

What separated Adent from everyone else was the attention to detail, prompt responses from Steve, and it felt like no matter what time we reached out we would get an answer

Great job, perfect support!

I was really surprised how helpful and professional support I got. I was in touch with support team on a daily basis during the customization process.

We just purchased xCams

xCams written in nodejs and we couldn't be happier. This comes from a development company with 35+ years of experience, so we know good software when we see it

Excellent Software & Service

I purchased the xcams and Xscorts, and next on my list is the Xfans software from Adent.io. The software is good, clean coding, and the script of this software is exceptional!

Adent team did an outstanding job

During the last 3 years, I have worked with 5 developer teams across the world. Adent team is the best team so far. I can highly recommend this excellent team.

Good support and coding!

We purchased xFans and xCams from Adent last year. They gave us full source code so we got to edit it and make our own code successfully. Big thanks to Nathan and Aaron

5 stars for xCams and Adent.io

I have been using xCams products from Adent.io for the past 2 years. Experience with them is extremely positive. The provide full source code with the purchase

Adent with Perfect Scripts!!

They answered all my questions clearly before I purchased the xStreamer, and after I bought scripts, they go step by step in very deep details on every question I asked

I am 100% happy with the Adent!

I communicate with Nathan almost EVERY day, and he is always pleasant, happy and professional with me. He goes above and beyond to make sure that I am happy.