10+ Best Adult Webcam Affiliate Programs To Make 5,000 USD Per Month

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The adult industry has grown leaps and bounds over the years, and live webcams can be credited to be one of the major pillars of this surge. Camming, more than anything else, has become extremely popular among users now who are bored of traditional pornography. Now users want intimacy and a personal connection with the adult performers. This has given rise to the adult webcam affiliate marketing business.

Seeing the surge and popularity of camming around the world, many have spotted the potential of running an affiliate business out of it. Live cam affiliate businesses have made good use of this brilliant opportunity and taken the affiliate business to new heights.

Affiliate marketing is when an affiliate is paid by websites to redirect traffic to their platform through affiliate links and ads. The affiliates get paid well for redirecting traffic, sending new customers, for sales due to affiliates, etc. The adult webcam affiliate business is flourishing because of the many cam sites, tube sites, aggregator sites that run webcam affiliate programs on their platform.

Live cam affiliate business is profitable for the parent website as they only pay money to affiliates for successful conversions of customers. At the same time, it’s equally beneficial for the affiliates, too, as there is huge revenue potential in this business, that too without putting in much effort.

There are many cam networks that provide profitable affiliate programs for webmasters. These networks have tons of cam sites under their umbrella and thousands of models on their cam sites. As a webmaster, all you have to do is set up an affiliate cam site and host those models on your cam site.

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Are adult webcam affiliate programs profitable?

The simple answer to this question is Yes. Live camming is one of the fastest growing businesses around the world, with many popular cam sites operating successfully. The safety and privacy that camming provides has helped more and more models to join camming sites for a good career. With more models coming in every day, new cam sites are also popping up every day. And with so many cam sites flourishing, it’s obvious that the cam affiliate business is also booming.

There is a lot of money to be made through affiliate marketing adult webcams. Not only does it give good passive income, but also affiliate webmasters don’t have to put much effort into it. They only need to create a live cam affiliate website, get in touch with affiliate programs, and then sit back and relax and see the money flow in.

Different payment models for cam affiliate programs

Majorly there are 4 payment models that you can find on cam affiliate programs. Depending on the model you choose and the terms you fix with the program, your commission and income vary accordingly. Let us take a look at these 4 popular payment models for webcam affiliate programs and understand how they function.


Cost-per-acquisition or CPA is when any visitor who comes to a cam site through your affiliate link converts into a user or member on the cam site. This conversion can be when the user creates a paid account or when he purchases a subscription on the cam site.

CPA stands higher in the value chain as compared to CPC, where you get a commission for any user clicking on your affiliate link. CPA gives better returns as you only get paid after a user spends money or enrolls on the parent cam site.


CPL or cost-per-lead is when any visitor signs up on the parent cam site. It can be a basic form on the website that the user fills up, or maybe the user signs up for a free trial on the cam site. Affiliates get a commission for every sign up made on the cam site through their affiliate link.

There are 2 types of leads that are counted in a cam affiliate program.

  • SOI – Single-opt-in is an affiliate offer requiring only one action from the user to be closed. Usually, it is filling out a form or providing an email address.
  • DOI – Double-opt-in is an affiliate offer that requires more than one action from the user to be closed. For example, when a user comes to a cam site and fills up the form for registration, then the user has to go to his mailbox and click on the confirmation sent on his mail to complete the registration process.


Cost-per-sale or CPS is one of the most consistent and fair payment models for cam affiliate programs. Affiliates will only get paid if the visitor to the cam site makes a purchase. This purchase can be of tokens, subscriptions, or products. 

For example, for each sale of a premium subscription to a user who has come through your affiliate link, you will get a commission for that sale.


RevShare is the most profitable payment model for cam affiliate programs. RevShare basically means that the affiliate gets a commission for every spending the referred user makes on the cam site. In simple terms, once an affiliate refers a user to any cam site, then the affiliate will get a commission on every spending the user is making on the cam site for a lifetime. 

Even if the user stays for a week on the cam site or for 10 years, the affiliate will receive a percentage commission for every spending that the user makes on the cam site. So for as long as the user is part of the cam site, the affiliate will keep getting commissions for every spending the user makes.

Best adult cam affiliate programs in a nutshell

Affiliate Program Flagship Product Sign up Bonus Minimum Payout Pay Period Length Revenue Model
Chaturbate Chaturbate $50 2 weeks CPL, RevShare, Whitelabel, Referrals 
BongaCash BongaCams $200 Weekly CPL, RevShare, Whitelabel, Referrals 
AWEmpire LiveJasmin $150 $100 2 weeks CPS, RevShare, Whitelabel, Referrals
Streamate(CamBuilder) Streamate $20 Weekly CPS, RevShare
XLoveCash XLoveCam 100 Euros Weekly RevShare, Referrals
StripCash StripChat $100 2 weeks CPL, RevShare, Referrals
Flirt4Free Flirt4Free $100 Monthly CPL, CPS, RevShare
CamSoda CamSoda $50 2 weeks CPL, CPS, RevShare, Referrals
ImLive(PussyCash) ImLive $100 2 weeks CPA, CPL, RevShare
JerkMate JerkMate $100 Weekly/Monthly CPL, Referrals

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1. Chaturbate

Chaturbate has been a known name in the adult industry for a long time. Even in the affiliate marketing industry, Chaturbate is well known to be one of the highest payers. It is one of the biggest cam sites right now, with 4 million unique visitors every month. On the Chaturbate platform, you can find 450+ models online at any given point in time, which means there is never a dearth of models to chat with.

The shows on Chaturbate are free to watch for any user. Users can join the live stream and chat in the common chat, but to make requests, they have to pay tokens. Tokens can be bought on the Chaturbate website, and they can be used for tips, buying content, private shows, etc.

Chaturbate affiliate

Affiliate marketing adult webcams like Chaturbate provide multiple ways to earn good money through rewarding affiliate programs. The cam site even provides a great set of promo tools that help affiliates to start making money by promoting the biggest cam site. Here are revenue models through which affiliates can make money on Chaturbate.


Chaturbate pays for every signup made on their website through the affiliate. Cost per lead is a fantastic program because anyone with curiosity who visits the site will end up signing up for free to see and explore the cam site.

Chaturbate pays $1 for Tier 1 countries, $0.10 for Tier 2 countries and $0.01 for Tier 3 countries signups. As many users sign up on Chaturbate, affiliates keep making more and more money. Here is the list of tiers countries are segregated in.


Chaturbate provides a whopping 20% share of the revenues generated from your referred member spending on the site. RevShare is a great way to earn recurring income for a lifetime. Whenever any user who was referred to Chaturbate through an affiliate link spends money on tokens or purchases, then the affiliate receives 20% of the revenue generated for a lifetime. So the more the number of paying users referred, the more the passive earnings for an affiliate.

Model referral

Chaturbate pays $50 for each model referral if the referred model makes $25 or more revenue on the site.

Webmaster referral

Affiliates can get 5% RevShare for every webmaster referred to Chaturbate.


Chaturbate offers a whitelabel that you can use to run your own cam site with your branding. Chaturbate takes care of the technology and hosting part of the site. Affiliates don’t have to do anything except promote and bring traffic to the whitelabel site. Affiliates get a 20% RevShare on all traffic that spends on your whitelabel version of Chaturbate.

Revenue Models CPL, RevShare, Model Referral, Webmaster Referral, Whitelabel
Promo Tools API, Postbacks, Banners, Cam listing, Embed cam, Instant messenger ads, Popup code, Text ads
Minimum Payout $50
Payout Frequency 2 weeks

2. BongaCash

BongaCash is the affiliate program for BongaCams, which is one of the best adult webcam site affiliate programs in the world. Particularly popular in the European region, BongaCams also gets good traffic from the US and Russia. The average time any user spends on BongaCams is 35 minutes which is a great number compared to other cam sites.

BongaCams is a free live cam site that works and looks similar to Chaturbate. Users can browse through the cam feeds without the need to register or pay anything. BongaCams also runs on tokens like Chaturbate, where users have to buy tokens for tipping, getting a private show, requesting acts from models, etc.

BongaCash provides a wide range of revenue models and promo tools for affiliates to use to promote their program and get traffic to their cam site. Here are a few methods of revenue generation for affiliates through the BongaCams affiliate program.

BongaCams affiliate program


BongaCash provides a 25% revenue share from the spending done on the cam site by the user who was referred by the affiliate. RevShare is a great revenue generator in the long run as an affiliate can earn big after they land one or two big whales.

PPS + RevShare

If a user spends $375 on the site, you’ll get $40 for their first purchase and a 15% commission on their subsequent purchases! Purchases made by users from any country are credited under the PPS + RevShare Program, except for those made by users from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.


BongaCash is very generous when it comes to cost per lead. Depending on the tiers of the countries, BongaCash can give affiliates from $4.50 to $0.007. Top tier countries like Norway and Switzerland can earn you $4.50 for every free signup done. Here’s the whole list of tiers.

Model referral

BongaCash offers a 5% lifetime revshare on earnings of every successful model referred by the affiliate.

Webmaster referral

Even for every successful webmaster referral, an affiliate can get a 5% lifetime revshare.


You can run your own cam site by using whitelabel from BongaCams. They’ll take care of all technical aspects and the hosting of your cam site, you just need to rebrand the whitelabel site and generate traffic to make money. BongaCash provides 25% revshare for all the sales on your version of the BongaCams site.

Revenue Models CPL, RevShare, Model Referral, Webmaster Referral, Whitelabel
Promo Tools Text ads, Banners, Instant messenger ads, Popunder, Embed chat rooms, Category widget, Video export, API, Background skins
Minimum Payout $200
Payout Frequency Weekly

3. AWE

AWE or Adult Webmaster Empire is the official affiliate program for LiveJasmin.com, which is one of the best adult affiliate programs for webcam. Founded in 2001, LiveJasmin is one of the pioneer cam sites and boasts 35 million visitors on their cam site every day.

LiveJasmin is a premium cam site with higher token package prices as compared to other cam sites. But they do provide high quality cam experience, too, so that justifies the high prices. AWE has won multiple awards in the affiliate category for its exceptional services.

AWE provides multiple ways for affiliates to make money by directing traffic to LiveJasmin. It being a premium site offers more chances for the affiliates to land up a whale among the spenders. This LiveJasmin affiliate is the only affiliate program that gives $150 as a joining bonus to the affiliates. Here are a few of the revenue generation methods for affiliates on AWE.

LiveJasmin affiliate program


AWE is one of few affiliate programs that provide cost per signup earnings. For every referred member who purchases at least 17.99 credits, the affiliate will earn $150 to $300, depending on the number of users making purchases.


AWE provides one of the highest commissions as RevShare in the industry. Affiliates can earn anywhere from 35% to 45% commission depending on the number of credits purchased by referred members. 


Affiliates can get a good 45% commission on whitelabel sites that AWE will provide. They take care of the technicalities and hosting of the site, affiliates just get traffic to the whitelabel site and earn a commission for every sale made on the LiveJasmin lookalike whitelabel site.

Model referral

AWE gives a 10% commission on the referred model’s earnings for 1 year, depending on the country of origin of the referral.

Webmaster referral

An affiliate can earn up to 36% commission by referring webmasters. Affiliates can also get 18% for webmasters referred by their referred webmaster.

Revenue Models CPS, RevShare, Model Referral, Webmaster Referral, Whitelabel
Promo Tools Postitials, Banners, Video banners, Custom live feeds, Free chat applet, Mobile and Smart TV tool, iFrames,Popunder, rss feeds, IM ads, Link codes, Page peels, Slidebar, Coupon codes
Minimum Payout $100-$1000
Payout Frequency 2 Weeks

4. Streamate

Streamate was launched in 2003 and is one of the oldest live sex cam sites around. At any given point in time, you can find around 1600 models online from around the world ready to perform.

Cambuilder is the affiliate whitelabel program of Streamate that offers multiple revenue streams for affiliates. Cambuilder is also the whitelabel partner for Streamate, which means affiliates can get their own cam site with their branding and make money by generating traffic. Here are the revenue models that this Streamate affiliate program provides for affiliates.

Streamate affiliate program


Affiliates can get a 35% commission for every spending user they get to Streamate. This lifetime RevShare is one of the highest paying in the industry. This is a great model for affiliates who are in this for the long haul.


Cambuilder provides a commission of $75 for every unique spender you get to Streamate. Along with this, affiliates also get a 30% lifetime commission once their revenue share revenue exceeds their per-spender payouts.

Another program on Cam builder gives $30 for every free sign up you get for Streamate. In addition, affiliates also get a 30% lifetime revenue share for all spending members that are paid once their 30% lifetime revenue share has exceeded their per-join payouts.

Affiliates also can opt to get $100 for every unique spender and $40 for every unique free sign up on the Streamate platform.


Revenue Models CPS, RevShare
Promo Tools Links, Full page, Banners, Pre-roll ads, Category banners, IM banner, Live model
Minimum Payout $20
Payout Frequency Weekly

5. XLoveCash

XLoveCash is the official adult cam affiliate program for one of Europe’s leading cam sites, XLoveCam. If any affiliate is looking out for an affiliate program with multiple promo tools, then XLoveCash is the right choice.

XLoveCam provides high quality live cams with around 500 models online at any given point in time. It also provides a great conversion and retention rate, providing value to the referred visitors. Here are the revenue models that the xLoveCash affiliate program provides for affiliates.

xLoveCash affiliate program


XLoveCash provides a solid 35% commission as lifetime RevShare for all countries except France, Belgium and Switzerland. For these countries, it offers a lifetime share of 30%.

Webmaster referral

Affiliates can get 10% lifetime revenue for all the webmasters they refer.

Model referral

Affiliates can get a 5% commission for 1 year for all new models referred to the XLoveCam platform.


Revenue Models RevShare, Webmaster referral, Model referral
Promo Tools Banners, Text link generator, XML feeds, RSS feeds, Slide-up pop-up, iFrames, Live chat tool, Live webcam simulator, Registration API
Minimum Payout 100 Euros
Payout Frequency Weekly
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6. StripCash

StripCash is the official adult cam affiliate program for the cam site StripChat. Launched in 2016, StripChat gets over 60 million visits per month and has over 2500 models online any time of the day.

StripCash offers multiple revenue models for the affiliates to make money. It boasts of $90 million in payouts every year. Let’s take a look at the revenue models offered by the StripChat affiliate program.

StripChat affiliate program


StripCash offers a 20% lifetime revshare for all referred members on the StripChat platform. Every time the referred member buys tokens, affiliates get a 20% cut on the spending.


Affiliates get a commission for every referred sign up on the StripChat platform. They get $3 for single opt-in and $5 for double opt-in signups.

Webmaster referral

Affiliates get a 5% lifetime commission for every webmaster referred to StripCash.

Model referral

StripCash gives a good commission for every successful model referral to their StripChat platform. Depending on the tier of the country, commission varies. For tier1 countries, affiliates get $75, for tier2 countries, they get $50, and for tier3 countries, they get $25. These commissions are paid only after the referred models reach $200 in earnings.


Revenue Models RevShare, Webmaster referral, Model referral, Whitelabel
Promo Tools Deep links, Link builder, Banners, Pre-roll ads, Live model widgets, Popunder ads, iFrames, Model database API
Minimum Payout $100
Payout Frequency 2 Weeks

7. Flirt4Free

Flirt4Free is a popular cam site that was launched in 1996, making it one of the oldest sites in the business. F4F gets around 200 million unique visitors every month, and you can find 300 or more models online at any time of the day. 

Flirt4Free is a multiple awards winning cam site that runs a very profitable Flirt4Free adult cam affiliate program. It provides various revenue streams that we will see below.

Flirt4Free adult cam affiliate program


Affiliates of Flirt4Free can earn 20-30% as lifetime revshare depending on the gross sales of each month by the referred users. For sales of above $10000, affiliates can get a 30% commission, whereas they get 20% for anything less than $10000 sales in a month.


Affiliates can get $50 as commission for every referred user when they make their first purchase on the platform.


Flirt4Free provides a one-time commission for any user referred to their cam site. Depending on the region the user is referred from, the commission can vary from $0.20 to $2.

Webmaster referral

Affiliates can earn commission by referring other webmasters to Flirt4Free. They can get a 5% revshare of their referred affiliate’s earnings for a period of 12 months.

Revenue Models RevShare, CPL, CPS, Webmaster referral
Promo Tools Banners, Text links, Live video ads, Popunder ads, IM ads, iFrames
Minimum Payout $100
Payout Frequency Monthly

8. CamSoda

CamSoda is one of the leading cam sites in the world. Although they launched in 2016, they have made good ground in the camming industry. CamSoda were the first to provide 360 degrees live cam experience on their platform.

CamSoda runs its own affiliate program and provides multiple ways for affiliates to generate revenue. Although CamSoda has an invite-only affiliate program, once you get in, you can make good money making it one of the best adult webcam site affiliate programs. Here are the revenue models the CamSoda affiliate program offers.

CamSoda webcam affiliate program


CamSoda gives a 20% lifetime revenue on all spending done by users referred through the affiliate. In the long run, RevShare is the best revenue model.


Affiliates get $100 for every successful referral sign up on CamSoda’s platform. The referred member needs to spend money on the platform first for affiliates to receive this commission.


CamSoda gives $1.50 to affiliates for every referred member who gets verified by signing up.

Model referral

Affiliates get $70 for every successful model referral. So if you’re getting good model traffic, you can make good money referring them to CamSoda.

Webmaster referral

For every successful referral of qualified webmasters, CamSoda pays a good $500 to the affiliate who referred the webmaster.

Revenue Models RevShare, CPL, CPS, Model referral, Webmaster referral
Promo Tools Banners ads, IM pops, JSON feed
Minimum Payout $50
Payout Frequency 2 weeks

9. ImLive

Launched in 2002, ImLive is one of the oldest and most popular cam sites around the world. They provide free live cams where users have to buy tokens to chat with the models. The prices for tokens are one of the lowest in the business, and it has remained the same since its launch.

PussyCash is the official affiliate program for ImLive. It provides multiple revenue ways for the affiliates along with solid promo tools that any affiliate would need. Here is how affiliates can make money through the ImLive affiliate program.

ImLive affiliate program


PussyCash gives a 35% lifetime revshare for every paying user who signup through affiliates. This is one of the highest paying programs and is good for the long run too.


Depending on the origin country of the lead generated, affiliates get commission ranging from $0.20 to $3 per successfully verified signup.


For each successful signup who makes the first purchase of more than 25 credits, affiliates will receive $150 for your 1st-5th signups, $200 for your 6th-20th signups, $225 for your 21st-40th signups and $250 for your 41st signup & above!. Affiliates also get $30 for every user who does CC verification.

Webmaster referral

When the webmasters that affiliates refer to PussyCash via the CPS program send traffic to the ImLive platform, then those affiliates earn $2 per signup for the first 100 sign ups per pay period and $3 per sign-up starting with the 101st signup per pay period. 

Revenue Models RevShare, CPL, CPS, Webmaster referral
Promo Tools Banners ads, IM ads, Video ads, RSS/XML feeds, Geo-targeted banners
Minimum Payout $100
Payout Frequency 2 weeks

10. JerkMate

JerkMate is a new cam site compared to others in the business that lets users do a cam to cam chat with models. JerkMate uses its own currency called the Gold currency, where 1 Gold is equal to 1$.

CrakRevenue is the official affiliate partner for JerkMate. CrakRevenue is a seasoned affiliate marketing adult webcams partner and boasts of a 10% conversion rate in the business. Here are the revenue models offered by CrakRevenue for the JerkMate affiliate program.

JerkMate affiliate program


Affiliates can earn 30% of lifetime revshare by referring paying users to JerkMate. Once the user makes a purchase, then the affiliate gets a 30% share of each purchase made by the user.


Affiliates receive up to $20 commission for every successful lead to JerkMate. This rate is for double opt-in users.


Affiliates get up to $100 for each new initial purchase. So whenever your referral makes their first purchase on the platform, you will earn up to $100.

Webmaster referral

An affiliate can refer other webmasters to CrakRevenue and get a 5% of their income in commissions for life.

Revenue Models RevShare, CPL, Webmaster referral
Promo Tools Banners ads, PopUp ads, Live cam widget, Smartlinks
Minimum Payout $100
Payout Frequency Weekly/Monthly

1o. CherryCash

Cherry.TV is a community of 18+ LIVE entertainment content that caters to every taste and occasion. All types of models can find a home on this platform because it is diverse and welcoming. At the moment, you can find girls, transgenders, couples, and soon, male models to perform your favorite fetishes.  

CherryCash Webcam affiliate

CherryCash is the official affiliate program for Cherry.tv. It provides one of the highest PPS payouts in the industry for affiliates, along with multiple revenue streams for affiliates and solid promotion tools. Here are the revenue models that the CherryCash affiliate program provides for affiliates.


Each time a user you refer spends on Cherry.tv, you will get a 25% commission. For affiliates who are in it for the long haul, this lifetime RevShare is one of the highest paying in the industry.


When you become a CherryCash affiliate, you can participate in their exclusive partner program where you receive a commission when your new referees make a purchase on the website. To know more about payout details, you can contact their mailing address. 

Model to Model referral

On Cherry.tv, registered models can refer other models for a $100 reward. To qualify for the reward, the referred model must either stream 30 hours within 90 days or earn 2000 Cherry Bucks ($100) in tips within 90 days. 

The $100 payment will be unlocked and added to your next payout if the referred model meets one of the criteria.

Model to Viewers referral

Models registered with Cherry.tv can earn up to 15% of what their referred viewers spend on the entire platform – not just on their shows. Models earn a payout share based on their CTV level, and the higher their level, the more money they earn.

  • Level 1 to 20 – 10%
  • Level 21 to 40 – 12.5%
  • Level 41 and above – 15%

Webmaster referral

If your webmaster referrals make money on Cherry.tv, you will get 5% of what they make. Your earnings are credited to your account when they sign up for the webmaster program with your referral code.


Revenue Models

RevShare, CPA, Model to Model referral, Model to viewers referral, Webmaster referral

Promo Tools

Banners ads, Text ads, Live cam widget, Smartlinks, Dating Funnels, Surveys, Affiliate referral banners, Model referrals banners

Minimum Payout

100 Euros

Payout Frequency

2 Weeks

11. MyFreeCams 

MyFreeCams was the pioneer of the freemium cam site model, providing explicit public shows and an extensive collection of American webcam models. Despite being slightly difficult to navigate, they have an incredible selection of jaw-dropping cam girls.

MyFreeCams webcam affiliate

One fantastic aspect of MyFreeCams is its affiliate program, where users can earn commissions by promoting one of the most popular live webcam sites online. 

The official affiliate partner for MyFreeCams is an industry-leading CPA Network called CrakRevenue. CrakRevenue specializes in web traffic monetization and has paid out a jaw-dropping $40M in affiliate commissions each year. Here are the revenue models offered by CrakRevenue for the MyFreeCams affiliate program.


With the MyFreeCams affiliate program and RevShare, you can earn up to 15% of what your referred members spend watching webcam girls online. In the MFC partner program, commissions are lifetime, which means you’ll receive a cut no matter how much the member spends, even years after the referral was made.

In addition, according to your referral numbers, the specific percentage of RevShare can range from 35% to 50%. For example, referring to 100 paying customers will earn you 35% of their revenue in a month. Referring 200 paying customers a month would earn you 40% of their revenue, and so on. 


Every free signup you refer will earn you a $1 bonus in addition to revshare commissions. Furthermore, for each new premium account signup, affiliates can earn $150.

Webmaster referral

With CrakRevenue, affiliates can refer other webmasters and get 5% of their income as commissions.


Revenue Models

RevShare, CPL, Webmaster referral

Promo Tools

Banners ads, PopUp ads, Live cam widget, Smartlinks

Minimum Payout


Payout Frequency

2 Weeks 

12. CAM4Pays

Cam4 was launched in 2007 and quickly became known as a popular freemium camsite. With women, men, couples and shemales from all over the world broadcasting their shows, Cam4 provides a diverse array of webcam performers for all viewers to enjoy. 

CAM4Pays Webcam affiliate

Unlike some other cam sites, Cam4 is mainly used by amateur webcam performers who are looking to share their talents with the world. 

For those looking to earn money through adult camming can join CAM4Pays, the official adult cam affiliate program for Cam4. With a variety of promo tools available, CAM4Pays is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to monetize their content and reach a wider audience. Here are the revenue models offered by the CAM4Pays affiliate program.


CAM4Pays affiliate program offers a 20% lifetime revshare for all referred members on the CAM4 platform. Whenever a referred member buys tokens, affiliates receive a 20% cut.


Affiliates get a commission for every referred sign-up on the CAM4 platform. They get $2 for single opt-in and $5 for double opt-in signups, based on GEO Tiers.

Premium Affiliate Offers

Affiliates get $75 – $125 for every successful referral premium sign-up on the CAM4 platform. They also provide combined offers for premium affiliate programs:

  • Combined: PPS + RevShare
  • Combined: PPL  (double opt-in signups) + RevShare on token spent

Model referral

You can earn $20 for the first $20 a model earns, plus an additional 5% on lifetime earnings

Webmaster referral

Affiliates get a 5% lifetime commission for every webmaster referred to CAM4Pays.


Revenue Models

RevShare, CPL, Premium affiliate offers, Model referral, Webmaster referral

Promo Tools

Widgets & Embeds, Live Banners & Overlays, XML / JSON Feeds, Dynamic Banners, Link Generators, Advanced Content Filters, Postbacks & Pixels, Landing pages, API.

Minimum Payout


Payout Frequency

2 Week

How to create your own live cam affiliate website

As you would have understood by now, cam sites are a major adult website traffic puller in the adult industry, and thousands of affiliates have made good money by running affiliate programs for these big cam sites. Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business that requires less effort compared to running a full-fledged cam site.

As an affiliate, you can create your own live cam affiliate website and make good money with little or no effort at all. When I say creating your own affiliate website, it isn’t as daunting as it seems to be. Thanks to technological advancements, there are many turnkey solutions available in the market using which you can get your live website in a matter of a few days.

One such readymade turnkey solution is xShows. xShows is a readymade turnkey script that allows you to build your affiliate cam site with all the essential features and monetization channels you need for a successful affiliate site. On top of that, xShows is fully customizable, which means you can brand your website as per your ideas. There is no forced branding on your affiliate cam site, and you get the 100% open source code to customize your site as per your liking.

You can embed models from the integrated API of popular cam sites like Chaturbate, BongaCams, StripChat and XLoveCam and select from over 10000+ models to kickstart your business. Here are a few of the features that xShows offers:

Handling traffic: The xShows script is robust enough to handle massive traffic and flexible enough to scale across multiple servers if required.

Integrated Model API: It provides you with content, to begin with, 20000+ online models to kickstart your business.

Monetization methods: xShows provides you with the option to get affiliate commissions for users watching live cam streams of parent websites and also for users making any purchase on the parent website.

Rebrandable: xShows provides you with the complete freedom to rebrand your Affiliate webcam site with your business name, logo, color, skin, design, and brand identity.

Platform Customizability: xShows allows you to add, modify, or delete any feature and gives you source-code access to the script so that any skilled developer can customize it. Choose a competent tech stack, which you can customize to add new features in the future.

How to make $5000 per month through affiliate cam programs

Once you start with your affiliate live cam website, there is immense potential to make good money. All you need to do is have patience in your plans and do things the right way. Once your affiliate cam site is ready, then you need to implement strategies to bring traffic to your website.

Getting traffic to your cam site, which you can direct to the parent cam site, is where the money lies in affiliate marketing adult webcams. Usually, your affiliate partners will provide you with promo tools to promote their site, but there are a few things you need to do on your affiliate cam site before you start using the promo tools.

Google search ads

Google search ads are a great way to generate traffic to your affiliate cam site. But as per Google’s policy, sexually explicit content isn’t allowed to be promoted using Google Adwords. 

But they do allow search ads for webcam sites in certain countries and regions depending on the SafeSearch settings chosen by the user. Check the policy of Google to know which region is safe to promote your cam affiliate site and which is not, and then you can run search ads for those allowed regions.

Adult paid ad campaigns

Most of your traffic comes from the adult paid ad campaigns you run on various adult ad networks. Adult ad networks like JuicyAds and TrafficJunky provide many sources for you to pull traffic from. 

Once you sign up with such adult ad networks, they provide you with an ads manager who helps you figure out which type of ads do well and which websites to promote your ads on. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can choose where to run your ads.

Running paid ads can be a tricky job, especially when all your revenue depends on the traffic you generate. You can’t afford to run the wrong kind of Ads campaign and lose money on it. You need to be extra careful about your strategies, types of Ads, budget, placement of Ads, and Ad-rotations to make the best of this method.

Social media marketing

Although not all popular social media platforms allow adult ads of any kind, you can find a few other platforms where you can find the right target audience to promote your affiliate site. If you know your way around them, then these few adult-friendly social media platforms can turn out to be extremely fertile to get traffic to your cam site.

Platforms like Reddit, Twitter, adult forums are where you will find the right audience for your cam site. Depending on your niche, look if these platforms have a specific subreddit or hashtag pertaining to your niche. Utilizing these channels, you can get good traffic to your cam site.


Optimizing your cam site is of utmost importance if you’re looking to get some organic traffic to your affiliate cam site. Optimizing your cam site with SEO tools would mean your cam site popping up in search results. Keyword research, On-page SEO, and SEO tools are the three major things you need to take care of.

Primary, secondary and long-tail keywords play a major role in deciding how your website will rank. Using these keywords on your website in your domain name, meta tags, category names, titles, etc., will help you rank high and get traffic.

Crawlers need to find your website when searching for keywords, and for that to happen, on-page SEO is very important. Configuring the robots.txt file and configuring your cam site as per SEO best practices can make a huge difference in getting traffic to your cam site.

Next, you need to configure some SEO tools for your website to track the performance of your cam site and make changes whenever and wherever needed. Tools like Google Analytics, Google webmaster, SemRush, Moz, etc., help you in improving the performance of your cam site.

Few marketing tips

It is comparatively easy to make $5000 per month through affiliate cam programs or even more than that, all you need is to trust the process, have patience, and do the necessary marketing. Here are a few tips to get more traffic to your affiliate cam site.


Choosing a niche for your affiliate cam site is essential to stand out in the competition. With so much competition around cam sites, you stand a better chance if you have a unique niche or micro niche for your cam site.

Target audience

Your cam site and your ad promotions should be targeted to a particular section of the audience and not to the general population. The more you narrow down your niche and target audience, the more chances your website has at conversions.


Always go in with more than one adult affiliate sponsor to have a backup in case the other one fails. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; explore and pick up two or three sponsors like Chaturbate, CrakRevenue, etc. and promote them.

Quality content

The content on your affiliate cam site has to be great for users to browse through and click on the promotions you’re running. If the user doesn’t stay, then that won’t help your goal of generating revenue. Create some blogs on your niche and provide unique content for users to come to your affiliate cam site.

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The camming industry is emerging as the top revenue generator for the adult industry and for all the right reasons. With the advancement of technology, new features are being developed every day, making the camming industry even more lucrative. 

So this is the right time to cash on the trend and make good money out of it. And what better than having your own affiliate live cam website using a turnkey solution like xShows where you only need to set up the website and then sit down and make money through the traffic you generate. The time is now to get into the affiliate marketing game!

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