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Monetization Channels Affiliate commission, PPV, Ad Revenue (banners and video ads) Affiliate commission and Banner Ads Product Sales, Ad Banners Affiliate Commissions
Embed videos from other tube websites Yes Yes No No
Upload own videos and sell Yes No No No
Aggregate cams No No No Yes
Sell own sex toy products No No Yes No
Dropship products No No Yes No
Bulk Upload Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payment Gateway CCBill No Verotel, NMI No
Affiliate Partners TubeCorporate and AWEmpire TubeCorporate and AWEmpire SexToyClub, Inventory Source ( 20+ Suppliers) Chaturbate, BongaCash, Stripchat, and xLoveCash
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Monetization Channels Subscriptions, PPV, Product Sales, Tips, Private Shows Tips, Token charges for private and group shows, media and product sales Per minute calling Tokens per message, Tips, and Photo/video sales
Live Cam Yes Yes No No
Subscription Yes No No No
Sell Photos/Videos Yes Yes No Yes
Messaging Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pay per message No No No Yes
Audio Calling No No Yes No
Store Integration Yes Yes No No
Wallets and Tokens Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payment gateways CCBill and Verotel CCBill CCBill CCBill
Model payout Manual Manual Manual Manual
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Monetization Channels Subscriptions, PPV Videos, and product Sales Subscription, Pay per view, Product Sales and tips
Subscription Yes Yes
PPV Videos Yes Yes
Messaging No No
Live Cam No Yes
Store Integration Yes Yes
Wallets and Tokens No Yes
Payment gateways CCBill CCBill
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