make money in corona lockdown period

Perfect Time to Make Money Online with Adult Site in this Lockdown Period

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home as v a safety measure. To encourage self-isolation and social distancing, different applications and websites are coming up with innovative ideas. Adult tube site Pornhub has become the most popular … Read More

Hottest Niche

How to Find the Hottest Niche in the Adult Industry?

While porn could be a sin for many, it’s a great business opportunity for a lot of others. Let’s be honest, people love adult content. It doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay; hundreds of porn sites attract your … Read More

Strip club to cam business

Strip Club Owners : 2020 is the Year to Expand your Business into Cam Industry

The very old live adult entertainment industry, which majorly consists of strip clubs, is on the verge of collapse. The $8 billion industry is struggling to keep up with the changing times. Probably, this is yet another example where online … Read More

webcam couples

How to Make $5,000/Month as a Webcam Couple?

Are you thinking about making money from live webcam modeling? What do you think about starting in the webcam couples niche? Since the internet went accessible to masses, people have been coming up with innovative online business ideas; webcam modeling … Read More

smart sex toys

The Smart Sex Toys in 2020

Where events like CES, famous for the tech exhibitions, stay in talks for the smartphones, vehicles, drones, and robotics they exhibit, not everyone dialogues about the innovations featured in the sexual health and pleasure industry. Unfortunately, sex toys, an industry … Read More

Gay clip sites

Top 3 Gay Clip Sites in Adult Industry

There aren’t many good options when it comes to men-on-men content and gay adult entertainment. No doubt, tubes like Pornhub, Xvideos, and YouPorn offer some decent catalogs, but scrolling through the endless list of literally ‘everything’ makes them the not-so … Read More


SexTech Revolution: $15,000 Robot Companion That Talks

“If a domestic service humanoid is ever developed, it will be as a result of the market for sex robots.” I read this line 2 years ago in one of the articles in a “The Guardian” article, and I couldn’t … Read More

sex toy industry

Unstoppable $15B Sex Toy Industry is the New Business Trend

Some might agree while some might refuse the fact that the online sex toy market was worth a whopping 15 billion in 2014 itself. As per most of the market studies done during the past 1-2 years, a majority of … Read More

adult tube traffic

7 Tips to Increase Your Adult Tube Site Traffic by 400%

Are you struggling to drive a good amount of adult website traffic? Do you wonder if all adult sites combinatorically drive more traffic than Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix, why isn’t your traffic even a slight portion of that? If you … Read More

webcam business in uk

Viable Adult Webcam Business Idea in UK?

When we think online business, the initial ideas that pop-up in our minds spread across tech-related ventures, eCommerce, or on-demand services. Hardly anyone thinks about the adult business sector. It is mainly because a majority of mainstream services and laws … Read More