cosplay sex toy

How to Build a Cosplay Sex Toy Website for the Halloween 🎃

Halloween is just around the corner, and you are most likely planning inventive outfits, cutting a jack o’ lantern, giving your sweet tooth some treats, and visiting a spooky house. However, you’re in the mindset to get creepy and startling … Read More

Adult Business Startup Conversation About an Adult Business Startup

Noah is juggling between bringing his online business idea to life (gateway to his financial freedom) and his regular 9-5 job. It’s been 6 months, and he is giving a serious thought on quitting his regular 9-5 and building his … Read More

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How to Build All in One Affiliate Cam Website and Make $3000 Per Month?

The early porn industry was a Wild West of experiments. It went through a series of evolutions to take the current form where porn is now accessible with a click of a button on the internet. It was not always … Read More

Adult Cam Builder

xShows – The Best Solution in Cam Industry

Whether you are an affiliate marketer, webcam model, or an aspiring entrepreneur, starting your own webcam site is the best way to set up a cash cow machine today. If you have been following our posts, you must be knowing … Read More

strip club live streaming

Why do Strip Clubs Need Higher Technology to Generate Higher Revenues?

An industry that tracks its roots back to world-war 2 is fighting for its survival today. I wouldn’t say it’s due to COVID-19 pandemic, but more due to stubbornness towards technology, and their outdated modus operandi.  If you are wondering … Read More

How to Create an Adult Membership Website and Make $100K per Year

Are you looking to build an adult membership website to make money?  I think you would agree that starting an adult membership site is a serious business and it requires hard work. With tons of benefits of membership site, it’s … Read More

xStreamer v5

xStreamer Product Upgrades – Version 5 Released is proud to announce the immediate availability of Version 5 of the industry-leading porn tube script, xStreamer. The xStreamer is a turnkey solution that allows anyone to set up an Adult Tube Site like Pornhub, Xvideos, YouPorn, and others … Read More

How to Revive Your Adult Business Post COVID-19

Coronavirus, which originated from Wuhan, has now affected almost every country on the globe. There is not a single country, state, or business without an impact owing to this global pandemic. While several sectors and industries are on the verge … Read More

SexTing Business

Run a Sexting business in 2020 with xChat

It’s 2020, the infamous year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire world is facing the awful need for lockdown and social distancing, but humans have their needs. The new normal cannot suppress our sexual desires. It’s no surprise, people are … Read More

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Q&A Session with a Renowned Webcam Site Owner

Lena (changed name for privacy concerns) is a successful webcam model and owner of one of the top webcam sites in the US. She started as a webcam model on a US-based website. After a series of events, she shined … Read More