Gay clip sites

Top 3 Gay Clip Sites in Adult Industry

There aren’t many good options when it comes to men-on-men content and gay adult entertainment. No doubt, tubes like Pornhub, Xvideos, and YouPorn offer some decent catalogs, but scrolling through the endless list of literally ‘everything’ makes them the not-so … Read More


SexTech Revolution: $15,000 Robot Companion That Talks

“If a domestic service humanoid is ever developed, it will be as a result of the market for sex robots.” I read this line 2 years ago in one of the articles in a “The Guardian” article, and I couldn’t … Read More

sex toy industry

Unstoppable $15B Sex Toy Industry is the New Business Trend

Some might agree while some might refuse the fact that the online sex toy market was worth a whopping 15 billion in 2014 itself. As per most of the market studies done during the past 1-2 years, a majority of … Read More

adult tube traffic

7 Tips to Increase Your Adult Tube Site Traffic by 400%

Are you struggling to drive a good amount of adult website traffic? Do you wonder if all adult sites combinatorically drive more traffic than Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix, why isn’t your traffic even a slight portion of that? If you … Read More

webcam business in uk

Viable Adult Webcam Business Idea in UK?

When we think online business, the initial ideas that pop-up in our minds spread across tech-related ventures, eCommerce, or on-demand services. Hardly anyone thinks about the adult business sector. It is mainly because a majority of mainstream services and laws … Read More

USA The Porn Land

Infographic: USA the Porn Land

In the nineties, somewhere around 1997-1998, the world witnessed a modern way of browsing porn. We started moving from VCRs and DVDs to Internet porn. Since then, it has been uneasy to get affirmative stats on how, what, and when … Read More

benefits of clone scripts

Benefits of Using a Clone Script to Build a Porn Website

We live in an era of fast internet, simplified web technologies, and quick online ventures. However, this was not the case a few years ago. Back then, hardly a few could think about hiring developers to develop even the simplest … Read More

escort service in canada

How Canada’s New Prostitution Law can Benefit Online Escort Business?

When the Supreme Court of Canada ordered the parliament to rewrite Criminal Code’s sections on prostitution in 2014, it was aiming at diminishing the demands for sex services to eliminate the risks involved in prostitution for the sex workers. However, … Read More

x rated website

How to Start a X Rated Website without Spending time to Customize It?

Do you have zero coding skills but cannot give up on the idea to become a lucky adult business owner? We are certain that you must have already considered outsourcing your entire project to a software development firm and handed … Read More

best paid porn sites

10 Top Paid Porn Sites to Access the Hardcore Porn

VHS and DVDs are long gone today. We now have internet and best premium porn sites serving erotica in the best possible way. What could be a more convenient way than streaming on the computer, television, or mobile porn sites? … Read More