SexTing Business

Run a Sexting business in 2020 with xChat

It’s 2020, the infamous year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire world is facing the awful need for lockdown and social distancing, but humans have their needs. The new normal cannot suppress our sexual desires. It’s no surprise, people are … Read More

interview with a cam site owner

Q&A Session with a Renowned Webcam Site Owner

Lena (changed name for privacy concerns) is a successful webcam model and owner of one of the top webcam sites in the US. She started as a webcam model on a US-based website. After a series of events, she shined … Read More

how to open a strip club

How to Start Online Strip Club Business Successfully?

Strip clubs date back to the 19th century. Back then, strippers would work for the kings. Today, they are open to all for public entertainment. However, sexual preferences are not the same all over the world. People have varied sexual … Read More

charge people as a webcam model

How to Charge People to Pay You as a Webcam Model on Your Own Site?

Being an adult webcam model is an easy and lucrative career for many. Typically common among women, adult models, and porn performers, camming is nowadays an easy income source for anyone serious about this line of work. Just pick a … Read More

produce amateur porn

A Detailed Guide on Producing and Selling Amateur Porn

With innumerable niches and different business models, porn has evolved into a massive industry today. The adult entertainment industry is no more limited to orchestrated scenes and professional porn studios alone. With new concepts such as webcam modeling, adult fan … Read More

adult industry unknown tools

3 Unknown Helpful Tools in Adult Industry

You have decided to leap in the adult industry by taking a rewarding career in webcam modeling. It’s a wise decision per-se. You have a plethora of choices at your disposal before you make your first appearance on a live … Read More

make money in corona lockdown period

Perfect Time to Make Money Online with Adult Site in this Lockdown Period

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home as v a safety measure. To encourage self-isolation and social distancing, different applications and websites are coming up with innovative ideas. Adult tube site Pornhub has become the most popular … Read More

Hottest Niche

How to Find the Hottest Niche in the Adult Industry?

While porn could be a sin for many, it’s a great business opportunity for a lot of others. Let’s be honest, people love adult content. It doesn’t matter if you are straight or gay; hundreds of porn sites attract your … Read More

Strip club to cam business

Strip Club Owners : 2020 is the Year to Expand your Business into Cam Industry

The very old live adult entertainment industry, which majorly consists of strip clubs, is on the verge of collapse. The $8 billion industry is struggling to keep up with the changing times. Probably, this is yet another example where online … Read More

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How to Make $5,000/Month as a Webcam Couple?

Are you thinking about making money from live webcam modeling? What do you think about starting in the webcam couples niche? Since the internet went accessible to masses, people have been coming up with innovative online business ideas; webcam modeling … Read More