How to Start Your Own Adult Entertainment Website Business?

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It’s no secret that there is a lot of money to be made from adult entertainment websites. Not only professionals but amateurs also are making good money by selling homemade porn. So, it’s safe to say that starting an adult website is a great way to make money.

Now you might have various questions regarding an adult website, like how to start an adult website, what types of adult businesses are available, why start an adult website, and so on. In this article, we will explain everything that you would need to know about starting an adult site and the steps involved to make an adult website successful.

Why start an adult website?

The traffic received by adult websites around the world is very high. Adult sites get approximately 13% of global web searches and 20% of global mobile searches. This tells you how popular adult websites are and how much traffic they get. And with so many different types of adult businesses available, you can choose whichever suits you and mint money from your adult website business.

Another reason to start an adult website is that it is very easy now to build adult sites using the numerous readymade scripts available in the market. Using such scripts, you can easily build your own adult website like Pornhub, XVideos, and even OnlyFans.

One thing that is sure for adult websites is that they’ll never face a crunch in traffic if the content available on their site is good. Be it the easy money or the traffic, starting an adult website is a great business venture today.

Types of adult entertainment business

Adult entertainment businesses come in various types today. Depending on your choice and taste, you can choose any type of adult business. In this section, we will tell you about the types of adult businesses and what kind of adult websites you can make from them.

Affiliate Business

Affiliate adult businesses are the easiest to start and provide a good steady income by starting an affiliate porn site. There isn’t much effort needed to start an adult affiliate business, as you’re just going to import adult content or products from other websites and make money through the traffic you get. Let’s take a look at the different types of affiliate businesses you can start.

Tube Affiliate Website

Tube websites are basically based on the popular video streaming platform YouTube. Just like YouTube, users can stream porn videos on tube sites and get paid for porn. Sites like Pornhub, xHamster, YouPorn, etc., are some popular examples of tube sites. On such sites, not only the owners but also users can upload their porn videos to be viewed by other users.

Types of Adult Affiliate Website Business

Tube affiliate websites are those where you embed videos from other popular tube sites into your tube affiliate website and make money from the traffic generated and redirected to parent tube sites. You can register and partner with multiple tube sites and increase your chances of making more money.

How to make money from a Tube affiliate site?

Here are a few ways in which you can make money from your tube affiliate site.

  • Advertisements – You can put multiple formats of ads on your tube site, like banners and text ads, and make money through CPC.
  • Affiliate commissions – Redirect traffic to other tube sites to make money through affiliate commissions.
  • PPV from premium HD videos – Sell exclusive adult videos on your tube site on a VOD basis.

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Cam affiliate website

Cam sites are those where users can interact with models through a webcam. It is one of the most profitable adult businesses as it provides a chance for live interaction between models and users. Some popular cam sites are Chaturbate, BongaCams, LiveJasmin, etc., which hosts thousands of webcam models and receives huge traffic every day.

A cam affiliate site lets you import the live streams of models of popular cam sites and show them on your cam site. There are many best cam affiliate websites from where these models can be pulled and embedded on your tube affiliate webcam site easily, and you can make money through affiliate commission by redirecting traffic to popular cam sites.

How to make money from a cam affiliate website?

The money on your cam affiliate website comes by redirecting the traffic to your partner cam sites. When the users who are redirected from your site buy tokens on your partner cam site, you earn a percentage of the spending as affiliate earnings. As users have to buy tokens if they want to see a model on a live webcam, the chances of earning affiliate commission are pretty high.

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Tube aggregator website

Tube aggregator sites are like search engines; the only thing is that it’s an adult search engine. Tube aggregator sites collate content from multiple tube sites and show it in one place, making it easier for users to find their favorite and desired adult content. Some popular tube aggregator sites are Tubegalore and GiantTube.

These sites don’t actually host content but show thumbnails of adult content with details like the length of the clip, quality, upload date, and the source of the video file. When a user clicks on the thumbnail, they’re taken to the parent website where the video is available to watch.

How to make money from a tube aggregator website?

Making money through a tube aggregator website is fairly easy and simple, as mentioned below.

  • Affiliate commission – You get a commission percentage every time a user is redirected to the parent tube site from your aggregator site.
  • Advertisements – Place ads like affiliate banners across your aggregator website and earn commission from it.
  • Sell link space – You can make money by selling footer and header link space on your website.

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Sex toys dropshipping website

Another great way to kickstart your adult entertainment business is through a dropshipping website. Dropshipping is basically facilitating the sale of adult products like sex toys from different vendors to users on your website. The packaging and shipping of sex toys are handled by the vendor and are discreet.

To start a sex toy dropshipping website, you need to import the inventory of adult products from various vendors using a CSV file to your website. You can keep a margin for yourself and then list the prices of the sex products. When a user buys a sex toy from your website, the order goes to the vendor, and they handle the packaging and shipping of the product. You can also choose to list your own sex products and sell them on your website.

How to make money from a sex toys dropshipping website?

Starting a sex toy dropshipping website is not only very profitable but also an untapped section of the adult industry, increasing your chances of making money. Here are a few ways in which you can make money.

  • Sell products – Become an affiliate partner with popular dropshippers and sell their products on your website.
  • Advertisements – Place affiliate banner ads across your website and earn an affiliate commission.
  • Sell your own products – you can list your products on your website and sell them to maximize your profit.

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Membership Business

Membership websites are one of the most profitable ways of starting an adult site. The adult membership business is similar to the Netflix model, where users pay a periodical fee to access content on your website. Let’s take a look at some of the membership businesses that you can start to make money.

Membership sites like Brazzers

Membership websites like Netflix follow the model of sharing content with users who subscribe and pay a periodical fee to access the content on the platform. Similarly, porn businesses like Brazzers and RealityKings sell content through a membership model. Users subscribe to various packages of subscriptions and pay a subscription fee periodically to get access to their favorite adult content on the website.

How to make money from a membership website?

Other than subscriptions, there are many other options too to make money from a membership website. Here are a few ways to make money on a membership website.

  • Subscriptions – Users subscribe to exclusive content available only to subscribers.
  • PPV content – You can also sell video-on-demand content as well as pay-per-view content to users.
  • Physical and Digital products – With eCommerce integration, you can sell physical and digital content like sell nudes through your membership website.
  • Affiliate marketing – Make extra money by posting affiliate ads and banners on your membership website.

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Escort directory website

The escort business is on the rise, with many starting an escort business as it’s one of the most profitable adult businesses. An escort directory website is where you list out escorts according to their location, country, ethnicity, and more. Escorts on your platform can list down the services provided by them and the rate they charge to customers and take bookings from your platform. If your website is good and gets famous, then more escorts will enroll in your directory for more visibility.

How to make money from an escort directory website?

An escort directory website is a profitable way to start an adult website and make money from it. There are plenty of ways to make money on an escort directory website, some of which are listed below.

  • Basic subscription – Escorts can opt for a basic subscription to list their ad on your escort directory website.
  • Premium subscription – Premium subscription for escorts provides them with more visibility on your website.
  • Affiliate marketing – Sign up for various affiliate programs to make money.
  • Advertisements – Promote other adult products and websites by placing their ads on your website.

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Marketplace Business

A marketplace business allows you to earn money in various ways. You can start your own adult marketplace like OnlyFans and enroll models who sell adult content through their profiles. Other than selling subscriptions, models on a marketplace website can sell physical goods like selling used panties, getting tips for their content, doing live shows, and more. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can start your adult site in the marketplace business.

Fans Marketplace like OnlyFans & ManyVids

Starting a fan marketplace website like OnlyFans & ManyVids is one of the most well-paying adult businesses in the market. Like OnlyFans, models and creators on your marketplace website can sell content, and physical goods, do live streaming, take tips, and much more. You can run a successful and profitable marketplace where you get paid for every earning made by creators on your platform.

How to make money from a fans marketplace website?

Here are a few ways in which you can make money from a fans marketplace website like OnlyFans.

  • Model subscription – Users can subscribe to their favorite models and access their exclusive content.
  • Premium content – Models can sell premium content above and over subscriptions.
  • Tips – Users can tip their favorite creators on their profiles.
  • Live streaming – Models can do private cam shows by charging per-minute rates.
  • eCommerce – Sell digital and physical products to users through model profiles.
  • Affiliate marketing – Sign up for affiliate programs and place banners on your platform.

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Own paid membership website like OnlyFans

For models who want to expand their brand and start their own business, creating a paid membership site like OnlyFans is a great option. With plenty of monetization methods, starting your own adult website is a very profitable way. Models can sell content, products, merchandise, and so much more through their own websites.

How to make money from a fans marketplace website?

Just like OnlyFans, models who choose to start an adult website get multiple options to make money. Here are a few of them listed below.

  • Subscriptions – You can charge periodic subscriptions from users in return of exclusive content for them.
  • Premium content – Make more money by selling premium content to users on a VOD basis.
  • Live streaming – Do live cam shows and make money by the minute.
  • eCommerce – Sell products, both digital and physical, from your integrated online store.
  • Affiliate marketing – Choose the best affiliate programs and make money by placing affiliate banners on your platform.

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Sexting Marketplace Like Arousr

Sexting is another very popular and profitable adult business that you can look at starting. You can hire sex chat operators for your sexting business and make good passive income. Users can pay per minute or per message charges to sext with models. You can earn good passive income after you’ve set up your sexting marketplace website, which is pretty easy using readymade scripts.

How to make money from a sexting marketplace website?

A sexting business is a great way to earn passive income as it doesn’t require any work from your side. Here are a few ways a sexting marketplace website makes money.

  • Sexting charges – Users pay by tokens for every message or every minute of sexting.
  • Premium content – Every sex chat operator can sell photos and videos through their profile to make extra income on the platform.
  • Tips – Users can tip models on their profile if they enjoy their conversation with them.

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Cam business

Starting a webcam business in the adult industry can be a lucrative venture, as the webcam business has grown immensely in the last few years and is currently at its peak in profit-making. In this business model, users pay money to interact with models on live cam. Models do sexual acts depending on the tips they receive from users. Some of the popular live cam sites, such as Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, BongaCams, etc., make a lot of money as these cam sites receive huge traffic, making it very profitable to start an adult website in the live cam industry.

Live Webcam business like Chaturbate

Starting a live webcam site like Chaturbate is very easy nowadays as you can get your hands on the numerous readymade scripts available and build your own live cam site. Other than live camming, such sites provide many more ways for models to make money from the platform. Live cams let users interact with models, which raises the popularity of the live webcam business.

How to make money from an adult webcam site?

Making money through a live webcam site can be done in many ways. Live streaming is the primary mode of earning money for a site like Chaturbate. Here are a few more ways to make money on a live webcam site.

  • Private shows – Models can do 1-on-1 private shows and charge on a per-minute basis.
  • Group shows – Users in a group chat pay tips to achieve model menu goals.
  • Premium content – Models can sell premium content to users on a PPV basis.
  • Tips – Users can tip their favorite models on their profile.
  • Product sales – Models can sell physical and digital products from their profiles.
  • Affiliate cams – Earn commission from top cam networks.

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5 Steps to start an adult website business

If you’re thinking of starting an adult website, then you have 2 ways to go about it. Either you can build an adult website from scratch, but that’ll need a lot of time, money, and effort. On the other hand, starting an adult site can be easy with the support of a readymade script. Readymade scripts allow you to build an adult website of your own with all the features and functionality you find on popular adult websites like Pornhub, OnlyFans, and others. It is affordable, easy to use, and helps you get into the adult business quickly. Here are the major steps that you’ll need to follow to start an adult website.

5 steps to start an adult website business

Step 1 – Choose a niche

The adult industry is booming, which means there is already a lot of competition in the market for adult websites. If you’re starting an adult website and want to be successful in the industry, then choosing the best porn niche is very important for you.

A niche is a portion of the industry that caters to an audience related to that niche. For example, MILF is a niche category in the adult industry. If you keep digging deeper into the MILF category, then you will find many micro niches that will have a limited but loyal audience. Rather than starting a general adult website, it is recommended to find a niche for your website and then start your adult website.

Step 2 – Buy Domain and hosting

The next step in starting an adult website is to buy a domain and hosting service for your website. Choose a domain name that is relevant to your porn site and is easy to remember. The domain name is the identity of your website on the internet, so make sure it’s catchy, and people can remember the name.

You’ll also need a hosting provider to host your website on the internet. Choose your hosting provider carefully, as many providers don’t support adult website hosting. A recommended hosting provider is M3 Server which provides everything you need to host your adult website peacefully on the internet.

Step 3 – Build a relevant adult website

Use a robust, readymade script to build your adult website that comes integrated with adult payment processors. Using readymade scripts, you can easily customize and build your adult website at a low cost and quickly start earning from your website.

There are many options available in the market to choose from. is a leading adult scripts expert where you can find a readymade script for any type of adult business that you want to start.

Step 4 – Create high-quality content

The content on your adult website will decide the success of your business. Although you will be sourcing some content from other websites, it is recommended to source original content on your website too. Along with content, make sure to use proper tags and meta descriptions on your website to make it easier for your website to rank on search engines. Adult SEO is very important, and it’ll decide how your website performs in the sea of adult websites.

Step 5 – Promote and market your adult website

When you’re starting a new adult website, it is very important to promote and market your adult website properly for it to reach the masses. Use social media channels to send out teasers about your adult website to lure the audience. But ad space on other popular adult websites and publish your ads there to get traffic to your website. Make use of adult forums to promote your new adult website to the users. All this will help you gain traffic and  grow your business.


So with that, we come to an end to our article on how to create an adult website. Although starting an adult website is easy using the various products provided by Adent, it is the part of making it successful that is difficult. As there is a lot of competition in the adult industry, you have to produce quality content and use adult SEO to make sure your adult website stays afloat in the competition. Good luck on your journey.