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xModel is a ready-to-use fansite script that allows models/creators to build their own website and make money with their content on the go.

With power-packed features and multiple monetization methods, creators can leverage their fan base and skyrocket their income. xModel is easy-to-use, powerful and your ultimate revenue kickstarter. If you’re a porn star, cam girl, or an adult creator, xModel is for you!

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xModel Types Of Websites

Why Choose xModel to Create Your Fansite?

  • Personal Domain Branding

    Become your own personal branding icon by creating a fansite with your name. Elevate your online presence quickly and drive a large audience base + revenue.

  • Multiple Monetization Streams

    Create content your fans love and monetize them in multiple ways. Offer both free and paid content to fans on Pay Per View method.

  • 100% Control On Earnings

    Building a fan site with xModel means you are your own boss. Set your own content prices and keep 100% of your earnings - no commission percentage whatsoever.

  • Highly Customizable Script

    Build a website that’s totally to your liking. xModel is an end-to-end customizable white label script - your fansite will exactly be your thought reflections.

xModel - Complete Control Over Your Fansite,
From One Place

xModel Sneak Peek

xModel is one of the best fansite scripts that’s built in-house with state-of-the-art technology by our team of veteran experts who have years of experience in adult and tech industries.

We’ve built xModel keeping user experience, scalability and monetization in mind following the best design practices - clean code, robust architecture, highly responsive and SEO optimized.

Frontend : ReactJS with NextJS framework, Ant design

Backend : NodeJS with NestJS framework, MongoDB, Redis, FFMPEG, Nginx with http_auth_module to protect assets

Revenue Streams

If there ever was a justifiable use of the phrase "packed-to-the-brim"", the xModel's monetization options is surely it. We want you to be able to make the most out of your website. Read on to find out the different ways to rake in profits.

  • Sell Videos – Earn more money with videos - sell videos to fans on the go with ease.
  • Sell Photos – Take stunning photographs and sell them to your fans for money.
  • Sell Stories – Leverage disappearing stories - create FOMO and drive revenue by selling stories.
  • Wishlist – Create a personalized wishlist and increase revenue in the form of gifts.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Place ads on your website and earn affiliate commissions for every click.

xModel’s Impressive Features

Using these features, you can blow up as a creator faster than you can imagine!

Multiple Video Formats

Upload videos in formats you find comfortable. xModel supports Mp4, WEBM, MKV and more - made with your ease of use in mind.

Responsive Design

Offer your fans an amazing user experience on both mobile and desktop. xModel is 100% responsive and is also built with user delight in mind.

Advanced Analytics

Get in-depth insights on user spending & interests, monthly revenue, growth and other important metrics. Plan your upcoming content based on user liking.

SEO Optimized

xModel is a 100% SEO-optimized script ensuring that your website ranks better. From Meta tags to descriptions, there are options for everything.

Convenient Token System

For a better purchase experience, xModel comes built-in with a token & QR pay system. Hassle-free transactions for customers on the go.

Content Security

xModel is S3 integrated. You can choose to host your site’s media content on Amazon S3 servers, making your content extremely secure.

Hey There, Follow Creators!

Can you believe it? I just crossed $50K revenue in just 6 months! From my own fansite, all thanks to xModel software. No more hefty commissions to marketplace owners; I keep 100% of my earnings!

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How Much Can I Earn?

Simply calculate your estimated profit and see exactly how much xModel can earn you...

Cost Per Video
$ 10
Average Video Sales Per Month
Cost Per Pic
$ 5
Average Pic Sales Per Month
Cost Per Story
$ 2
Average Story Sales Per Month
Cost Per Wishlist
$ 10
Average Wishlist Sales Per Month

Monthly Revenue Calculation

VOD Sales


Picture Sales


Stories Sales


Wishlist Sales


Total Earnings

our 27,000+ customers, using Adent software on 9,000+ different live sites!

What Customers Say?


Fetish Model Looking To Invest! Since my initial review the Adent team has reached out and have been working with me on my website for nearly a month. The original issue with communication is due to the time difference given they work from Bangkok. At this point my website is near completion and I just have to customize it to my liking. I have nothing but thanks to give to the team for their hard work and efforts!

Elayne Miller

United States


I'm extremely happy with the service and the quality of the website they created for me. Personal contact on Skype to ensure the detail I needed were covered. To really go above and beyond. I started planning this project just about when the Covid paradigm started. 2 weeks after I got laid off, still am as I write this. So my project came to a slamming halt. As the funds were tapped.




I Have Nothing But Great Experience working with I came In rewriting A script And I really didn't know much about coding. There has been many frustrating nights where I couldn't get help from anyone from, YouTube to stack overflow. I would write A ticket and A Tech helps me With Life Savers!!! And 9/10 for free! So I have Nothing but good things to say about these people.

Robert Walton

United States


This is one of the most dedicated companies we have ever worked with. Many don't realize or have the patience to appreciate exactly what they go out of their way to do for you. NEVER have they said "No" Sure sometimes things need to be tweaked for customization if you want quality and that's what they deliver every time we asked. BRAVO to The Support TEAM! Can't Thank them enough.

Richard Leonard

United States

Build Your Perfect Fansite. Choose What Suits Best!

It's all about what you want. Choose xModel LITE if you want to start slow and grow gradually. But if you have a
larger fan base and need more powerful features, choose xModel Premium!


xModel LITE

  • Lifetime license
  • 100% software source code
  • Free Installation service
  • 6 Months free support
  • 6 Months free product upgrades
  • 1 Free domain
  • 50% off on hosting
  • Live Streaming
  • Subscription Tiers

Flat 25% off - Pay via crypto coins

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xModel Premium

  • Lifetime license
  • 100% software source code
  • Free Installation service
  • 6 Months free support
  • 6 Months free product upgrades
  • 1 Free domain
  • 50% off on hosting
  • Live Streaming
  • Subscription Tiers

Flat 25% off - Pay via crypto coins

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Add-ons of xModel

Transform your fan site and improve the profits with these premium add-ons.

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Frequently Asked Questions About xModel

For best results, read below before ordering.

Username – [email protected]
Password – Steave@69
Username – [email protected]
Password – adminadmin

You can also check tech stack, software and server requirements, release notes, upcoming features, and more here.

Contact us to check the xModel Premium demo.

Recommended Hosting provider - M3Server. Us e our coupon code – “ADENT50FOR3" for 50% off on the first 3 months & also get a domain name for free.

Note: If you are not going with M3 hosting - xModel Script requires Un-managed VPS with ROOT ACCESS for installation.

Both xModel LITE and xModel Premium are adult fansite scripts. The only major difference is, xModel Premium comes with slightly advanced monetization features. But xModel LITE is perfect if you are a new model and want to grow gradually and produce minimal content.

No. xModel LITE script is a one-time purchase and you don’t have to pay a monthly usage fee.

We offer 100% unencrypted, white label solutions. You can customize it to your heart’s content.

If you have your own developers who know the technology, they can customize it for you.

And of course, we’d be happy to customize it for you as well. Very few things bring us joy as watching our clients’ vision come to life.

Contact Us with your requirements. Our Sales Manager will give you an estimate for customization depending on the work involved. We can also set up a call if you have elaborate customization needs.

Just let it all out, then kick back and relax while we get to work for you.

Yes, all of our products can be purchased using crypto as well.

We accept BTH & ETC. Contact our sales team know our BTH / ETC wallet address.

Once you’ve done the deed, please share the payment screenshot with our sales team.

Yes, we offer free installation and set up of the software on your first domain. You have to provide us your domain name and server details to install. Post purchase, our support team will reach out to you to assist with the installation and let you know the ETA for the same.

If you are not sure, you can check our recommended hosting provider, M3 server.

For any enquiries or concerns during purchase, feel free to contact us.

Yes, Contact Us with your detailed requirements.

No, both free-for-subscribers and premium videos can only be viewed on site by the user, and not download any. If you want your site users to be able to download content with ease, let us know for customization.

No. Only you as the admin, can upload content onto the xModel Lite. If you want to create different model profiles and upload videos, you can choose xModel Premium.

If you’d like your models to be able to register and upload content themselves, our other product - xFans - will be a better fit for what you’re after.

We are currently integrating xModel with Amazon S3 using which the site content will be safeguarded with its1 server-end AES-256 bit encryption. Purchasing our product makes you eligible for free upgrades to the latest version for six months.