What are the Best OnlyFans Alternatives?

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Adult Fanclub sites are all the rage these days. This subscription-based business model has restructured the way one could create, share, and earn by selling adult content on the internet. OnlyFans, it’s the name that pops-out immediately when you think about popular adult fanclub sites on the internet.

Onlyfans Alternative

Why not! After all, OnlyFans has constructed not only a direct channel between adult performers and their fans but has also eliminated traditional middlemen from the adult content marketplace. Today, anyone, including professionals and amateurs, can simply sign up to not only sell their subscriptions but also a wide range of content to maximize their gross income. OnlyFans paid out over $2 Billion to its creators in 2020.

Wondering how do sites like OnlyFans make so much money?

Thinking about selling your subscriptions and adult content on OnlyFans?

That’s a great thought, but could you hold your horses for like 5 more minutes? I suggest that you should learn not Only the ins-and-outs of OnlyFans before committing to it but also gain a complete comprehension of this unique marketplace. In this way, you could prevent yourself from falling for the most common false positives, and make an informed decision after considering all the choices you have.

In this article, we going to understand what makes OnlyFans so special, and how it makes money, and what other OnlyFans alternatives could you leverage to expand your prospects. Along with OnlyFans, I went through five more popular websites in this category. To be honest, when it comes to a profitable alternative for adult models, sex workers, and porn performers, they are even better than OnlyFans.

Let’s have a quick comprehension of OnlyFans, and why it is so special.

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans calls itself a content-sharing platform, which enables its creators to earn money from content consumers directly without any middlemen. Officially, OnlyFans has never mentioned that it’s dedicated to the adult segment. The platform promotes itself for all kinds of content creators.

However, unlike other mainstream platforms, OnlyFans does not bar its users from uploading adult content. Hence, it has grown as a hub for adult content sharing and monetization. It drives more than 200,000 daily unique visitors, and over 6,000-8,000 creators join the platform each day. Currently, OnlyFans has over 50 million active users and more than 450,000 creators.

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  • Services offered: Video Clips, Custom video clips request, Fanclub subscriptions, Pay-per-view private messages.
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender
  • Geoblocking: Yes
  • Model Payouts: 80%
  • Payout channels: Direct Transfer in the US, International Bank Transfer, e-wallet, Paxum
  • Account types: Fans, Models.
  • Founded in: 2016

OnlyFans business model

OnlyFans has two types of end-users: Models and Fans. Models are also known as content creators on the platform, whereas fans are the content consumers. The basic workflow of OnlyFans is similar to social media platforms like Twitter, except the models have the option to pull their profile behind a paywall.

That means, content creators have the option to monetize their fan base by charging membership subscription fees. Model can also sell content to their fans by leveraging from following revenue channels to make money:

  • Model subscription: Fans need to purchase the membership subscription from each model they want to follow on the platform. Models have the option to make their profile public or pull it behind a subscription paywall.
  • Pay-per-view messages: Used by the models to sell video clips and images to the fans, which can be attached with a PPV message.
  • Pay-per-view content: Models can also put videos and images on sale with individual price tags.
  • Custom Videos: Fans can place requests for custom videos by paying a price as put by a model.

How much do OnlyFans models earn?

OnlyFans allows its models to decide the price-points of each of these monetization channels. It pays out 80% of the earnings made by the models on the platform. A few studies suggest that average OnlyFans models earn about $180/month, whereas only 1% of the OnlyFans models generate about 33% of revenue for the platform.

Although you can choose the amount of your subscription fee, PPV messages, and charges for custom content, OnlyFans has now limited the maximum you can charge from the fans:

  • You can charge a max. of $100 for PPV messages,
  • $50 for PPV content, and
  • receive a maximum of $100 in a single tip.
  • You cannot charge less than $4.99 and more than $49.99 as your monthly subscription fee.

Why look for OnlyFans alternative?

There are three main reasons why you should also consider OnlyFans alternative if you are thinking about making money by selling adult content on the internet:

Marketing strategy: Luna (changed name) is an OnlyFans influencer. She earns a decent average of $2000-$4000 a month. She suggests that it is always a wise choice to expand your reach on multiple platforms, as each platform provides some unique advantages. Having your presence on OnlyFans alternative can also boost your visibility on the platform. For example, you could promote your OnlyFans in your Pornhub model profile. Besides, each of these platforms also provides unique earning channels. 

Not dedicated to the adult segment: Although OnlyFans is well-known for adult content from amateur creators, it is not dedicated to the adult industry. OnlyFans promotes itself as a platform for everyone where both adult and non-adult content are welcomed. You can find various artists, singers, social media influencers selling non-adult content on OnlyFans.

Difficult to stand out: Most of the high-earning adult models on OnlyFans are social media influencers or celebrities with a decent base of fans. As per the OnlyFans revenue calculator, if you have around 25 K social media followers, you could easily make $5,200-$26,000 per month, given 1% – 5% of your followers also join your OnlyFans. It could be really difficult to stand out among these big names if you are not already popular.

Best OnlyFans Alternatives for Adult content creators

Here is a list of 5 sites like OnlyFans that you can use for monetizing your fan base and adult content.

1.    ManyVids

ManyVids is basically an adult clip site that in houses not just similar monetization channels like OnlyFans but also much more.  It’s rather a complete adult marketplace where you can sell subscriptions, homemade adult content, fan merchandise, images, social media takeover, and a lot more. ManyVids offers every popular adult content monetization channel you can think of: Amateur porn, webcam modeling, phone sex, sex chat, and even adult eCommerce for physical and digital products.

Website popularity:

  • Over 200,000 unique daily visitors.
  • Alexa ranks Top 100,000 websites in the world.

Platform information:

  • Services offered: Video Clips, Camming, Phone Sex, Custom clip request, Fanclub subscription.
  • Genders: Female, Male, Transgender, Couples
  • Geoblocking: Yes
  • Model Payouts: 60%-80%
  • Payout Channels: Check, ACH, Wire, Paxum, Cosmo, Entropay
  • Account Types: Fans, Models, Studios
  • Founded in: 2014

2.    IsMyGirl

IsMyGirl is dedicated to adult content. It offers a fan club membership feature like OnlyFans, but also boasts of an easy-to-use workflow where creators can upload and sell adult content on-demand. Apart from this, you can also include private messaging, Snapchat access, and live webcam modeling in your services. It’s easier to stand out on IsMyGirl than on OnlyFans due to its organic discovery algorithm.

Website Popularity

  • Over 40 million fans till now.
  • Average visits in last 6 months: 414.99K

Platform information:

  • Services offered: Fanclub, Social media, Camming, Custom videos, PPV messages, PPV videos.
  • Genders: Female
  • Geoblocking: Yes
  • Model Payouts: 70%
  • Payout Channels: ACH, Check, Wire, and Paxum
  • Account Types: Fans, Models, Studios
  • Founded in: 2003

3.    Unlockd.me

Unlockd.me is one of the closest OnlyFans alternatives with almost similar services and monetization channels. The platform features a unique algorithm that promotes the most active models and over better visibility to them.  If you don’t have a big social media following like OnlyFans models, Unlockd is a great place to start with for easier visibility attached to how active you are on the platform. 

Website Popularity:

Unlockd.me is currently a very new website with not much popularity data available.

Platform information:

  • Services offered: Adult Fanclub, Social Media, feed posts, PPV messages, PPV content, custom videos, and webcam shows.
  • Genders: Male, Female, Transgender
  • Geoblocking: Yes
  • Model Payouts: 85%
  • Payout Channels: ACH, Check, Wire, PayPal, Paxum
  • Account Types: Fans, Models. Studios
  • Founded in: 2020

4.    JustForFans

JustForFans is another great OnlyFans Alternative with an adult-friendly platform. As the name suggests, it too is a subscription-based fan club site, which uses all the similar channels that OnlyFans offers. The best part is, they provide weekly Payouts and support most of the popular payment channels, including Cryptocurrency. It was started by an adult industry performer, Dominic Ford.

Website Popularity:

  • Over 2.75 million visitors in the last 6 months.
  • Ranks 656 in the adult entertainment site category.
  • About 60% of traffic from the United States alone.

Platform information:

  • Services offered: Adult Fanclub, clips, PPV messages.
  • Genders: Male, Female, Transgender, Couples
  • Geoblocking: Yes
  • Model Payouts: 70% for new models. 80% after sometime.
  • Payout Channels: ACH, Wire, Paxum
  • Account Types: Fans, Models, Studios
  • Founded in: 2018

5.    iWantFanClub

The iWantFanClub is a part of the iWant network that features sites like iWantClips, iWantPhone, and iWantCustomClips. As the name suggests, iWantFanClub is a dedicated fanclub platform. It uses simple premium social media revenue streams that attract both adult and non-adult creators to the platform. However, the platform is pretty clear that it is never going to restrict adult content in the future. It features exclusive content that can’t be found anywhere else.

Website Popularity

The website is pretty new, but it’s part of a popular adult content network. Hence, it possesses a lot of potential for the future.

Platform information:

  • Services offered: Fanclub, Videos, Photos, PPV messages.
  • Genders: Male, Female, Transgender, Couples
  • Geoblocking: Yes
  • Model Payouts: 72%.
  • Payout Channels: ACH, Wire, Paxum, Direct Deposit in the US banks.
  • Account Types: Fans, Models, Studios
  • Founded in: 2018

6. AVN Stars

AVN stars is another perfect alternative to the OnlyFans platform. Just like OnlyFans, AVN Stars is a fanclub platform founded by the well-known magazine company Adult Video News. Though AVN stars is predominantly a fanclub platform, models can earn via multiple monetization ways like paid messaging, camming and more. 

Website Popularity:

  • Ranks 28,395 in Alexa global web rankings
  • The platform has more than 30,000 organic visitors per month alone. When included referral and paid traffic, it can easily cross 50,000 visitors per month

Services offered: Fanclub, Camming, Clips, Private Messaging and Tips

Genders: Female, Male Transgender

Geoblocking: Yes

Model Payouts: 80%

Payout Channels: ACH and Paxum

Account Types: Fans, Models, Studios

Founded in: 1995

7. FanCentro

Websites like FanCentro, OnlyFans and JustFans can be easily remembered in history as they are the pioneers in the fanclub industry. FanCentro is a subscription-based website platform that makes it easy for adult performers to sell their social media subscriptions. Also, FanCentro has been voicing out for the rights of sex workers. 

Website Popularity

  • Ranks 79,006 in Alexa global web rankings
  • Fancentro is quite popular and receives more than 100,000+ organic traffic.

Services offered: Fanclub, Messaging, Clips and Tips

Genders: Female, Male Transgender

Geoblocking: No

Model Payouts: 75%

Payout Channels: Paxum, Wire, SEPA, ACH, FirstChoicePay

Account Types: Subscriber and Influencer

Founded in: 2017

8. MYM.fans

Another perfect alternative to OnlyFans! MYM.fans comes with the tagline “Exclusive Social Network for Creators & Fans” and they are definitely making the tagline come true. With MYM.fans, models can create a recurring revenue stream. The platform supports both free content and subscription-based content. In order for the audience to view the premium content, they have to pay a subscription fee every month. 

Services offered: Photos, Videos, Custom media on subscriber request, Push Media

Genders: Female, Male, Transgender

Model Payouts: 75% on subscriptions, 80% on private media and 90% on tips

Account Types: Creators and Fans

Founded in: 2018

9. Modelhub

With the growing craze on fanclub platforms, how could Pornhub miss that? Modelhub is powered by Pornhub, the world’s biggest porn website. And just like any other fanclub platform, Modelhub allows creators to upload videos and photos on the platform. Apart from that, there are few additional incentives like Modelhub contests where creators get $1000 as prize. Models can make money by selling videos, accepting tips from fans and more. 

Website Popularity

  • Modelhub ranks 4,609 in Alexa global website rankings
  • The website easily receives 300,000+ organic traffic each month

Services offered: Videos and Photos, Tips from fans, Custom videos on fans request

Genders: Female, Male, Transgender

Geoblocking: Yes

Model Payouts: 75% on video sales and 80% on customer tips 

Payout Channels: Paxum, Paper CHeck, Cosmo, Crypto (USDT and Verge) and Direct Deposit

Account Types: Models and Fans

Founded in: 2007 

10. Loyal Fans

In this list of OnlyFans alternatives, we weren’t going to miss LoyalFans (formerly known as NexoCams). LoyalFans, like OnlyFans, allow models to create subscriptions and earn money. Other monetization options that can be found on the platform are paid messaging, locked content and camming. What’s even cooler is, the platform has built-in promotional tools and a lucrative affiliate program. 

Website Popularity

  • The website ranks 119,083 in Alexa global website rankings

Services offered: Fanclubs, Texting and Camming

Genders: Male, Female, Transgender and Couples

Geoblocking: Yes

Model Payouts: 80% 

Payout Channels: Wire Transfer and ACH

Account Types: Models and Fans

Founded in: 2004

11. Frisk.chat

Frisk says they have an easy-to-use platform that provides fast streaming and secure billing – kind of redefining the experience for both content creators and fans. Like OnlyFans, Frisk is a platform that allows models to interact with their fans in various ways which include but is not limited to images, videos, direct messages and more. 

Website Popularity

Frisk when compared to other websites doesn’t get much traffic and ranks 900,000+ in Alexa web rankings!

Services offered: Public and Private wall, PPV content, Paid chat and Stories (Insta-like)

Genders: Male, Female, Transgender Couples and Studios

Geoblocking: No Information Available

Model Payouts: 80% 

Payout Channels: No Information Available

Account Types: Models and Fans

Founded in: 2018

12. IsMyGuy

If you’re more interested in the guy videos, then IsMyGuy is the ideal place for you to go. The platform is dedicated to males and follows a similar model like OnlyFans. The platform is powered by IsMyGirl and creators can make money via clips, subscriptions and more. 

Website Popularity: There wasn’t much information available regarding IsMyGuy, only that it ranks 3,000,000+ in Alexa global rankings. 

Services offered: Fanclub Subscriptions, Social Media Subscriptions, Clip Sales, Camming 

Genders: Male

Geoblocking: Yes

Model Payouts: 70% 

Payout Channels: Paxum, Wire, Check and ACH

Account Types: Models, Fans and Studios

Founded in: 2017

Which one is best for you?

I always suggest two critical aspects to consider while choosing an adult fan club website for selling your content:

  • The type of content or service you want to sell.
  • The percentage of revenue you can share with the website.

Since all these websites offer almost similar content-selling services and revenue streams, you can rule the first aspect out. The next big aspect is- How much revenue you can share.

These platforms differ from each other in terms of commissions they charge from the models. If there is no exclusivity clause in their terms of service, I suggest you join as many platforms as you can manage. You can create once and sell on multiple platforms. Most of the popular adult fanclub sites take an average of 20%-40% cut, which is not bad.

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