Fanvue vs OnlyFans: 7 Ways How They Differ (And Which Is The Best)

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The creator economy is on the rise, with new adult content creators evolving every day on one of the numerous content platforms available. With so many options available for rising adult content creators, it sometimes gets difficult to choose the best for you. Today, in this article, we will discuss the 2 most popular adult content-sharing platforms: Fanvue vs OnlyFans.

Out of all the best OnlyFans alternative platforms available, Fanvue has managed to make a name for itself and is a popular choice for both established and new content creators. This article will provide you with deep insight by comparing various factors that will help you choose the best between Fanvue vs OnlyFans. So let’s begin and decode these 2 popular adult content-sharing platforms.

What is Fanvue?

Fanvue is a comparatively new platform in the content creation market that holds immense potential to become one of the best. Just like OnlyFans, Fanvue is also a predominately adult content creator platform, but it also hosts creators from all fields. Although, unlike OnlyFans, Fanvue promises to never ban adult content from their platform, giving adult content creators a sigh of relief.

The motto of Fanvue is “for all creators, now and forever,” which welcomes each and every type of creator from around the world. Fanvue is a safe platform that aims to be a content platform which is known for its excellent features and a great support and development team. This UK-based platform is the perfect answer for adult creators who are worried about their content being banned in the future.

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What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans needs no introduction, especially when it comes to adult content creators. It has been the most successful and popular content-sharing platform in business since 2016. Don’t get me wrong, OnlyFans is not only for adult content creators but creators from all fields, like artists, singers, chefs, trainers, models, etc., who sell their content on this platform to make money.

The popularity of OnlyFans is from the fact that since its inception, it allowed adult content to be sold, making it extremely popular among adult content creators. But the fun for adult content creators lasted till August 2021 when OnlyFans dropped a bomb declaring they’ll be banning adult content from its platform. This came as a shock to many adult creators who started looking for better platforms that’ll respect their work.

Although OnlyFans backed out from the ban soon, the damage was already done as adult content creators started to move their business to other platforms. Many creators are still selling content on OnlyFans, but this ban announcement gave other content platforms a boost to promote themselves as the savior for adult content creators.

Fanvue vs OnlyFans : How do they differ?

Now that you have an idea about both Fanvue and OnlyFans, we will now see what makes these two platforms differ from each other. Although both are content-sharing platforms like another popular platform Fansly, the way they operate and their services differ slightly from each other. Once you know these differences, then it’ll become easier for you to choose which platform is right for you.

1. OnlyFans vs Fanvue: Ease of use

If you ask around about the ease of use of OnlyFans, more often than not, you’ll hear complaints about how difficult or messy it is to use and navigate on OnlyFans. Yes, we agree that OnlyFans was one of the first adult content platforms, but over the years, they could have worked on making the platform more user-friendly.

Most users, as well as models, have complained about OnlyFans being difficult to navigate and users finding it difficult to search for creators on the platform. Although OnlyFans has made some improvements over time, the issues still remain for users and creators alike. But what hasn’t changed is their popularity.

Fanvue, on the other hand, has taken these complaints seriously and worked hard to create a platform that is actually easy to use for both users and creators alike. Information is easily available for the creators, and they can easily set up their profiles with multiple options. Users also find it easier to search for different creators with the search option provided in Fanvue. Guess Fanvue heard the complaints people had with OnlyFans and made sure their platform didn’t have any of those making them a clear winner in the category of ease of use.

2. Fanvue vs OnlyFans: Monetization

The primary income mode on OnlyFans is through subscriptions, where users subscribe to creators by paying for a monthly or yearly subscription. Other than subscriptions, creators on OnlyFans can sell custom content on request, receive tips from fans, make money through paid messages, and get paid for referrals.

Fanvue also features all the money-making ways that a content-selling platform should have, including subscriptions and tips. There is one more way on Fanvue through which creators can make money, i.e., by selling individual clips. Creators can sell these individual clips to both subscribers as well as non-subscribers. Users have to pay a fee to unlock the video and then can watch it again and again. If your individual clip is unique and different from your usual content, then you can make good money this way on Fanvue.

3. OnlyFans vs Fanvue: Features

Other than the standard features like tips and all that every content platform should have, OnlyFans provides a few other extra features like geo-blocking. Using geo-blocking, creators can restrict a particular section of the audience from seeing their content. It’s an excellent feature for creators who don’t want their family and friends to know about their OnlyFans profile. The problem with geo-blocking on OnlyFans is that it only lets you restrict by a country which means you leave out a whole section of your fan base.

Another feature of OnlyFans is that of adding a watermark on your content to prevent it from being stolen. This feature works out well for the creators as they face the problem of their content getting stolen regularly.

Fanvue, on the other hand, also offers some really good features that help creators and users both. Every creator on Fanvue can post a profile video that is visible to all users on the platform. This is a great tool for creators to promote their channel by letting users know what to expect from their locked content. OnlyFans misses this feature and provides only a plain profile picture and bio.

Another feature on Fanvue is that of discoverability which helps both users and creators. Rather than only a few profiles being promoted like on OnlyFans, through the discoverability feature, all creators on Fanvue can be easily found. More features like minting adult NFTs are also in the pipeline for Fanvue. Creators can also make use of the ‘suggest a feature’ tool which lets them suggest to Fanvue the tools they would want on the platform. Best ideas go for a poll, and few new feature changes can be expected.

4. Fanvue vs OnlyFans: Support

When it comes to support, OnlyFans has kind of a bad reputation among creators. If you read the creator’s experiences on various forums, you’ll get to know that OnlyFans support is lacking in a lot of departments. Creators are usually left to fend for themselves as they can only contact the OnlyFans team through emails, and in that, too, the response times are very poor. For example, check the below image where a creator is frustrated with the OnlyFans support.

Onlyfans vs Fanvue - support

Fanvue, in this aspect, is much better. Creators can browse through the expansive and ever-growing faq section to find most of their queries answered. If not, there is a live chat option where creators can get a solution very quickly. Any tech glitches on their platform are solved with high priority by their rockstar tech team, which even adds features on the platform instantly.

5. OnlyFans vs Fanvue: Payout rate

OnlyFans, like most other content-selling platforms, take a 20% commission on the earnings made by creators on its platform. This includes a 20% commission from earnings made on subscriptions, tips, paid messages, etc. This 20% commission covers support, hosting, payment processing, referral payments, and other services provided by the platform.

Fanvue, on the other hand, charges a 15% commission rate on the earnings made by creators on its platform. This commission is applicable to earnings made on tips, subscriptions, paid messages, paid posts, etc. Fanvue wins this category hands down by providing a lower commission rate compared to OnlyFans and other content-selling platforms.

6. Fanvue vs OnlyFans: Payout frequency

On OnlyFans, you can withdraw your payments only after 7 days after earning money on its platform. Although in some countries, it takes 21 days for your earnings to reflect in your account before you can request a withdrawal. You need to have a minimum of $20 in your account before you can withdraw your earnings. OnlyFans says that it takes 3 to 5 business days after withdrawal for the money to reflect in your bank account, but sadly that’s not always true as you can see for yourself in the below image.

Fanvue vs OnlyFans- Payout Issues

Fanvue, meanwhile, has a 7-day holding period for your earnings to reflect in your account for withdrawal. The 7-day period is for all countries, and the minimum balance you should have in your account before you can withdraw is $20. Fanvue usually transfers your funds within minutes of you requesting a payout, which is a big advantage over OnlyFans as you instantly get your money in your bank account.

7. OnlyFans vs Fanvue: Referral program

OnlyFans runs a referral program where they pay 5% of the referred creator’s earnings for the first 12 months of their account. There is a limit of a maximum of $50,000 that you can earn from each referred creator on their first $1 million dollars earned.

Fanvue also gives a 5% share of the earnings made by creators referred by you to its platform. The good part is you can get this passive income for 3 years compared to the 1 year time period set by OnlyFans. Again Fanvue comes to be on top when it comes to a better referral program.

Which is the best – Fanvue vs OnlyFans

Which is the best for adult creators - Fanvue vs OnlyFans

The main difference between Fanvue and OnlyFans is that Fanvue has worked on all the shortcomings of OnlyFans and made a content platform that is fast, easy to use, and provides great support to its creators. As we saw in our comparison between Fanvue vs OnlyFans in the previous sections, Fanvue comes out on top in each and every comparison with OnlyFans. Thus, based on these observations, it’s easy to say that Fanvue is legit and one of the best platforms for adult creators. Check the below image to find what creators feel about Fanvue vs OnlyFans.


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