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How can Webcam Models Earn from Skype Live Cam Shows?

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The world of adult cam sites has been constantly growing since the last decade. Now there are more users who are willing to pay money to watch cam models. Every day, millions of viewers logon to adult cam sites. However, the big question is- Are the viewers contended with the adult cam performers?

To begin with, premium adult cam sites charge a lot of money and also the quality of these camming sites is decreasing due to poor performance of many cam girls. It goes without saying that viewers visit such sites to watch cam shows, but the sad truth is that they aren’t getting entertained. This might bring bad reputation to the entire adult cam site. As a consequence, better performing cam girls are being forced to start their own custom porn cam site, which also lets them build a fan base. But the problem with custom porn cam site is traffic. It is difficult to drive traffic towards a new custom porn cam site.

How can Webcam Models earn from Skype Live Cam Shows

Many users don’t get to know about such sites and they go back to some other run-of-the-mill adult cams sites, and get bored again. Unwillingly, they burn a hole in their pockets. But there is another way for them to get entertained at lower prices – By watching better models on Skype live cam shows. The fame of skype live cam shows is increasing rapidly. The concept of skype live cam shows is not entirely new. Due to the decimating content quality and high prices of camming sites, people are vouching for skype adult cams shows.

Most of the cam girls who perform on skype use SkyPrivate, which is a Skype plugin. This Skype plugin is nothing short of god-sent-tool for cam girls to accept payments for skype shows. This platform is very good and has all types of tools which are required for a Skype performing model for booking and promotions. It also has a separate directory and dashboard for cam performers, studios and affiliates.

Basically, SkyPrivate PRO is an API, which can be integrated on any platform to add pay per minute skype calls feature. It is more like a cam platform, but it is completely based on Skype. Let us see how it works.

How SkyPrivate Works?

If you are a camming model, you just need to register for an account and complete your profile.  You need to fill in your personal details. In the registration page, you can indicate your pay per-minute charges. Once the registration procedure is completed, you have to subsequently download the SkyPrivate Skype module. You are now all set to begin your journey of earning money.

The plugin perfectly integrates with SkyPrivate. Your clients will have to first register with SkyPrivate and purchase tokens. Only calls from the members who have money in their SkyPrivate account will be redirected to your profile. This prevents the freeloaders from gaining access to your Skype shows. There are various other tools built inside the plugin to help you manage and sell your private Skype shows.

How SkyPrivate Works

SkyPrivate is something more than a payment processor for adult cams Skype shows. It comes with that functionality to help you manage and sell your adult performances. Enlisted below are the features of SkyPrivate:

Features of SkyPrivate

SkyPrivate integrates with a number of platforms and tools and has an API. If you  want to get creative, SkyPrivate assists you in every walk of your creative life. Here are some of the main features of SkyPrivate:

  • Profile Page in Directory: All the SkyPrivate models are given a profile page in their respective model directory. This increases the exposure of a camming model and allows the customers to book shows with them.
  • Show Booking System: SkyPrivate lets your customers to book shows in advance. Each of the models has her own calendar, along with the show booking engine. You can choose what schedules works best for you and SkyPrivate will manage your shows. It will notify you of your scheduled shows and events.
  • Affiliate Program: You can earn more money using SkyPrivate affiliate program. You just need to refer your customers using the affiliate link provided to you and you can easily earn some extra cash through this.
  • Automated Social Sharing: SkyPrivate has different kinds of social media tools as well. You can easily use SkyPrivate to automatically tweet on Twitter whenever you go online and whenever your show ends. Is that all? No, there is something more in the offing- You can use SkyPrivate for Facebook chat as well. You can compose Facebook messages directly from the SkyPrivate dashboard.
  • Show Analytics and Stats: You will get to see all the stats and analytics on all of your shows. This will help you to know and gauge the ongoing success of your Skype cam shows easily and effectively.

If you are not a model and if you want to start your own site for a number of Skype show camming models, this API is indispensable. SkyPrivate PRO is an API which can track the time spent by 2 of your users on Skype. When their Skype calls are completed (at the end of the each Skype call), SkyPrivate Pro will feed your site or your system with the details regarding their call and money earned. It will automatically transfer the money earned, i.e. call duration x price per minute = total amount, from the customers’ accounts to your models’ accounts. But how to implement SkyPrivate PRO to your business? Let us discuss more about it.

How to Implement SkyPrivate PRO in your Business

Requirements: You need to have your website where your users have balances. Your own merchant account and your own models and customers support team.

Basically, you will need to add 2 new fields in your system of models accounts. You will have to add the Skype ID and the price per minute you want to charge for every Skype Call. Then, in the customer’s account, you have to add 1 new field: Skype ID. After this, on your model’s public profile page, you will need to add a new button, displaying “Skype me now” and link it to her Skype ID, and when the visitor clicks the button, it will open a Skype chat window with your model’s contact.

SkyPrivate PRO will provide you with a custom plugin and your models will have to download and install that plugin on their computer. And all is done here.

Now when a model receives a call from a customer on Skype, the SkyPrivate PRO will ask via API to your system if the Skype ID of that caller exists in your system or not, and also if he has funds in his accounts for a 5 minute call, according to your call rates. If your system replies with a YES, the API will instruct your system to move that amount to an escrow account inside your system.

If the customer doesn’t have enough balance for a 5 minute call, they will ask your system to send all the remaining money from his account. This way, SkyPrivate Pro never gets to know the balance of that user in your system, which is good as it doesn’t violate the privacy of your customer and yourself. SkyPrivate will keep repeating this process every 5 minutes, till the call ends. And when the call ends, they will send you the stats regarding the call duration and the amount which now has to be moved from the escrow account to your model’s account, along with the time-stamp and a reference number.

SkyPrivate PRO doesn’t touch your money at all. The amount which you need to pay them, its details will be sent to you at the end of the month. You will receive an invoice from SkyPrivate PRO once a month and you just have to pay them that amount only. Not a penny more or a penny less!

Many camming models are already using SkyPrivate, and they are a lot happier than they were before. It is highly secure and easy to use for any camming model who wants to earn through Skype shows, and also for the customers. The erotic shows from camming sites are moving towards the Skype video calls, which is a new trend for both cam models and the customers, and this concept is gaining traction. Get SkyPrivate and SkyPrivate PRO for your individual camming shows and camming network, and start earning money today. Cheers!