Camming Tips & Tricks for Novice / Amateurs?

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Adult cams and custom porn cam sites rely extensively on the beauty, physique and aesthetic excellence of cam models. There are many potential deterrents that can play the role of a devil’s advocate and reduce the adult cams and custom porn cam sites to the level of the gutter.  Quite unsurprisingly, all amateurs and novice cam models require some wholesome facets ranging from privacy to good quality lighting so as to do away with the potential deterrents. Following the same train of thoughts, the purpose of this informative write-up is to shed some light on camming tips and tricks for novice amateurs. Every so often, both the adult cams and custom porn cam sites can leverage the following tips and tricks to rock the show.

Camming Tips

Aesthetic Excellence

There are many amateurs and novice cam models doing their best to carve a niche for themselves in the porn industry. To have an edge over your competitors and become the cynosure of your darling customers, you need to have a perfect physique, charming face, healthy body and a pleasant persona.

  • Talking about aesthetic excellence and appearance, ensure that you brush your teeth daily. No random customer likes a lady with yellow teeth. To make the first impression, you need to smile wholeheartedly. It makes perfect sense to smile with shining teeth rather than with yellow teeth.
  • Brush your hair regularly. This may seem too trivial but customers hate when your hair gets messed. It is suggested to let your hair loose. Pony tails are good and attractive as well.
  • Ever wondered what turns on the guys? Well, if cam girls dress in sexy gowns and lingerie, it is only a matter of time that guys start swooning over their womanly wiles. Hence, dress in a mini-skirts and a lingerie. It will be easy while taking them off.
  • Talk to the guys and do not indulge in too much typing. Never bother about the accent. Just keep mesmerizing your customers with your mellifluous voice.

Mistakes to be avoided

Beyond any doubt, knowing what to do is as important as knowing what not to do. If it were for otherwise, your plans of earning some decent revenue will be jeopardized. Enlisted below are a few mistakes that should be avoided:

  • Discussing the whereabouts and happenings of local events

As a cam model, your business is to entice your customers with your looks and erotic actions. Do not discuss about local events. The moment you give your customers a clue, there is every possibility of customers identifying your exact location.

  • Clicking the links provided by customers

Never ever click the links provided by the customers. The moment you click the links, there is every possibility of your IP being tracked. With the help of IP address, they may identify your location. Play your cards safe. Use proxies.

  • Being un-attentive

Ensure that you are attentive. Sit in a closed room. Do not sit in a room that has a window. There is every possibility of the windows revealing your location. Do not run the risk of being un-attentive. Stay watchful.

  • Accepting payments via PayPal

Do not accept payments via PayPal. It is not adult friendly. Use Payoneer or Paxum. PayPal reveals your true identity. Keep this in mind and do not jeopardize your stance.

  • Sharing Email-ids

Do not share your email-id. Create a fake email-id that reveals zilch about you. Do not share any personal information.

Now that you are acquainted with the aesthetic aspects and mistakes to be avoided, let us now head over to the other vital and essential aspects.

HD Webcam

HD Webcam is an absolute necessity. To all intents and purposes, HD webcams come with tripods. They are completely affordable. And yes, it is one-time investment. While superior quality webcams generally cost a little over $100, it makes little sense to hesitate and compromise on cheap quality cams. If a HD webcam doesn’t come with a tripod, buy a tripod as well. One of the many advantages of buying a HD webcam is that it comes with superior quality built-in microphones. Need I say more?

HD Webcams

Superior Quality Lighting

Of what use is a cam show when your room is dark? Lighting requirements depend on the dimensions of your room. Also, the lighting requirements change during the day and night. If your room has a ventilator, it is likely that natural light may brighten your room. On cloudy days and especially during the nights, consistent lighting is the need of the hour. That being said, too much brightness can strain your eyes and hence, hedge your bets on optimum lighting.

High Speed Internet

A mark of high speed internet connection is the tremendous upload speed.  Do not rely on Wi-Fi. Rather, rely on a wired internet connection. Let the truth be spoken- wired connection is much faster than Wi-Fi. An Ethernet cable doesn’t cost you a fortune. It is perhaps the cheapest investment that you can ever make. Buy a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. They give you the flexibility to type and click from anywhere (in your cam room).

Automate chat rooms

If you are not well versed with the power of bots, then you are at a great disadvantage. Bots can automate many tasks such as counting the tips, making important and immediate announcements etc. By leveraging bots, you can save some precious minutes.

Some other tips are:

  • Be courteous and polite.
  • Indulge in mild teasing to entice your customer.
  • Use your best judgment skills to ignore brats and scoundrels.
  • Most adult cams and custom porn cam sites allow moderators to moderate your cam shows. Use this feature to your advantage.
  • Promote your cam shows not only on custom porn cam sites but also on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Google+ and Instagram.
  • Use Dailymotion and YouTube to promote your adult cams content.
  • Try to build a following. The secret to chasing the almighty dollar is to have customers opting for your adult cams shows and custom porn cam sites again and again.

Bottom Line

Follow the aforementioned tips and tricks and break the bank! Cheers!