How to Make Money on XVideos? (2024 Guide)

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Looking for ways on how to make money on XVideos? Great! This in-depth guide is all about the different ways to make money on XVideos like a PRO.

Did you know that a massive 40 million Americans visit porn sites regularly and that 35% of downloads on search engines are related to pornography? One should thank the many adult tube sites and porn content creators out there for giving you the pleasure experiences when you needed it the most!

Since you are here, reading this blog, we assume you’re already into porn (or you’re looking to become an adult creator) and you’re exploring different platforms to make money. While you were at it, XVideos should have struck you as a good platform and that made you land here.

Well, that’s a good start! Just like the title says, this guide is all about how to make money on XVideos. In this article, we’ve covered various aspects like,

By the end of the article, you’ll have all the information you need to successfully make money on XVideos. And we really mean it when we say “all the information”. So, sit back while we fulfill the purpose of your visit.

What is XVideos?

XVideos is a popular adult pornography tube site founded in the year 2007 by Stephane Michael Pacaud. The platform, as of now has more than 10 million videos making it one of the largest porn sites in the world today.

What’s best about XVideos is, the platform has almost all categories of porn. Most of the videos on XVideos are free for users except for the exclusive ones (explained later). As a content creator, you can upload videos on the platform without any restrictions for general use.

So, that’s a quick overview of what XVideos is. Now, to the interesting part.

Why You Should Choose XVideos to Make Money?

You have made a decision to upload porn videos and make money on XVideos. But what led to that decision? There should be some reason why you were led to that decision. 

Whatever that might be, let that be there. We’ve come up with a couple of reasons of our own on why you should choose XVideos to make money. 

Here’s an image to start with.

xVideos Website Traffic

We aren’t going to get very technical here but what you need to know is during February 2023, XVideos had more than 8 billion visits which is actually very high. This means that videos you upload will have high views which in simple terms means MONEY.

Setting the traffic part aside, XVideos is one of the websites that accept all kinds of videos – there’s a wide range of categories on the platform.

Even if you’re a rookie and you create only average porn videos or you make homemade porn, it’s not a problem to make money on XVideos. The best part is, unlike other platforms, XVideos allows you to upload and monetize your porn videos on other tube sites as well.

We believe these are more than enough reasons why you should choose XVideos to make money.

Can You Make Money on XVideos?

Now that’s a question that needs to be addressed. Although you’ve decided to go forward and make money on XVideos, you’d still be having these sorts of questions on your mind.

  • Can you make money on XVideos?
  • How much does XVideos pay for videos?
  • How much money can you make on XVideos?
  • How to get paid on XVideos?

While we have answered all the questions in this guide for you, in this section, let’s just look at whether you can make money on XVideos.

The answer is, YES! You can make money on XVideos. If you’re worried that there are a lot of videos and creators you have to compete with,

  1. You have larger-than-life traffic on XVideos
  2. With the tips & tricks we give you, making money on XVideos isn’t going to be hard

The key to making money on XVideos, or any other platform is CONSISTENCY along with a couple of BEST PRACTICES. So, yes, you can make money on XVideos. 

Now that we’ve said that you can make money on XVideos, let’s look at how you can do it.

How to Make Money on XVideos?

You can make money on XVideos by the following methods.

  1. Content Partner Program
  2. XVideos Red

Let’s look at them one by one here.

1. Content Partner Program

The CPP (Content Partner Program) is an exclusive program for content creators and models to make money on XVideos. The program is only for models who own the videos they create and upload.

Important Note: If you’re thinking about simply uploading random content (which is called piracy and a serious offense) this isn’t for you.

To be a part of the Content Partner Program, you need to create an account on XVideos first and verify yourself. And after that, you can choose to become a dedicated model or create your own studio channel.

XVideos Content Partner Program

Becoming a model is suitable if most of your porn content contains only you. Whereas, creating a channel is suitable if you’re planning to start a porn business and shoot videos with a couple of models.

Here is one of the most popular and branded channels on XVideos – JadeKink.

XVideos Creator Channel

By being a part of CPP, you can make money via the following ways,

  1. Revenue from Ads – You get paid for the ads that are being viewed by audiences on your videos. The higher the number of ad views, the better the revenue.
  2. Selling Premium Content – As a partner, you can sell premium content (videos & photos) for a specific fee and make money from it.

Apart from this, you can also receive tips from users and sell merchandise.

Note: To make money on XVideos from ads alone, you don’t even have to sign up for the Content PartnerProgram. You can simply create a profile and start uploading them.

2. XVideos Red

This is more like Pornhub Premium where you get access to all the exclusive content. As the below image says, XVideos Red gives the audience a premium porn viewing experience – no ads, no distractions and high-def porn videos!

Simply put, XVideos Red is for people who don’t mind shelling out a few bucks to watch porn videos. Users will have to pay a monthly fee ($9.99) to access the content on XVideos Red. This allows XVideos to keep the program running and pay its creators as well.

As a creator, you get three monetization options on XVideos Red.

1. Non-exclusive Content

You’ll be uploading videos on your XVideos Red profile for the audience to view. And users who have opted for a paid subscription will view your video.

What XVideos does is, it takes into account all the videos viewed by the user during the subscription period and based on the time spent, it pays each creator.

The best part is, 50% of the earnings are given to the creator. Also, since this is the non-exclusive method to make money on XVideos Red, you can reupload these videos on other platforms to make money.

Sharing revenue from creators is one of the ways how porn sites make money.

2. Exclusive Content

There are two differences between this method and the method we saw above.

  1. Users have to pay an additional membership fee to view all the videos you upload on XVideos Red.
  2. The videos you upload should be exclusive to XVideos Red – recommended to create more engagement and build an audience base.

You can relate this option to the private-style feeds of OnlyFans.

3. Selling Videos Directly

This is an option where you get to sell your videos directly to your users. People who might want permanent access to your videos might find this option very useful.

You can set any price for your videos and get a 50% revenue share from the sale. It’s just that when you sell your videos to users this way, they will be available to them forever, even if you delete them. 

So, if you’re planning to create porn videos only for a short period of time and later stop, you might want to think about this.

Those are the ways how you can make money on XVideos Red.

Understanding the Difference Between XVideos CPP and XVideos Red

We know that the above information could be overwhelming all at once. So, we thought, why not help you understand better?

XVideos Content Partner Program: A dedicated content partner program for models and studios to upload and monetize the content they create on the platform. You can earn revenue from display ads and by selling premium content.

XVideos Red: A subscription-based service offered by XVideos Red where users have to pay a monthly-free to access content on the platform. The platform offers a premium porn viewing experience with no ads and no distractions. As a creator, you can earn money by selling videos directly to users and memberships.

That made it clear, right? Now that you know how to make money on XVideos, let’s look at the factors that revolve around it.

How to Upload Porn Videos on XVideos?

Remember when we told you that there are more than 10 million videos on XVideos? In order to stand out and get the maximum number of views possible for your videos, you need to follow the best practices to upload videos on XVideos.

And this section is all about that. Whether you’re starting a channel or creating a profile on XVideos Red, make sure that you follow all the steps below when you upload porn videos on XVideos.

1. Always Edit the Video

It’s important that you record videos with a good video cam recorder. Because good quality videos can really make a big difference in the number of views you get. That said, don’t forget to edit the video as well.

Cut off the awkward moments, add color grades, make it smoother and try to give it a premium feel. When your video looks good, you expect people to watch the entire length of the video. And they’ll come back for more!

2. Add Watermarks to Your Videos

This is one of the most important steps most porn creators and channels overlook when they upload videos to porn websites – they do not add watermarks to the videos.

The reason for adding watermarks to your videos are

  1. They get you established as a brand and it’ll be easy for the audience to recognize your channels and videos.
  2. It’ll make it hard for people to steal your videos and republish them on other websites.

Here, on the channel JadeKink, you can see that all the videos have a watermark on them.

That’s how you too have to do it. Even if you’re just a model creating porn videos on your own or selling nude pictures, make sure to add watermarks to them.

3. Video Title

Having a perfect title for your video can do two things,

  1. Improve the clickability of your video
  2. Make them relevant to user search queries and appear on the search results

Just make sure to add popular and relevant search terms to your video. Also, make sure that your heading is SEXY!

4. Add Relevant Tags for Videos

Only when your videos have the relevant tags, your porn videos will have higher chances of appearing on the feed of users and they’ll interact with it.

So, when uploading a video, make sure to choose relevant tags for the video to boost visibility.

The screenshot above shows a video with all the possible tags and this particular video has over 93k views.

5. Never Miss Out on the Thumbnail

We saved the best one for the last! Thumbnails are the first thing any audience would notice before looking at the title and other details.

To get a high view count for your videos, make sure to give extra focus to the thumbnails of your videos. Most of the time, a riding position or exposing private parts with your face view will get the job done.

So, if you really want to earn money on XVideos, you need to follow the best practices we mentioned above to upload videos.

Now that you know how to upload videos and increase the view count, let’s look at how you can increase your XVideos earnings and make a good amount of money.

Pro Tip: Speaking about uploading porn videos, here’s something you need to know – do not upload more than 10 videos per day on XVideos because you might get banned!

Tips to Make More Money on XVideos

This is the section where we’ll be seeing ways that’ll help you maximize your XVideos earnings.

1. Choose a Niche and Specialize

Instead of going in blind and uploading all kinds of videos, it’s best that you specialize and create only specific kinds of videos.

To help you understand better, take a look at the JadeKink channel again. Almost all the videos are related to domination, deepthroat, force and submission. Those are the niches the channel is known for.

Similarly, you should also choose a niche for your channel. There are a lot of best porn niches for you to choose from. See what suits you best and go ahead with it. Make sure to check out top porn videos and stars in the niche and take cues from them.

2. Upload Videos on Partner Networks

Like we already said, XVideos doesn’t restrict you from uploading your videos to other platforms. This way, you can make the maximum out of your videos – one video can be uploaded across different platforms and have it monetized.

One of the go-to places we would recommend is XNXX. Because it is a partner network of XVideos and like XVideos Red, you have XNXX Gold. RedTube is also one of the partner networks of XVideos.

3. Promote Your Videos on Social Media Platforms

The primary way to make money on XVideos apart from direct selling is ad share. So, you’ve got to do all it takes to get your videos out there. And who knows! Instead of just watching videos, people might end up buying them!

We’ve mentioned some of the most popular platforms to promote your porn videos here.

1. Twitter

Twitter is one of the best social platforms to promote your XVideos content. The platform has over 2 billion users and Twitter is quite flexible when it comes to adult content. There are a lot of adult creators on Twitter who promote their videos and drive traffic to their XVideos profile.

You can simply add your XVideos profile link on your bio, consistently post short clips and teasers (generally a minute or two) and automatically watch the traffic flow from Twitter.

Here’s an example where the famous Dani Daniels is driving traffic to her OnlyFans profile on Twitter.

Twitter promotion for XVideos videos

Some sexy captions like this, a good teaser and a link will do the job! That’s pretty much about Twitter. Let’s see how you can leverage Snapchat next.

2. Snapchat

Another great place to promote your XVideos content! Snapchat is very well known for its self-deleting DMs. So, as an adult creator, you can send sexy selfies to your audience DMs which can be viewed only a couple of times.

So, people who want more from you, either end up asking for more or go to places where you want them to – in this case, it’s your XVideos profile! You can also post sexy stories and drive traffic to your videos.

You get the idea, right? Tease people and end up watching them pay and jerk for your videos.

3. Reddit

Who would miss Reddit when it comes to adult content promotions?

Reddit is one of the go-to places for promoting your adult content. Let’s just say Reddit is more flexible when it comes to adult content than Twitter.

The platform has separate communities (called SubReddits) that are dedicated to adult niches. You can find SubReddits for almost all kinds of adult niches – boobs, ass, dicks and more!

In fact, there’s a dedicated XVideos SubReddit where content creators promote their content – check it out!

You can also use other relevant SubReddits to promote your XVideos content. As for promotions, do the same as you do on Twitter.

4. RedGIFs

Like the platform name says, RedGIFs is where you upload GIFs and promote your content. This is one of the most underrated and overlooked techniques to promote your adult content.

All you have to do is, convert the steamy parts of your videos into short GIFs and post them on the website. To increase visibility, make sure to include popular hashtags related to your niche. The best part is, you can also use these GIFs on other platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

5. TikTok

TikTok has gained massive popularity over the years and has over 1 billion monthly active users. But the problem with TikTok is, it doesn’t allow explicit content.

What most adult creators do is, they create steamy content without exposing their private parts or even too much skin (if they do so, they‘ll get banned). Along with the video, links to your Twitter or Reddit profiles can be added!

Once you have gained over 1000 followers and switched to a business profile, you can insert your Linktree link to promote your adult content.

So, those are the best social media platforms to promote your adult content. While promoting your videos, make sure to read the terms of use and guidelines for each platform in order to avoid getting banned.

4. Create Your Own Website

This is more of a long-term approach. Once you have started to make a steady income from XVideos and you have a decent following, you can go ahead and create your own website.

By creating your own website, you can drive traffic from XVideos and make more money – no revenue share! You can create membership subscriptions, sell videos directly, sell merchandise 

and do more!

What you can do is, you can post short clips of your porn videos on XVideos and then redirect the audience to your website for full-length videos. This is exactly what’s been done on the JadeKink channel. While you’re doing it, make sure to add links to your website/videos.

Now we do know that creating websites like XVideos are difficult. That’s why we have listed out better solutions for you.

1. xModel for Adult Creators

xModel is an adult fansite white-label script that allows you to create your own paid membership website to sell content to the fans directly.

The script is suitable for cam girls, individual adult content creators and porn stars.

As a creator, you can upload and sell videos, create membership subscriptions, sell merchandise to your fans and do more with xModels. Since it is a white-label script, the set-up process is easy and you can get started very easily.

2. xMember for Channels & Studios

xMember is an adult membership site script that lets you create a website like Brazzers and Naughty America.>

This platform is perfect for porn producers and studios. With the built-in features, you can easily run and manage a highly-sophisticated membership platform like Brazzers, New Sensations and more.

3. xStreamer for Non-Content Creators

Of the three, this is the one that requires less work. This method is for individuals who are neither a creator nor own a studio but want to make money from the adult niche.

xStreamer is an adult tube site script that lets you create websites like XVideos, xHamster and more.

The best part is, you can simply grab videos from other tube sites you have signed up for as an affiliate or even simply bulk upload videos. Features like these will help you start your tube and get it running with ease.

With the solutions we have mentioned above, you can create your own website of your choice 

and make a good amount of money.

How Much Does XVideos Pay?

You did have this on your mind, right?

When it comes to Ad Share revenue, XVideos pays you for every thousand views on your video. And the figure depends on a lot of factors like

  • Geography
  • Ad spot
  • Device
  • The number of times the ad is displayed
  • Competition and a lot of other factors.

Here’s what XVideos has to say on this,

That said, it’s really hard to put a figure for this monetization method! 

But still, from our expertise, we assume that the XVideos payout will be somewhere between $0.10 to $0.75 for every 1000 views.

As for direct selling and premium videos, you get 50% off the total share.

How to Get Paid on XVideos?

When it comes to the payout part, XVideos is quite good because it offers its creators a number of payout options to choose from. We’ve mentioned the same below for you.

  • Wire Transfer
  • Paxum
  • ePayments
  • Cosmo Payments

As a creator, you get paid once every month – exactly on the 15th via your chosen payment method. But it’s important to note that all your XVideos Red earnings will take up to two months to get processed – this is normal and nothing to get worried about!

How to Build a Website like XVideos Using xStreamer?

Since you already know what xStreamer is, we’re not going to talk about it here. We’ll directly see how you can build a website using xStreamer. To make things easy for you, we’ve put it in a step-by-step approach.

Step 1: Purchase xStreamer by heading to the product page.

Step 2: Purchase a domain name for your porn site and choose hosting services from a dedicated adult hosting server.

Step 3: Install xStreamer Script on your website. If you have technical knowledge, you can do it by yourself or Adent’s team will help you out.

Step 4: Customize the website according to your preferences – looks, layout, logos, pages (terms of use, privacy policy, DMCA, etc) and more.

Step 5: Start importing videos from affiliate networks or upload bulk videos to your tube site.

Step 6: Set up payment gateways on your website and you’re all set to go!

It really is that easy! Maybe get on a call with us and you’ll know!😉

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to create a tube site, choose to go with a niche tube site instead of a general porn site. It’ll help you drive focused traffic and quickly get a name.


So, by now, as we said, you know how to make money on xVideos and the tips & tricks to increase your view count and the ways to maximize your xVideos earnings. And yes, you also know how to create an adult tube site like XVideos.

When it comes to being a model, starting a channel, or even running an adult tube site, CONSISTENCY is always the key. Because there are a lot of competitors out there just like you trying to make money on XVideos.

So, if you need a chance to stand against them and make a good amount of money, you need to give your best and be SMART!

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