How to Make Money Selling Nudes on Snapchat?

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Selling nudes has turned out to be one of the most prolific earners for the adult industry in recent years. There are many platforms available on which you can sell nudes to make money. One such platform is Snapchat, which has quickly risen as one of the biggest money makers for the adult industry.

Selling nudes on Snapchat has become a favorite among content creators, pornstars, and cam models alike. Models use Snapchat to offer premium content to their subscribers through their locked premium accounts and make good money from it. 

Although technically, Snapchat isn’t adult-friendly, with innumerable accounts on Snapchat, the chances of you getting banned are very slim. Before we understand how to make money selling nudes on Snapchat, let’s first learn a bit more about Snapchat as a platform.

Snapchat Basics

Snapchat is a texting platform that has become very popular, especially among millennials. The popularity of Snapchat comes from the feature of disappearing messages, where any snap or message sent to anyone disappears after being seen. So if you’re someone who likes sexting or sending raunchy texts to your partner or anyone and not leaving any proof behind, then Snapchat is the platform for you.

In recent years, many adult performers and models have taken an interest in Snapchat, and the platform has become a hub for models to connect with their fans. Slowly the platform got monetized, and models were selling their account subscriptions for $10 to $50 a month. With hundreds to thousands of recurring subscribers, Snapchat became a goldmine for adult creators.

Types of profiles on Snapchat

Snapchat offers 2 types of profiles for users on the platform. First is the Public Snapchat, which is open for everyone to see. It is like the free profile available on most platforms, where Snapchat allows your profile to be discovered on your app and helps showcase your creativity to your fans. Public Snapchat is a great way to reach a wider audience and get them engaged with your account.

Next comes Premium Snapchat, where users have to pay a subscription amount to get access to Snapchat posts, stories, etc. Premium Snapchat is where you will upload all your freakish content, like nudes, foreplay, sex toy pics, etc., for the users to see. You’ll need to integrate a payment wallet to accept payments for subscriptions. Also, you’ll need to make sure your subscribers don’t mention any adult words in their payment notes, as that could lead to your account being taken down by Snapchat, as well as payment wallets that are not adult-friendly.

If you’re a model who wants to sell nudes on Snapchat, then you’ll have to use both public and premium Snapchat to make it work. In fact, public Snapchat is the best and most effective way to promote your premium Snapchat and get more subscribers. Users on Snapchat won’t start subscribing to your premium Snapchat without knowing you or without getting a taste of your content. So public Snapchat is a great way to send out teasers of your content and lure users into subscribing to your premium Snapchat account for raunchier content.

Tips to Make Money Selling Nudes on Snapchat

Selling nudes on Snapchat can be profitable if you know how to sell your content. You’ll need subscribers who will pay a monthly subscription price for your content. The amount you charge for a subscription depends on you. Here are some tips to make money by selling nudes on Snapchat.

Choose a sexy username

Branding your Snapchat profile is very important for your content and profile to stand out from others. If you’re already a successful cam model or porn star, then using the same username you have for your cam profile is the right way forward to be consistent in your branding.

But in case you’re new to Snapchat, then choosing a username that is not only attractive but also easy to remember for the users is very important. The username should let users know what to expect from your content. If you’re someone who does more anal content, then maybe you can choose a username like BootyBianca or anything that resonates with your content.

Share personal life snaps

Keeping your fans updated and involved in your life is a great way to increase the chances of making money by selling nudes on Snapchat. Share regular snaps of your everyday life on your public Snapchat profile to connect better with your fans.

Be it a snap of you walking your dog or you hanging out with your friends for a beer, snap it on your public Snapchat to give your fans a personal touch to your life which will help them relate to you as a person.

Do live shows

Once in a while, it’s a great idea to do live shows to interact with your fans. Just having a Q&A session with your fans on your public Snapchat profile will help you build a larger audience who will subscribe to your premium Snapchat account.

Post from exotic locations

People love to see content that inspires them. Rather than taking nudes on your bed, you may try out different exotic locations to click your pictures. This not only adds to the oomph factor but also brings variety to your content. You can share such pictures on your public profile and give a hint to users to subscribe to your premium profile for raunchier pictures.

Be regular

Selling Nudes on Snapchat - Review by a creator

There are thousands of creators who sell nudes on Snapchat. To keep your fans hooked to your profile, you need to be regular in sharing snaps on your public profile. A mix of content on your profile every day helps in the retention of fans and adds more users as your subscribers.

Promoting Your Premium Snapchat Profile

Public Snapchat

The best way to promote your premium Snapchat profile is through your public Snapchat profile. You can send out teasers and give a hint to viewers about what they can expect on your premium profile. Remember to give ample cues to users to subscribe to your premium profile for raunchier and naughtier content.


Shouts for shouts is a popular technique to promote your Snapchat profile. This works as a barter system where you reach out to other models on Twitter and ask them to exchange shoutouts. You promote them on your profile while they promote you on their profile. This is an effective way to reach out to a wider set of audiences and promote your profile to them.


Takeover is another very effective technique to promote your premium Snapchat profile. When a big player in the adult industry like Pornhub lets a model take over their account for some time to promote their own profile, this is known as Snapchat takeover. Although for big players to give you the privilege of posting from their account, you need to build trust and reach out to them on Twitter to get a chance.

Adult forums

You can promote your Snapchat profile on adult forums like Reddit and GFY too. Reddit has separate subreddits meant for selling nudes on Snapchat. You can also create your own subreddit to sell nudes on Reddit. These adult forums get good traffic, and you can easily get some subscribers from these platforms.

Cam sites

Webcam sites like Chaturbate are a great platform to promote your Snapchat profile. If you are not on any of the cam sites, then we suggest you join one. Cam sites offer a lot of monetization methods and also get a lot of viewers, which will be helpful in promoting your Snapchat profile to them.


You can also use Instagram to promote your Snapchat profile by giving your profile link in the bio. Use hashtags like #nudesforsale or #dirtySnapchat in your Instagram posts to let the audience know that you sell nudes on Snapchat.


Selling nudes on Snapchat is a thing now, and many models and pornstars are leveraging this opportunity to make money selling nudes on Snapchat. Not only is it profitable, but it also works great as a source of passive income for models. But remember to not push your luck too much, as Snapchat still doesn’t allow adult content to be shared.

If you want total freedom to sell your nudes, then choosing a readymade solution like xModel is your best bet. It is easy to install, affordable, and provides you with 100% freedom to sell and monetize your content. You can be your own boss and utilize xModel’s multiple monetization methods to maximize your earnings.

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