How to Select a Domain Name for Adult Websites

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In the endeavour to create large businesses and brands, we often tend to overlook a lot of small but important details that are actually have a lot more riding on them than we imagine. One such example would be the domain name of a website. For most businesses, the domain name would simply be the brand name, but for adult websites they need to be much more. Not only should the domain name for an adult website be catchy, it should also immediately convey what sort of content it’s focusing on, or what the customer can expect when he or she visits it. Your domain name is nothing short of an online identity, a reflection and representation of your services, which is why you need to carefully select one.

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The key to selecting a kickass domain name is knowing exactly what you want, what you want your users to understand, and conveying your message in the shortest way possible. A cheeky and smart domain name will definitely help you stand out, but you’ll also need to think whether it accurately reflects what you’re offering, and whether it will stand the test of time. After all, once you’ve selected a domain name, it’s going to stick around forever! So here’s a couple of things you need to keep in mind when you’re selecting a domain name for adult websites:

Keep It Short and Simple

The number one mistake most people make while picking out a domain name is they try to cram in a lot of information. Not only does this make the domain name sound unnatural, but it actually hurts its chances in terms of search engine visibility. Anything with over 3 words looks suspicious, so don’t even think of a name like ‘’ or something like that. Simple domain names will help you go a long way, so try not to have a domain name that’s a mouthful, you want users to be able to remember it easily, right?

Make It Catchy and Stand Out From the Crowd

Starting an adult site is pretty easy, but you need to face the challenges in choosing a domain name and driving the visitors to your website. So you want your domain to be remembered, making it short is one thing, but it has to be catchy as well. You don’t want something boring and straightforward. Think of synonyms of words, or colloquial terms that have a similar meaning. Users connect to them easily and can make connections in a jiffy. Your domain name has to convey a message in a word or two, so clever wordplay definitely helps. This brings us to our next point.

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Know what you’re about

Unless you are very sure of what you’re offering yourself, you can’t really expect your potential traffic to do the same. Pick out the exact problem you’re trying to solve or void you’re trying to fill, and build your brand and domain name around it. If you know you’re going to be only an adult tube site, make sure that’s apparent and build your name around it, keeping all the previous points in mind. But this is something of a double edged sword, because you really have to be sure of your plans.

Think Long Term

For adult tube sites it’s pretty straightforward, but it’s not the same case for all adult websites. Say you’re starting an adult blog and want to focus on sex for couples. If you’re thinking short term, you can easily come up with a domain name that just says ‘this is a blog for couples looking to improve their sex life.’ But if you think long term, you’ll see that down the line there is the possibility of expanding the blog into a self-help site, or a community, or a video tube with erotica, the possibilities are basically endless. So think of where you want to go with the brand and business and pick something that you won’t regret a couple of years in the future.

Consider How Word Combinations Look

You might have seen a lot of domains that sound perfectly innocent and nice when they’re different words, but together, they’re just something else. Consider repeated letters at the end and beginning of words, and how the domain name sounds when put together. For example, ‘Couples Sex World’ sounds like a decent enough brand name, but the domain name ends up being ‘’, and the repeated letters end up confusing users and just looking awkward. You have to keep this in mind.

Copies and Copyrights

There are a couple of really famous adult brands and websites out there, with clever domain names. You might want to start something in that vein and even have great content to boot, but a wrongly chosen domain name can spell disaster. Don’t make the mistake of trying to emulate or copy a big brand name, and thinking you can make a similar sounding domain. For example, ‘’ is a well-known site, so picking a domain name like ‘’ won’t do you any favors, it’s only going to look like your site is a cheap knockoff. Plus, you can also get in trouble for copyright infringement, so make sure you check there’s nothing else similar before you get the domain.

Extensions Matter

Finally, pick only .com extensions for your adult website. Even though the .xxx domain is quite popular these days, .com is still the way to go. Anything other than that, like .net, .uk or .us shouldn’t be considered. You may be able to find a great domain name in those extensions that’s already in use as a .com, but don’t buy that under any circumstances. You might end up looking like a hijacker or some sort of partner. It’s common knowledge that .com domains have a certain aura of credibility, and that’s what you should get.