How to Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Your Adult Website?

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Choosing the perfect domain name for your adult website is a crucial part that decides the success of your porn site. Your porn site name sticks with you forever, and that is why it’s essential to get it right in the first place. Always decide on the domain name that is related to the type of content you’ll provide before you start your porn site.

For most businesses, the domain name is simply their brand name, as people know them by their brand name. But for adult businesses, it’s not the same. Your porn site name should reflect what type of content it provides and what the audience can expect on your adult website.

Your porn site name is the identity of your website, and that is how people will remember your website. There is no coming back once you choose a domain name and register it, so you’ve to be sure of the name you decide on. 

Yes, you can change the name later, which involves the long process of buying a new domain and migrating your data. But then you risk losing out on your current rank and traffic on search engines. So today, in this article, we’ll discuss the best ways to choose the perfect domain name for your adult website.

Choose a short name

When you’re choosing a name for your adult site, think of how easy or difficult it will be for the users to remember your domain name. Having a long domain name has the risk of people not recalling the name and misspelling it.

For a porn site name, try to include your niche-related keywords in your domain name. This helps the user to know what kind of content they’ll get on your website. Including keywords in your porn site name increases the chances of success in marketing your site.

Make sure it’s easy to pronounce and remember

There are chances that you would have thought of very fancy and attractive names for your porn site. But remember, although it looks and feels good, such names become difficult to pronounce or even remember from a user’s perspective.

Try to simplify your porn site name to words that are catchy but easy to remember and give the right information about the website. Don’t complicate it with a long sentence either, just keep it to one or two words so that it’s easier for the users to recall your website name.

Avoid Hyphens

Hyphenated names are only good if you want to protect your domain name from being copied and used by others to benefit from SEO. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid hyphens in your domain name and keep it simple and catchy.

For a porn site name that’s filled with keywords, you might want to buy both domains, with and without hyphens. You can use the non-hyphenated name for your site and keep the hyphenated one to make sure no one copies your domain name.

Use niche-related keywords

The domain name you choose for your porn production company should reflect the niche that your website is based on. For example, if your niche is busty teachers, then your domain name can be or Niche-related keywords in adult domain names help in telling users what the content is about.

Use Google planner to find ideas for your porn site name. You can also use Google trends to check the popularity and interest of your keywords and use them accordingly in your domain name. Include one keyword in your domain name at least to make it more relevant for the search engines too.

Use .Com TLD extension if available

It is always preferred to get a .com TLD extension for your domain, as you can use the .com extension to target the whole world. Other than .com, you can also use .org, .net, and .info as a TLD extension if your preferred .com domain name is already taken.

Remember to not buy a domain name in another extension if the exact same domain is already taken in the .com extension. If you do that, then your website will look like a cheap copy of the .com website. Although it’s a little hard to find a suitable .com domain name, with little creativity and twists, you can land a kickass .com domain name for your website.

You can also use country-specific domain extensions too if you want to target the audience of any particular country. Remember, when you choose a ccTLD, then search engines also get aligned to target the country-specific audience.

Avoid copyright infringement

Make sure to do your research for copyrighted names before you decide on your porn site name. Just like you won’t upload porn videos that are copyrighted on your tube site, similarly, you just cannot have any trademark names in any part of the domain name you choose. 

If you use any copyrighted adult domain name, then you’ll be charged with copyright infringement, and your domain will be seized. So make sure to do research and thoroughly check the domain name you choose for any copyrights. 


There still are many good domain names available that you can get for your adult site. Remember to be creative when choosing your porn site name and make it relevant to the niche of your content. The domain name you choose is what will define your identity in the market. Get creative and mix and match keywords relevant to your niche and come up with a name that is easy to remember for the users. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I buy an existing adult domain or buy a new domain?

If the existing domain has been receiving good traffic, then only it is worth investing in it. Or else it is better to buy a new domain for your adult website.

2. Which is the best TLD extension for an adult domain name?

.Com is the best TLD extension as it targets audiences from around the world. .org, .net, and .info are also good extensions if you don’t find a .com extension for your adult domain name.

3. What are the best adult domain registrars to buy the cheapest adult domains in 2022?

  1. M3Server
  2. Namecheap
  3. GoDaddy
  4. NameSilo
  5. Dynadot
  6. Domain

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