Affiliate programs are a fantastic way to make money from users you refer to a particular network. A lot of networks offer you a certain amount of money, depending on the payout type, for every signup, purchase or registration. Once you’ve got your website setup, affiliate marketing is a foolproof way to keep generating revenue without worrying too much about the source of traffic. You can get traffic from blogs, adult tube sites, search engines, PPC marketing, webcam communities, dating sites and much more. Interested? Read on for the 10 best and highest paying webcam affiliate programs out there today!

Before we get started on our list however, it’s important to understand that affiliate marketing usually has different types of payouts. There are mainly four types of payouts, and before you actually pick a program, you should understand whether you’re looking for long term or short term profits, and what sort of effort you’ll be putting in. There’s a payout model for everyone, it just requires a little research on your part. Here’s the types of payouts you’ll find:

  • PPL (Pay Per Lead): You get paid for every free signup you redirect.
  • PPS (Pay Per Signup): Similar to PPL, but you get paid for every paid signup.
  • Revenue Sharing: A long term model which gives you a percentage of all revenue generated.
  • Affiliate Referral: You get a percentage cut of commissions depending on every affiliate referred.
  • Model Referral: You get paid for every model you refer to the network.

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So without further ado, here’s our picks for the highest paying webcam affiliate programs today:


Often called one of the world’s best affiliate programs, ClickCash definitely has a lot going for it. It’s been around since a very long time, and is also the home of iFriends, the popular webcam and adult affiliate network. Boasting of all kinds of payouts, with mobile affiliate opportunities, lifetime referral commissions, a host of tools and great profit margins, ClickCash is a highly recommended network. You can get paid as much as 35% through revenue sharing, $200 per signup, $55 per free signup and $1 per email!

AWE (Adult Webmaster Empire)

AWE claims to have the highest payouts in the market today, and looking at their numbers, we can definitely say they’re one of the best. It also operated LiveJasmin, one of the most popular camming networks in the world, so you know they’re legit. With a revenue sharing percentage that goes up to a staggering 60% and a great pay-per-signup plan, AWE has a lot of options available. There’s also model and webmaster referral in addition to a host of marketing management tools, so you’ve got more than enough options to make money. One of the best, indeed.


Chaturbate may be one of the most well-known camming networks in the world, but it also has one of the best and highest paying webcam affiliate programs out there. Since it’s a popular network, gaining registrations and turning them into paid subscribers isn’t too difficult, and you have all options for payouts, save for pay-per-signouts. You get a 20% revenue sharing percentage on the tokens purchased as well, and the user referral program is quite good too!


WebcamWiz is another fantastic high paying webcam affiliate program where the main draw is stability. Once signed up and set up, there’s a constant revenue stream if you do things right. A 35% revenue share percentage along with 3% revenue share for all revenues generated by referred webmasters means that once you’re invested in the network, the money will keep flowing in without much intervention. What’s not to like?


Streamate’s affiliate program is one of the best out there, offering a large number of payout options, and great numbers. You have the option of 30% revenue sharing as well as $40 per signup, with increasing payouts depending on your activity. It’s simple and straightforward, but gives you good returns in the end.


CamBuilder is one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs out there, which guarantees big ROI because of its huge network. It handles biggies like YouPorn, YouJizz, PornHub, Mr. Skin, Cam4 and many more. The best part is the payout plan flexibility, which lets you choose either traditional methods, or a combination of two. For example, you can either go for 35% revenue share, or $75 per spender plus 30% lifetime revenue share. Similarly, there’s also $30 per join plus 30% lifetime revenue share, $100 per spender or simply, $40 per join. It’s got a great number of options that should suit all your needs.


CrakRevenue is a highly trusted and awarded affiliate marketing program that powers some of the biggest names in the industry. It has a variety of offers for adult niches and types, so you get everything from dating and webcams to teen and fetish website programs. The geo-targeting and high sales volumes guarantee regular payouts.


ImLive is one of the most popular camming networks out there, and for good reason. Boasting of some of the best models and a host of industry awards, its affiliate program is something you should definitely consider. You have the option of 35% lifetime revenue share, $0.2-3 per lead or $150 per signup, and get to promote one of the biggest adult webcam network brands in the industry, what else could you want?


The affiliate program of popular sites like CamWithHer and CamWithHim, SNRCash has a lot going for it. For instance, you’re sure to love the high 10% webmaster referral payout, 20% private chat sales and 50% recurring membership sales. With those numbers, invested dedicated affiliate marketers can easily make thousands of dollars per month. The best part is that, once signed up to SNRCash, you can get referrals from all the websites in their network!


Finally, we have Cash4Members, the affiliate marketing program for the very popular MyDirtyHobby network. This predominantly European network focuses on amateur sex, and offers up to 30% revenue share, in addition to 60 Euros per signup and 2 Euros per lead. Plus, there’s the possibility of 10% commission on all webmaster and amateur performer referral. We’d definitely recommend this.


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