xShows - Multi Webcam Builder

xShows is a turnkey script that lets you build a webcam site that supports three different business models at once.

Native: You can utilize your native revenue channels to hire webcam models and then generate big revenue by earning commission after your models’ income.

Redlabel: You can pull 1000s of model profiles from LiveJasmin and embed them on your website, without your users knowing they are viewing LiveJasmin models.

Whitelabel: You can also embed models from other webcam sites such as Bongacams, Chaturbate, Stripchat, and xLovecams to redirect your traffic and earn commission after the tokens sold on your service.

A single script to accommodate three different models of business, traffic sourcing, and model recruitment. You can generate revenue from all possible sources without compromising on any of them.

xShows - Multi Cam Builder

What is xShows?

xShows is a turnkey script that can build a live webcam site with multiple channels of revenue and model sourcing. The AWEmipre Redlabel pulls cam shows from LiveJasmin and presents them to your users as your own native shows. The Whitelabel API, however, lets you embed a show preview, which redirects users to the original site where you earn affiliate commissions if they purchase tokens.

You can have native models with native revenue channels, and third-party models with affiliate revenue channels.

xShows has integrated multiple Whitelabel APIs from top webcam sites like Chaturbate, BongaCams, xlovecams, Stripchat into its service. You can run a webcam site without necessarily needing to hire models under your company. Choose your preferred package to get one or all of the channels to maximize your prospects.

How to Build All in One Affiliate Whitelabel Cam Website- Detailed BLOG
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What can you do with xShows Lite?

You can run a fully controllable and customizable webcam site with native revenue channels and models working under your contract.

You can run a fully controllable and customizable webcam affiliate site with 20,000+ online models from a network of top webcam sites like Chaturbate, Bongacams, xlovecams, and Stripchat.

You don’t need to worry about hiring or managing models. All you need is to focus on building traffic on your website. Later, you can redirect your traffic to other webcam sites and make big money with that.

Build a Cash Cow Machine Using xShows Pro

Use AWEmpire Redlabel Powered by LiveJasmin + Have Your Own Models Too

Keep your traffic on your website. Pull models from LiveJasmin using the AWEmpire Redlabel. Your own models can also perform alongside LiveJasmin models.

**Available only with the $1499 package**

Build a cash-cow machine that generates both active and passive income. With this package, you get AWEmpire’s Redlabel powered by LiveJasmin integrated into your website. With this API, you can pull over 10,000+ models from LiveJasmin directly to your website to engage with your traffic. Your users won’t even realize that these are LiveJasmin models, because they can interact with the models and send tips to them just like your native models.

xShows Features


Complete freedom to rebrand your xShows-driven webcam site with your business name, logo, color, skin, design, and brand identity.

Fully Customizable

Add, Modify, or Delete any feature, as you have the source-code access to the script that any skilled developer can customize.

Integrated Models API

Whitelabel model API from different webcam networks. Over 20,000+ models are instantly available to stream and make money.

Multiple Monetization Channels

You can use different promo tools from affiliate networks for generating revenue from multiple revenue channels.

How much can you earn with xShows?

Affiliate income With AWEmpire Redlabel:

Assuming $1 = 1 credit

If you bring in 500 users per day and 300 of those users purchase at least 2 credits each, you generate-

  • 600 credits Per Day
  • 18,000 credits Per Month

AWEmpire pays 45% commission if you are generating more than 18,000 credit purchases.

  • 45% of 18,000 credits = 8,100 credits (i.e. $8,100).
  • You can easily make over $8,100 per month without managing any in-house models.

Native income from your own models:

Assuming private chat costs 4.99 per minute, and have a 25% conversion rate

If you have 10 models performing 4 days a week for 5 hours each day, you sell-

  • 12000 minutes of private chat in a Week

If you make $60,000 per month of total revenue and payout 80% to the models –

  • Your net revenue will be around $12000 Per Month

Total income via AWEmpire Affiliate + Your Own Models:

Your AWEmpire affiliate sales = $8,100

Revenue from your own models = $12,000

Total Monthly Income = $20,100

After business expenses, you will easily have a net profit = $17,000 Per Month.

Note: We have not factored the income from selling Videos clips, Photo Albums, Social media Access, and the gifts from the fans.

You’re in Good Company

Top clients using the xShows platform to run their business:

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xShows Lite
  • Whitelabel API Integrated.
  • Lifetime license.
  • Free Installation service.
  • 100% Non-Encrypted Source code.
  • 6 months free support.
  • Free Lifetime upgrades.
  • Free Domain.
  • 75% OFF on VPS Hosting.
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xShows Pro
  • AWEmpire Redlabel + Cam Software.
  • Lifetime license.
  • Free Installation service.
  • 100% Non-Encrypted Source code.
  • 6 months free support.
  • Free Lifetime upgrades.
  • Free Domain.
  • 75% OFF on VPS Hosting.
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Frequently Asked Questions

please read the FAQ before buying! Thanks.

Where can I check the demo?

xShows Lite

Frontend: https://xshows.info

xShows Lite – Server Requirements
Difference between xShows Lite (Whitelabel) Vs xShows Pro (Backlabel)
xShows Lite xShows Pro
– Models integrated from 4 different cam networks – Models integrated from AWEmpire LiveJasmin
– Redirect traffic back to the original cam site – No redirect to the LiveJasmin website. Keep your traffic on your website
– Make money via affiliate commissions on user signups & token sales – Your users won’t even know that models are from LiveJasmin database
– Fully customizable. – Make double income – Commission from token sales + Your own models streaming alongside LiveJasmin models.
– Integrate different promo tools from different cam networks to boost sales. – Fully customizable.
 – Modify or Integrate any third-party tools to boost sales.


How will I get paid?

xShows Lite – You will get paid in affiliate commissions directly from the cam networks.

xShows Pro – You will get paid directly from AWEmpire.

When will I get paid?

You will get paid every month.

Can I have my own models alongside Affiliate models?

Only with xShows Pro – You can have your own models alongside LiveJasmin models.

Will all the models data info be stored on my website?

Only with your own models, data will be stored on your website. LiveJasmin models will be streamed directly from their LiveJasmin account.

Will streaming happen on my server?

Models who stream from cam networks will not have any streaming charges on your side. For your own models, live streams will incur charges on your own server.

Will my users info be stored on my website?

Yes. When users sign up to purchase tokens, do private chat – users info will be stored on your website. You can use this for retargeting and marketing activities.

Revenue channels in xShows Lite platform?

When your users sign up or purchase tokens – you will make affiliate commissions from the sites you refer your traffic to.

Can I customize the features and design?

Yes, at an additional cost you can hire our developers to make changes on the features and design.

Can I handpick models to display on my website?

This can be customized as per your request (at an additional cost)

How many members and performers can I have online at once?

We have not placed limitations on anything in this script.

What kind of hosting do I need? Any recommendations?

We recommend M3server – link

How do members add funds to their accounts?

xShows Lite – You will redirect your users to cam networks and they make the payments to purchase tokens.

xShows Pro – There is a built-in payment gateway that allows members to add funds 24/7 in real-time. Funds are available right away.

How many models do I get with xShows Pro?

More than 1000+ models and 100+ models online at any given point of time on your website.

Do you offer installation?

Yes, the purchase comes with 1 free installation on your server.

Can I install this script myself?

Yes, you need to be a high skilled programmer to install such complex scripts.

Is it possible to upgrade from xShows Lite to xShows Pro in the future?

No, you cannot upgrade your xShows Lite to xShows Pro in the future. It is because both the versions are unique and do not co-work. xShows Lite is a whitelabel integrated product, while xShows Pro is a redlabel integrated product + xCams script.

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