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The adult industry has grown manifolds over the years with multiple money-making ways under its umbrella. A big reason behind the success of the adult entertainment industry has been the advancements of the internet which has made adult entertainment websites to be easily available and accessible to every corner of the world. But how do these websites make sure they reach their target audience? Here is where adult SEO comes into play.

When you’re starting adult an webcam business or an adult whitelabel site, then you would want your website to rank high in the search results. Adult SEO is what helps websites to show up higher on search rankings and get more traffic. SEO is one of the most important skills that webmasters, especially in the adult industry, need to know. In this article, we will read and learn more about what adult SEO is and how it plays an important role in adult webcam models and whitelabel websites.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of optimizing your website with proper keyword research to rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. Without SEO on your adult webcam site, it will be very difficult for you to compete with your competitor websites and get traffic to your website. SEO can be done on your website in 2 ways: on-page and off-page SEO, which we will discuss further in the following sections.

Why is cam site SEO important?

Doing SEO on any website is the ideal way to run your website. Without SEO, your website will be all over the place like a headless chicken. Out of all the benefits adult SEO brings for adult websites, here are a few general layman advantages of doing SEO on your webcam site.

Better conversions

Doing SEO on your webcam site means you rank on search engines and get organic traffic to your website. There are higher chances of converting your organic traffic as people use the exact terms to search for your webcam site. A higher conversion rate means more people are coming to your webcam site, which in turn means more chances of earning money.

Stable traffic

When your webcam site starts ranking in due course of time due to SEO, then you can be assured of steady traffic to your webcam or whitelabel site. As your site catches on search engine rankings and gets ranked for your niche-specific keywords, then you’ll see a constant flow of organic traffic coming your way.

Stay ahead of pirate websites

Pirate websites also get their traffic from search engines. And by doing SEO on your webcam site and setting the web properties correctly, you make sure that your original website stays much higher in ranks and the pirated website goes further down in search engine rankings.

Building a Webcam site

If you’re not already running a webcam site, then you should consider building one to ride the profitability that webcam sites offer. Other than the profit, there are many other reasons that you should consider owning your own webcam site, especially if you are a webcam model

Owning your website gives you the freedom to share your clips on one single site and also provide links to other webcam sites where you perform. Your own website is not only a marketing tool but also provides you with multiple monetization options. We understand that building a website of your own is no joke, but we have the perfect solution for you.

xCams is a readymade webcam site script using which you can build and start running your website in a matter of a couple of days. You can create your own webcam site, like Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, etc., at affordable prices. It is a fast, secure, and scalable adult webcam script that you can just plug and play. What’s more, is that you get many monetization methods along with a website of your own. This means, using xCams, you can promote your camming career as well as make money through your own website.

Some of the notable features xCams provide are as follows:

  • Created by adult industry veterans
  • Private 1-on-1 shows
  • Receive tips
  • Premium content sale
  • Product sale
  • Multiple customizable money streams
  • Geo-blocking
  • Mobile responsive
  • Individual dashboards for models, Users, Studios, and the admin
  • Multiple integrations

Using xCams, you can onboard other webcam models too and ask them to sign up and operate from your cam site. xCams lets you run a profitable webcam business while helping you promote your business too. Using xCams, you can host both embedded and hosted cam clips and rank by doing adult webcam models SEO. To embed webcam clips from other platforms on your cam site, xCams provides xCams Pro.

Another variation of xCams is xCams Pro, in which, along with onboarding other models, you can also pull and list cams from other popular cam sites like Chaturbate, BongaCams, StripChat, and xLoveCams. Whenever any user clicks on these affiliate cam links, they get directed to the original cam site, and you earn from affiliate commissions whenever those users spend on the original cam site.

Factors to improve your webcam SEO

Search engine algorithms are a complex subject that not many of us can easily understand. There are more than 210 factors of Google’s algorithm, and knowing all factors is neither very necessary, nor you’ll understand all. We won’t discuss all the factors but some important factors that can help with SEO for cam sites and achieve higher ranks on search engines.

On-page SEO

Anything that appears on your cam site and is visible to the eyes of users comes under on-page SEO. All the content available on your website plays a major role in getting traffic and ranking higher on search engines. So it is very important to keep updating the adult content as well as maintain various properties that help with on-page SEO, which we will discuss below.


Including your niche-related keywords in the URL of your website is a necessary step for SEO for cam sites. The search engines recognize your website easily through URL keywords and help your website rank better.

Header texts

Every page of your website should have only one H1 header, i.e., the title of each page. You can have multiple H2 and H3 headers on the page, but remember to include keywords and search phrases in all your headers to make it easy for search engines to rank your website.

Image name & Meta texts

Every image file uploaded on your website should have a proper name that includes the keywords and search phrases, just like your website URL structure. Search engines don’t understand images, so their crawlers scan through the image name and other details to understand what the image is about. Remember to include alt texts and meta descriptions too in all your images that’ll help your web page rank higher in image searches.

Keyword density

Along with your header texts, the content on your web page needs to be keyword rich. Keyword rich doesn’t mean you fill your page with maximum keywords where the content doesn’t make much sense. Instead, you need to optimally use keywords and spread them across the page without compromising the quality of the content.


Giving interlinks to other web pages of your website is necessary for a better chance of ranking on search engines. Make sure the anchor texts are relevant as the crawlers go through the anchor text to understand what the related page is about and give your webpage a better authority.

Website performance

Search engines also take the loading speed of your website into consideration when they rank your website. There are many ways to improve your website performance, like site caching, CSS optimization, SQL optimization, better adult content hosting, etc., that can help your website load faster.


Blogs are one of the most effective ways to help your website climb the rankings. Every blog that you write and publish on your website contains a lot of keywords and search queries that make your website relevant and rank higher than your competitors. Blogs can also help interlink various pages of your website to give it better authority.

Off page SEO

The other part of cam site SEO is doing off-page SEO for your website. Anything done externally on your cam site can be termed as off-page SEO.


The majority of off-page SEO is done by getting backlinks incorporated into your website. Backlinks are basically like internet votes in the eyes of search engines. The better quality backlinks you have, the more authority your website gains in search rankings.

There are 2 types of backlinks: DoFollow and NoFollow. While DoFollow backlinks provide better results for webcam SEO, NoFollow backlinks also help with cam site SEO. You can build DoFollow links on various sites like AVN Stars, ManyVids, ModelCentro, NiteFlirt, and xVideos. On the other hand, you can build NoFollow backlinks on websites like Chaturbate, OnlyFans, PornHub, Twitter, and ManyVids.

Forums & Communities

There are many adult forums and communities from where you can build backlinks to gain more traffic to your cam site. Websites like AmberCutie, FreeOnes, and StripperWeb are great communities to get backlinks.

Porn pinning sites

Porn pinning sites are a great booster to your cam site SEO activities. They are like Pinterest for porn sites where you can pin photos and videos. Some of the popular porn pinning sites for cam site SEO are, Smutty, and

Video SEO

Very similar to normal SEO, video SEO also needs to cater to a few important factors to be effective.

File name

The file name of your videos should contain keywords and search-related queries to help crawlers recognize the video file effectively. Make the video description clear and keyword-rich to enable search engines to rank your website better.

Meta title

Search engines look at the meta title of the video first before anything else. So make sure it contains relevant information along with keywords.

Meta description

Although not that important, it makes sense to have a proper meta description for your videos to improve the overall authority of your website.

Relevant on-page content

Make sure the content on the page where the video is posted is relevant to the video. It shouldn’t happen that you post a porn video and the content on your webpage is about gardening.

Authority of your website

Search engines check for your website authority when they stumble upon your video in search results. Better the authority of your website, the better the chances of ranking higher for your video clips by doing cam site SEO.

Other ways to promote your Webcam site

Paid Ads

Running paid ads on various search engines and websites is a great way to promote your webcam business. Running Google ads is a must for your cam site as it is the most preferred search engine in the world. You can easily set up Google ads from your profile and set up campaigns to make your webcam business reach the right target audience.

Another way of running paid ads is buying ad space on other popular porn tube sites. As your target audience is the same that comes to porn tube sites, there are high chances of directing users to your webcam site.

Email marketing

Another effective way to promote your webcam site is by doing email marketing. You can keep your contacts and members updated about new cam girls or any new updates on your cam site by sending out promotional emails.

Offers and discounts

Running offers and discounts on your webcam site is also a great way to bring more people to your cam site. Special day offers like Father’s day discounts, Christmas sales, etc., work great to lure more visitors to your site.


SEO for adult webcam models and whitelabel websites is a tricky job as linking to porn sites is difficult, and mainstream websites don’t allow it. But you don’t have to worry, as there are many other popular adult websites that can help you with promoting your webcam site. Webcam SEO plays a major role in deciding how your website ranks and, ultimately, how much you earn through your webcam site. So make sure the webcam SEO on your website is on point to boost your chances of ranking high and earning well.

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