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xShows is a multi webcam builder script that lets you build a webcam site with a pre-populated model database. These models are pulled and embedded from popular cam websites such as Bongacams, Chaturbate and much more.

Forget about the hassles of hiring in-house webcam models. Just pull these live cam models on your website and earn thick affiliate commissions by redirecting your traffic to the cam networks.

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What xShows Can Do For You

  • Live Cam Feeds

    xShows is integrated with multiple affiliate webcam APIs to pull thousands of live shows from giant cam networks to set yourself for passive commission earnings

  • Robust Admin Panel

    A one-stop, powerful admin dashboard for all your operational needs – manage users, configure websites, control different affiliate APIs, SEO data, and more.

  • One-Click Micro Niche Site

    Advanced filters to pull only the relevant webcams under your niche. You don’t need to scour the affiliate sites manually looking for performers appropriate to your niche audience.

  • Mobile-Compatible

    Highly responsive UI that works without compatibility issues on all kinds of devices and screen sizes. Your users will love the seamless experience with a mobile-friendly interface.

xShows’s Amazing Opportunities

So how do you exactly beat the existing ‘big wigs” in the playground and drive excellent traffic to your site? Well, the answer is simple – Target niche categories! This could very well be the difference between running a site that makes you “crazy” income or just “meh” kinda profits. Whichever path you take, xShows is built to support that.

Choose only specific categories of cam shows and let your site cater to a defined group of users, who are on the lookout for something quite specific. Because believe you us, there are users looking for “lesbain femdom cam shows” too. This gets you the upper hand needed over the big players due to the unfair advantages it offers.

  • Better ranking in search results to scoop in organic footfalls
  • High quality traffic leading to the best affiliate commissions
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xShows Sneak Peek

xShows was designed and developed in-house by top-class engineers who’ve worked in some high-growth startups in the Silicon Valley and also in big name companies like Google, Amazon, etc.

Our code is well documented and hence easy to find talent to customize. It is built to have SEO-optimized URLs, and editable meta-data to help your site get indexed and rank better on results.

Frontend – HTML, CSS

Backend – Laravel, Apache/Nginx, MySQL

Revenue Streams

A Cam Aggregator website is the most easy-to-run adult business where you piggyback off of popular cam networks. Rope in thousands of cams and earn affiliate commissions from multiple sources. With xShows, you earn commissions on-

  • Token Purchases – Earn a % when directed traffic purchase tokens

xShows’ Impressive Features

Here’s the complete collection of cam affiliate marketing features to overflow you with affiliate commissions.

API Management

Configure the affiliate network APIs integrated on your site, enable or disable them, and also choose a category of shows for your site that should extract only the required streams.

Future-proof Solution

Upgrade to newer versions free for six months from purchase. Updates may have fixes for existing affiliate APIs or even new additions. After six months, upgrade for a small fee.


Owning a site that is mobile-ready is crucial to stay ahead when developing a business. That is why we’ve made your site look lick-worthy on different screen sizes.

Google Analytics

Leverage the powers of Google Analytics to get insights on user behavior and site performance to plan changes to the site content for improving affiliate click-through rates.

Customize and Rebrand

A white label, 100% unencrypted software that you can customize as per your vision with no restrictions and also rebrand your aggregate webcam site with your own name and logo.


Your site is built with SEO in mind with easily-editable Meta tags, Meta description and friendly URLs so that search engines can index them better and make it rank better.

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How Much Can I Earn?

Calculate your estimated profit and see how much xShows can earn you...

Assume you get 1k visitors per day

Tokens bought by a user per day(1 token = $1)
Token purchasing visitors per day
Cam affiliate commission
35 %

Monthly Revenue Calculation

Cam Affiliate earnings


Total Earnings

our 27,000+ ustomers, using Adent software on 9,000+ different live sites!

What Customers Say?


I have been using the Adent.io platform for over a year. The platform works perfectly and the support is extraordinary. You get help with everything related to the platform and everything related to monetizing the site and increasing visitors. From my point of view, it is worth all the money and I recommend it with all confidence




Amazing service and Product Quality. I've had a good experience with them and recommend them to anyone looking for a turnkey script. They communicated with me about everything I wanted installed/customized for my script. They answered all my questions patiently via email and guided me through the process to bring my site to life.

Michael Gregory

United States


I wanna say thank you to the guys. They are very friendly, patient. The prices of the guys is not overdosed but humble and human. The workflow between me as a customer and them is very comfortable. Its my first time experience with them and iam very happy that I found them. Iam happy to have them and work in the future with them. Guys you are all a great Team

Kru Erol



We have launched many sites using the Adent software, and the team was always responsive and quick to resolve any issues. Whenever we had a problem with our websites, the Adent team was quick to resolve any issues quickly. We have worked on countless projects with the Adent team and have full confidence in them.


United States

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  • Whitelabel API Integrated
  • Lifetime license
  • 100% software source code
  • Free Installation service
  • 6 months free support
  • 6 Months free product upgrades
  • 1 Free domain
  • 50% off on hosting

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  • Whitelabel API Integrated
  • Lifetime license
  • 100% software source code
  • Free Installation service
  • 6 months free support
  • 6 Months free product upgrades
  • 1 Free domain
  • 50% off on hosting
  • 45 Mins 1-on-1 Coaching Program

Flat 25% off - Pay via crypto coins

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Add-ons of xShows

Elevate your affiliate webcam site and amplify profits with these advanced add-ons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For best results, read below before ordering.

Username – [email protected]
Password – 123123123
Username – [email protected]
Password – 123123123

Full Product Walkthrough of xShows - Watch now

You can also check tech stack, software and server requirements, release notes, upcoming features, and more here.

Recommended Hosting provider - M3Server. Use our coupon code – “ADENT50FOR3" for 50% off on first 3 months & also get a domain name for free.

Note: If you are not going with M3 hosting - xShows Script requires Un-managed VPS with ROOT ACCESS for installation.

We offer 100% unencrypted, white label solutions. You can customize it to your heart’s content.

If you have your own developers who know the technology, they can customize it for you.

And of course, we’d be happy to customize it for you as well. Very few things bring us joy as watching our clients’ vision come to life.

Contact us with your requirements. Our Sales Manager will give you an estimate for customization depending on the work involved. We can also set up a call if you have elaborate customization needs.

Just let it all out, then kick back and relax while we get to work for you.

Yes, all of our products can be purchased using crypto as well.

We accept BTH & ETC. Contact our sales team to know our BTH / ETC wallet address.

Once you’ve done the deed, please share the payment screenshot with our sales team.

Yes, we offer free installation and set up of the software on your first domain. You have to provide us your domain name and server details to install. Post purchase, our support team will reach out to you to assist with the installation and let you know the ETA for the same.

If you are not sure, you can check our recommended hosting provider, M3 server.

For any enquiries or concerns during purchase, feel free to contact us.

Software is a one-time purchase with full ownership thereafter.

We provide free tech support for 6 months. If you need extended support after 6 months, please reach out to our support team to know the yearly fee. This also makes you eligible to receive site upgrades for free.

As for the running costs you will encounter, there is only the hosting and domain which you’ll need to get separately.

Yes, we do offer a coaching program. Our domain expert will get on a call with you to explain everything about the business. Contact our support team to book a session.

xAggregate : This is an aggregate site like tubegalore that pulls videos from different tube sites. Videos aren’t stored on your site’s server. You redirect traffic to other sites and make affiliate income out of it. No pornstars, no channels, no member login, or registration. An aggregator site is mostly for traffic generation and traffic rotation among your tubes.

xShows : This is a cam aggregator site like cam4joy, think of xAggregate but sourcing and redirection happens only from and to cam sites. Similar to xAggregate, traffic redirected from your site to the parent cam site earns you affiliate commissions.

From which websites can I pull models?

  • There are four affiliate sites integrated to pull cams from - BongaCash, xLoveCash, Chaturbate, and StripCash. contact us if you want to integrate more cam sites

Is there a limit to the number of models I can pull?

  • No, there is not.

Can I pull individual models or a specific category of models only?

  • Models can be pulled conveniently based on categories.

Do I have to pay any monthly fee to sign up as an affiliate and get models?

  • No, affiliate programs do not charge anything for signing up.

Can I have my own models too on the website?

  • No, with Shows you can only embed cams through affiliate programs. If you’re planning to have your own cam models, please check our other product xCams. Whereas, if you wish to have both affiliate cams as well as platform models, you can buy the xCams Pro script.

How do I get paid using this platform?

  • You get paid directly from the affiliate programs you join and source cams from.

How much is the affiliate commission and how can I track commission?

  • Affiliate commissions are different for different partner programs. Please check the concerned affiliate program FAQ for current figures. You can keep track of your earnings from your account dashboards with the respective network.

How will my affiliate commission fee be paid ?

  • All affiliate programs have multiple payment modes. From direct bank transfers, to digital wallets, to cryptos. The payments are mostly periodic with a minimum payout that is different to each network. Please check the FAQ of the respective program to know more.

Will adent take a % off this commission ?

  • No. Adent does not take any % off the profits. The website and the revenue it generates is 100% yours.

Can I add banners to advertise?

  • No, xShows can only display cam models on its pages. If you would like to have banners on your site, please reach us out for customization.

No, cam feed will show the labels of the parent sites. If you’d instead like them hidden, please reach out to us to get it customized.

Please note that due to relying on third-party sites, we cannot guarantee the cam feeds to work 100% of the time. Due to any change instilled by the parent sites, the cam feed may stop populating from the particular partner. However, it will always be our aim to tweak and upgrade our script as soon as possible so your feed options are not limited.

Note : Last checked & updated cam grabber on Feb 2022.