JerkMate Affiliate Program: Make Up To $1000 Per Month

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Whenever anyone thinks of adult camming sites, all they see is the huge amount of money the performers make on live cam. Well, it’s true that the cam girls on cam sites like Chaturbate make a good amount of income by doing live shows, but it’s not only models who can make money off adult cam sites.

Webmasters or affiliates stand a great chance of making good passive income from the various affiliate programs run on adult cam sites. JerkMate is one such popular cam site where thousands of models do camming to make good money. It is a cam aggregator site that works on the principle of finding the right model for users depending on their taste and choice.

What is the JerkMate Affiliate Program?

JerkMate offers a good variety in terms of niches and categories for the users. It is a very simple and efficient cam site that matches users with models depending on their likes. Other than being a great cam site for models, JerkMate also has great affiliate programs that have benefited thousands of affiliates over the years.

Since 2019, JerkMate has given out almost $10 million as affiliate commissions to its affiliates. It has a great conversion rate of nearly 10%, which is amongst the highest in lead generation. JerkMate provides huge opportunities to make money as affiliate commissions from the JerkMate affiliate program. All affiliates have to do is run the program on their cam site and then sit back and relax to earn a recurring passive income for life.

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How does the Jerkmate Affiliate Program work?

The concept of Jerkmate is pretty simple. Users come to the site and have to answer a few questions set up by the AI ‘Jerky’. According to the choices and likes of the user, ‘Jerky’ matches models and finds the best match for the user. This works great for the user as they don’t have to spend time looking for their type of model to do live chat. Jerkmate uses its own currency known as the Gold currency, where 1 Gold is equivalent to 1$.

Screenshot jerkmate’s affiliate program details from crakrevenue site

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CrakRevenue is the official affiliate program for Jerkmate, which is a well known adult affiliate website. It boasts of a conversion rate of 10%, which is considered very good in the affiliate marketing world. Here are a few revenue models offered by the Jerkmate affiliate program for affiliates.


The Jerkmate affiliate program offers a 35% lifetime revenue share for affiliates which is one of the highest in the industry. When affiliates refer a new user to Jerkmate, then the affiliate gets a 35% revenue share whenever the user spends money on Jerkmate.

Cost per Lead

Affiliates stand a chance to earn a $3.50 commission for every successful lead they get to Jerkmate. This rate is provided for double opt-in users and is a great way for affiliates to make some extra money.

Webmaster Referral

Affiliates can also refer other webmasters to the Jerkmate affiliate program on CrakRevenue and earn a referral bonus. For every webmaster referred, the affiliates can get a 5% of their income as commission for life.

Here’s an informative video about the Jerkmate Affiliate Program.


For any webmaster who is looking for ways to earn recurring passive income, then the Jerkmate affiliate program can be a great fit for their plans. Not only is the Jerkmate affiliate program simple and easy, but it also provides one of the highest affiliate commissions in the industry.

You can either own an adult cam site of your own to run these affiliate programs or you can choose a turnkey solution like xShows to build your own adult cam site and run affiliate programs on it. At the end of the day, affiliates can make a good deal of passive income and easily earn up to $1000 per month by using the Jerkmate affiliate program.

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