Adult SEO Checklist: How To Increase Your Tube Site Traffic?

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The adult industry has been booming in recent years, and the competition between adult websites has been on the rise. To have a successful adult website, the most important thing that you’ll need is traffic. And to get traffic, you’ll need to do adult SEO on your porn site.

There is a lot of information available on the internet on how to start a porn site, so we won’t be getting into that today. Many of you here might be owning a tube site and are looking for ways to increase traffic on them. So today, we’re going to talk about adult SEO and how to increase traffic by doing SEO for adult sites.

1. Keyword Analysis

If you want to build a solid adult SEO strategy that can drive your adult site marketing, then it cannot be complete or effective without proper keyword analysis. Keywords form the base of any SEO plan for any type of website. 

An in-depth analysis of your competitor’s websites helps in unveiling crucial details about keyword usage and popularity. Do your research to find out the keywords that are working for competitors and how you can use those keywords to optimize your tube site.

Based on aspects like CPC and keyword volume, make a list of the keywords that are relevant to your niche. These keywords, along with a few long tail keywords that convert well, will form the base of your niche tube site.

2. Website Structure

Depending on the niche you chose for your website and domain name, dig down further to create sub-niches that have relevant keyword popularity. For example, if your niche is MILF, then sub-niches can be big tits MILFor big ass MILF.

Look for relatable popular keywords for your niche and use them as categories on your website. Make multiple categories that are rich with keywords relevant to your niche. This will help a lot in getting adult web traffic to your tube site, and you can make good money by uploading porn videos in various categories on your site.

3. Use HTTPS to secure your website

Search engines always prefer websites that use secured protocols like HTTPS. Make sure your platform is secured, as that increases the chances of your adult site ranking higher in the search results. Using HTTPS improves your website’s overall click-through rate and also boosts your website’s loading speed.

4. Use Robots.txt

Robots.txt helps the page crawlers of search engines identify which pages on your website need to be indexed and which pages need to be left out. This file guides the visitors to relevant pages while skipping over the irrelevant pages of the website, improving the performance of your tube site.

5. Create and submit the sitemap

A sitemap of your website helps the search engines to navigate your website and assess the quality of the content structure of your website. It helps you in indexing your website in the right way so that crawlers can easily index your tube site. So it’s necessary to create and submit the sitemap of your website on the Google search console.

6. Mobile-Friendly test

Check the compatibility of your website by conducting a mobile-friendly test. If the quality of your mobile website content isn’t up to the mark, then search engines like Google will outrank your website. So it is important to make your tube site compatible with mobiles to increase the overall efficiency of your tube site.

7. Create high-quality content

Content is and will always remain the king of marketing. When you start a porn company, the content you publish decides the success of your business. If you need your website to perform better and get more traffic, then you need to make sure to have high-quality content published on your tube site. Optimizing the content across your tube site will help in gaining traffic over time.

Your content should be easily read, not only by the users but also by the crawlers, to index and improve your adult site ranking. The videos you publish on your tube site should be of high quality to improve the authority of your page and drive more adult web traffic to your website.

8. On-page SEO

On page SEO is one of the most important tactics to increase the traffic coming to your website. Whatever appears and is visible on your website for the users to see comes under on page adult SEO.

All the URLs of your website need to be optimized by adding the relevant keywords to them. SEO optimized URLs will help the crawlers to index your web pages and rank them better in search results.

All content on your website needs to be optimized using relevant keywords. The title and description of sections on your website need to be keyword rich to make it adult SEO optimized for easy indexing and drive adult web traffic to your tube site.

Optimize the images and videos on your website. Add ALT texts for all images on your tube site and provide relevant tags for each image. Relevant keywords can also be used to help in image search appearance. Videos should be tagged with keywords related to your niche. All of this helps optimize your website for better performance.

Interlinking your content involves linking relevant pages of your website. When you give the link to a page, search engines understand its importance and build a good authority for your web page and, in turn, your website. Link juice is created as well as spread across all the pages of your tube site by interlinking, thus resulting in better authority and ranking for your site.

9. Link Building

Backlinks are a very important aspect of on page SEO that helps rank your website and gives it authority. Giving backlinks for adult sites to external pages and resources is a good practice to build authority on your website. Adult link building helps build trust for your tube site on search engines and helps in adult site ranking too.

Trusted and valuable external links not only help users with useful and relevant information but also help build trust and high authority for your website. Remember to add target=”_blank” in your external link, so that it opens in a new tab. If users feel that it’s forcefully added, then it might give an impression of a spam site.


Adult site marketing is an easy job if you know what and how to do about it. Here we have listed out a few important points of SEO for porn sites that you should consider to drive more adult web traffic to your tube site. Follow these and you’ll soon see the improvements in the adult web traffic on your tube site. 

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