20 Best Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2023 (High Paying)

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The adult industry has been expanding at the speed of light and presents a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get into it and make money. Starting a porn site is profitable in many ways. Even if you don’t have adult content, you can still make good money from your adult website through adult affiliate marketing programs.

Adult affiliate programs are one of the easiest and most profitable ways to earn passive income. All you have to do is set up your adult website and enroll with the best adult affiliate programs, and then sit back and relax to see you getting richer with the inflow of passive income. In this article, we will take a look at various adult affiliate marketing programs which will help you choose the best adult affiliate program for your website. So let’s begin.

Things to consider while choosing the best adult affiliate program

Before we discuss the best adult affiliate programs, here are a few things that you should consider before choosing the right adult site affiliate program for your porn business.

  • Commission rate – Check how much commission you will get from the adult affiliate program, as your earnings depend on that.
  • Payment methods – Look for affiliate programs that can provide you with a favorable option to receive payments.
  • Revenue models – Some programs will pay you based on the sales you generate, while others pay you based on the traffic generated. See what fits your bill.
  • Payment frequency – Whether it’s daily payments or monthly payments, each adult affiliate program has different payment frequencies. Choose as per your needs.
  • Minimum payout – You will have to earn a minimum amount from the adult affiliate program before you can withdraw your earnings. Choose the one which fits well in your plans.

20 Best Adult Affiliate Marketing Programs

There are many adult affiliate marketing programs currently available on numerous adult websites. Some are run by top adult ad networks, while others are affiliate programs of various adult verticals like the sex toy industry. After our research, we have chosen the below 15 best adult affiliate programs that can help you earn good money.

1. Adent.io

One of the easiest and most profitable adult affiliate programs is offered by Adent.io. It is a company that sells ready-made Whitelabel scripts to help business owners create adult websites like Pornhub, Chaturbate, and many other popular adult verticals. You can promote Adent.io products through your blogs and stand a chance of earning up to 30% commission for each sale, which is one of the highest rates in the industry.

adent - best adult affiliate program

The adult affiliate program of Adent.io is very simple. When you sign up for the adult affiliate program, you get a unique affiliate ID. Use this affiliate ID to direct traffic to adent.io in whichever way you like. Whenever any user purchases a product, affiliates get a straight 15% commission, while premium affiliates can get a 30% commission on the sale amount. It has one of the highest commission rates, making the adult affiliate program of Adent.io very profitable.

Features of Adent.io Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelPPS
Commission %Up to 30%
Payment methodsPaypal
Payment frequencyMonthly
Minimum payout$250

2. CrakRevenue

A very well-known name in adult affiliate marketing programs, CrakRevenue is a trusted CPA network with more than 700 offers for affiliates. The platform has over 35,000 affiliates from around the world, and it has given more than 250 million in affiliate commissions till date. Its affiliate program offers webcams, health, gaming, gambling, and CBD.

CrakRevenue adult affiliate programs

The offers on CrakRevenue are of high quality, and its expertise in adult affiliate programs helps new affiliates to launch new campaigns. This adult affiliate marketing program presents fast and accurate reporting using multiple tools that help affiliates see the performance of their ads and make changes accordingly. CrakRevenue also offers a referral bonus to affiliates for referring other affiliates to its platform.

Features of CrakRevenue Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelCPA, PPS, RevShare, DOI, SOI
Commission %Varies 
Payment methodsBitcoin, Check, Paxum, ePayService, Paypal, Wire
Payment frequencyWeekly, Bi-monthly
Minimum payout$100

3. LoveHoney

LoveHoney is a popular adult website that sells more than 5000 sex products and accessories. You can find a range of sex toys, lingeries, bondage accessories, lubes, and much more on LoveHoney, making it a well-known brand in the adult industry.

LoveHoney adult affilaite programs

Commission Factory manages the adult toys affiliate program for LoveHoney, which means you need to register on Commission Factory and then choose the LoveHoney adult affiliate program. When you register on the LoveHoney affiliate program, you also get access to the product review program, where you get a free sample product for an honest blog review.

Features of LoveHoney Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelPPS
Commission %Up to 19%
Payment methodsWire, Check, Direct deposit
Payment frequencyMonthly
Minimum payout

4. CPAMatica

CPAMatica is a trusted and respected adult affiliate network that provides 1000+ active offers in core verticals like gaming, dating, streaming, and sweepstakes. They leverage high-end technology to provide performance marketing and help affiliates keep track of things with real-time analytics.

CPAMatica adult affiliate networks

You’ll find a wide range of revenue models on CPAMatica and support for various types of ad formats. Each account gets a personal manager that makes it easy for affiliates to contact them in case of any difficulty. With a bunch of affiliate tools at your disposal, making money through the CPAMatica adult affiliate program is very easy and convenient.

Features of CPAMatica Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelSOI, DOI, PPT, PPS, RevShare
Commission %Up to 19%
Payment methodsPayoneer, Paypal, Crypto, Paxum, Wire, Capitalist
Payment frequencyWeekly
Minimum payout$50

5. AdCombo

Another CPA affiliate network formed in 2014, AdCombo, has a strong focus on the adult niche. They specialize in offers from Tier-2 countries that provide lower costs-per-click, less competition, and a higher ROI for adult affiliate marketers. IAdCombo provides a bunch of revenue models and serves 40,000+ affiliates around the world.

Using AdCombo, you get detailed stats and metrics that will help you improve the performance of your adult affiliate marketing programs. They offer exclusive products to their affiliates and also provide localized funnels with landing pages in over 40 languages.

Features of AdCombo Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelCPA, CPL
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsPayoneer, Paypal, Wire, Paxum, Epayments, WebMoney
Payment frequencyWeekly
Minimum payout$50

6. JuicyAds

JuicyAds is an adult ad network that offers a lucrative adult affiliate program too. They provide global coverage with more than 4000 campaigns running across the world. JuicyAds boasts of some big brands like Chaturbate and BongaCams, making it a perfect adult affiliate network for your website.

JuicyAds adult affiliate programs

You will find support for multiple ad formats on JuicyAds and also get various revenue models to choose from, which makes JuicyAds a versatile ad network. You can choose your adult affiliate program with the targeting you want and then let JuicyAds work its magic. Affiliates can even opt for auto payments which are very helpful.

Features of JuicyAds Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelCPA, CPC, CPM
Commission %Up to 25%
Payment methodsPayoneer, Paypal, Wire, Check, Paxum
Payment frequencyWeekly, Monthly
Minimum payout$25


ADXXX is a reputed adult ad network with reach in over 180+ countries all over the world. They provide more than 10 ad formats and have an average weekly payout of $4500, which tells about the success of its adult affiliate programs.

adxxx - adult affiliate programs

One notable feature of ADXXX is the anti-AdBlock feature that helps affiliate ads bypass the ad blockers and gets the ads some views and clicks which otherwise would be blocked. ADXXX gives an average CPM rate of 0.08$, which is good when compared to other adult ad programs.

Features of ADXXX Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelCPA, CPC, CPM
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsPaypal, Wire, Epayments, Paxum, WebMoney
Payment frequencyWeekly
Minimum payout$50

8. Adultshop.com

Another sex toy shop on the list is Adultshop.com which sells over 1000 different types of sex toys and accessories. It is one of the most popular sex toy stores based out of Australia and has over 24 years of experience in this field. The adult affiliate program of Adultshop.com is lucrative as well as gets good traffic due to its popularity.

adultshop adult affiliate network

Other than adult entertainment accessories, Adultshop.com provides a lot of informative blogs regarding safe sex, dating, usage of sex toys, and more, making it a busy site among the audience. The adult toys affiliate program for Adultshop.com is managed by Commission Factory, and you’ll need to register on it to be able to join the adult store affiliate program of Adultshop.com.

Features of Adultshop.com Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelPPS
Commission %Up to 24%
Payment methodsPaypal, Wire
Payment frequencyMonthly
Minimum payout

9. ExoClick

One of the biggest adult ad networks, Exoclick has provided global coverage since 2006. With multiple ad formats to choose from, affiliates can make good money from its adult affiliate program. Exoclick is primarily a CPA network, but it does offer other revenue models too.

Exoclick has partnerships with many popular and big adult websites, which makes its adult affiliate program a lucrative one for adult affiliates. Affiliates can easily track their conversions on Exoclick and also make use of the extensive traffic targeting to get better results.

Features of Exoclick Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelCPA, SOI, DOI, PPS, RevShare
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsPaxum, Crypto, Wire
Payment frequencyWeekly, Monthly
Minimum payout$20

10. MaxBounty

Based out of Canada, MaxBounty is a prolific CPA affiliate network that has hundreds of offers available, including adult offers. It provides good conversion rates that can help affiliates earn a decent amount of money. MaxBounty has great affiliate managers, a user-friendly interface, and multiple tools to support affiliates making it a great choice for adult affiliate marketing programs.

Affiliates can avail of free training on MaxBounty that really helps them get a grasp on their earnings through the adult affiliate program. The payment system is reliable, payments are made on time, and the best affiliates also stand a chance at getting performance bonuses.

Features of MaxBounty Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelCPA, CPL, CPS
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsWire, Direct, Payoneer, Paypal, Check, Bitcoin
Payment frequencyWeekly
Minimum payout$100

11. Mobidea

Mobidea is located in Luxembourg and is a well-known CPA affiliate network with many awards and recognition in its kitty. It has a bunch of free self-learning courses and performance tools that help affiliates to improve their affiliate program’s performance.


With a coverage of over 200 countries and 130K+ affiliates all over the world, Mobidea is a great choice as an adult affiliate program. Mobidea boasts more than 2000 active campaigns for 800+ advertisers, making it one of the best adult affiliate programs out there.

Features of Mobidea Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelCPA
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsPaypal, Epayments, Paxum, FirstchoicePay, Wire
Payment frequencyWeekly
Minimum payout$50

12. WildSecrets

WildSecrets is another popular sex product store with over 10000 products across various categories. Founded in 1993 in Australia, WildSecrets has a rich history in selling sex toys and products ranging from lingerie to costumes.

WildSecrets adult affiliate marketing programs

The adult toys affiliate program of WildSecrets offers a flat commission on the sales made through your affiliate link. The industry conversion rates are high on WildSecrets, and affiliates also get a large selection of banners. The adult affiliate program of WildSecrets is managed by Commission Factory.

Features of WildSecrets Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelPPS
Commission %Up to 20%
Payment methodsPaypal, Afterpay, Klarna
Payment frequencyWeekly
Minimum payout$50

13. PaySale

Spread across 190+ countries, PaySale is a fast-growing CPA affiliate with over 3000 offers for affiliates across the world. It specializes in offers related to dating and adult offers, but you can also find offers for travel, eCommerce, betting, gambling, and crypto.

PaySale adult affiliate marekting programs

Affiliates receive on-time payments and have multiple performance tools at their disposal, making it a popular choice for an adult affiliate program. PaySale also provides real-time tracking to assist affiliates in their campaigns.

Features of PaySale Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelPPL, PPS, RevShare
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsWebMoney, Wire, Paxum
Payment frequencyWeekly, Monthly
Minimum payout$100

14. Adsterra

With over 12000+ advertisers and 18000+ affiliates, Adsterra is one of the leading ad networks around the world. It provides support for multiple ad formats, which makes it versatile for affiliates. Adsterra commits to a 100% fill rate for your ads which is a big advantage for affiliates.

Adsterra has an awesome support team along with helpful affiliate managers that helps in keeping the operations running smoothly for affiliates. It provides a three-level security for fraud detection that saves affiliates from fraudulent ads and offers. Affiliates also get the anti-adblocker feature that can improve revenue by an average of 35%.

Features of Adsterra Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelCPA, CPL, CPI
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsWebMoney, Paypal, Paxum, Wire, Bitcoin, Tether
Payment frequencyBi-Monthly
Minimum payout$5

15. GoldenGoose

GoldenGoose is a leading mobile CPA affiliate network having more than 600 mVas offers for different services from all over the world. It specializes in mobile traffic monetization and provides a free in-built tracker to help affiliates stay on top of their campaigns.

GoldenGoose adult affiliate marketing programs

The site is very user-friendly and provides statistics in a very simple way to help affiliates improve the performance of their ads. Affiliates can even avail of the bonus system depending on the performance of their adult affiliate programs.

Features of GoldenGoose Adult Affiliate Program

Revenue modelCPA, DCB
Commission %Varies
Payment methodsPaypal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney, Capitalist
Payment frequencyDaily
Minimum payout$10

5 More Best Adult Affiliate Programs

  1. Cherrycash
  2. Dr.cash
  3. Leadbit
  4. AdultForce
  5. TooTimid


So with that, we come to the end of the best adult affiliate programs available. This list has been carefully picked, considering many aspects that can affect your decision to choose the top adult affiliate program for your adult site. Take into consideration all the factors and then decide and choose the one which fits your plans. Here’s wishing you earn a lot of passive income from any of these best adult website affiliate programs.

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