Top 10 Adult Ad Networks To Make Money With Adult Tube Sites

- 8 mins read

So you’ve set up your brand new adult tube website, you have the content, and you have the grit to turn it into one of the most successful in the world. Now all that remains is to set up a system to rake in the profits. The obvious and yet best way to do this, is to set up an adult advertising network. An effective advertising network can pretty much make or break your traffic, and getting proper conversions should be your number one priority. You should be looking for a widespread, trusted network with reasonable CPC (cost per click) and high conversion rates to make the most out of your adult tube site. To make your life easier, we’ve picked out 10 of the best adult advertising networks that will help you make money with adult tube sites!

Adult Adevertising Network


First up, we have ExoClick, a Barcelona based company started in 2006 which offers one of the highest PPC payments out there. If that doesn’t sound good as it is, ExoClick is also one of the largest ad networks in the world overall, garnering over 125 billion views a month. With excellent customer support as well as customized plans for both desktop and portable devices, ExoClick is an excellent choice for your first adult ad network.


Perhaps one of the most well-known ad networks on the list, PlugRush also boasts of big numbers, but also backs it up with a wide range of services, targeting strategies, campaign creators and effective customer support. You not only get a clean and usable interface, but an easy to use campaign creator with multiple targeting possibilities, such as geo targeting, device targeting, browser targeting and OS targeting, which is sure to help you create an ad campaign that suits your needs.


While the previous two ad networks aren’t specifically adult ad networks, JuicyAds is one, and proudly so. Boasting of over 1 Billion daily ad impressions, excellent customer support and one of the best anti-fraud systems, JuicyAds is a great option to go for. The dedicated account manager also helps you out to obtain maximum profits, with ROI optimization and multi-platform advertising plans included. JuicyAds is a platform specifically meant for adult advertising, so you can trust that they know their stuff.

Ero Advertising

In the ad network business since 2006, Ero Advertising is a Netherlands based company that offers global outreach with fantastic ease of use. Handling over 1.8 Billion ad views per day, Ero Advertising effectively manages both local and global, targeted and non-targeted, specific and non-specific niche advertising, with a host of tailor made solutions to suit every need. It has a list of prices and clients, with all information on the website itself, so earns a lot of brownie points for credibility. A very good option to consider.


AdEngage is another well-known ad network that has been in the business since a very long time. Boasting of over 1.2 trillion ads served since 2004, AdEngage definitely has the experience, but also backs it up with a robust set of features and customer support. The main draw of AdEngage is its host of targeting variables and quick ad management system that allows you to test successful ads in a jiffy. You can choose from 53 targeting variables, including everything from location and niche to quality and device. If you’re looking for a very specific set of ads and know exactly whom and what you want to target, AdEngage is the way to go.


AdXpansion is a European adult ad network that strives to provide maximum exposure and revenue through their multiple ad types. Specifically for adult tube sites, there are a lot of advertising possibilities, and AdXpansion knows exactly how to leverage all of these opportunities. You have the option of banner ads, mobile ads, in-player ads, text ads, popunders, in-stream ads and much more. With reasonable, transparent pricing and a good track record, AdXpansion is definitely an adult ad network we’d recommend.


AdScension is a relatively new player on the scene, but is worth a look because of its fix it and forget it sort of implementation. You get everything you could want, high quality traffic, targeted ad campaigns, anti-bot measures and a wide range of ad implementation methods. Plus, the weekly payout format and options for affiliate marketing make it a one stop shop for all your adult advertising needs.


Don’t let the slightly odd name put you off, CreamyAds is one of the best adult ad networks out there. In fact, it’s the oldest ad network on our list, boasting of almost 15 years of experience in the industry. They know the adult ad network business like no other, and offer unprecedented ad customization, real time CPC bidding and a host of targeting variables including by niche, location, keywords and more. The admin panel is very easy to use and the customer support is pretty great too, it’s an overall package that we can’t recommend enough.

Plugz is one of the newer entrants on our list, and earns its spot here by virtue of two of its unique features, or offerings. Apart from the usual offerings like targeted advertising, high quality conversions and customized ad campaigns, Plugz places a lot of emphasis on contextual advertising. Its system understands what the user might want based on their browsing patterns, and shows ads they might click on. It’s a great way to maximize profits, and is quite accurate too. Plus, you also get easy monitoring and use with their WordPress plugin, which is another big draw. It’s a win-win!


Last, but definitely not the least, we have Trafficjunky, a Canadian ad network that provides a global reach for all kinds of content, not just adult content. This intelligent CPM based platform serves over 2.2 Billion ad impressions per day, so they definitely know what they’re talking about. With one of the easiest to use dashboards and customized plans according to type of websites, Trafficjunky has something for everyone. The cost effective yet high quality CPM traffic can be targeted using a variety of metrics, and their optimization engine tells you how you can get even more ROI. Add great customer support and analytics to the mix, and you’ve got one of the best ad networks out there.