We use adult dating sites to satisfy our sexual desires. A couple of decades ago, online dating was considered awkward. Fast forward to today, people are going online for hookups, dating and relationships. In the US alone, there are more than 5000 online dating websites. Thanks to the outpouring of sexual desires, the dating industry has modeled itself into a bumper industry with an estimated worth of $5 billion. Given the crowded online adult dating space, there is an overwhelming pressure on people to choose the most trustworthy adult dating website. It is difficult to test and attest to the authenticity of all the hook-up sites.

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The Challenges

  • Challenge # 1: Absence of Free Trails

Many adult dating websites deny access to the profiles of models without first accepting payments. Moreover, there are no free trials available. Adult tube sites and subscription sites often have free trial offers. As a result, it becomes difficult to evaluate the adult dating website.

  • Challenge #2: Too Much Diversity

Different dating websites cater to people of different nationalities and only a few websites stand out for their sheer brilliance. While diversity is good, too much of anything is quite capable of spoiling the charm.

  • Challenge #3: Threat of Blackmail

You never know if your video sessions with models are being recorded on the adult dating website. Naïve audiences often complain of receiving threatening emails that pledge to upload recorded video sessions on porn websites.

  • Challenge #4: Sneaky Marketing Tactics

Very often, adult dating sites have banner ads which serve as baits. The ads show a bevy of beautiful women. Audiences are tricked to sign up. Eventually, they realize that the women in the ads were strategically positioned in the nearby geographical vicinities. This torrent of deception doesn’t augur well for audiences.

  • Challenge #5: Change of Ownership

It is likely that adult tube sites and adult dating website are sold to different owners. In other words, transfer of ownership of adult sites is a common phenomenon. Sites which were once genuine may no longer be genuinely owing to the transfer of ownership.

  • Challenge #6: Shady Practices

Apart from sneaky marketing tactics, adult dating sites often indulge in shady practices so as to boost site membership. With not even a shred of shame, the adult dating sites will embezzle thousands of your hard earned dollars by simply quoting subscription fees.

Potential Warning Signs

Here are a few warning signs when you are dating someone online:

Sign #1: They exploit you

More often than not, dating websites ask you to state your occupation. It’s okay to state your occupation. That said, it isn’t a good idea to share your annual/monthly income. Dating sites may trick you to fill in other details such as your experience in your occupation, total work experience, assets/properties you possess, your net estimated value, etc., under the pretext of finding the best match. Do not sound lonely and desperate in your profile. You will be the ideal prey for scammers.

Sign #2: Fake Pictures  

Women may use fake pictures. Look closely. They often look drop dead gorgeous. They pose in hats, wear expensive outfits and stand in front of the tall building and sports cars. Such pictures are a huge tip-off. Common sense says that people with such a lavish and carefree lifestyle prefer dating equals. If you are an average looking guy in a noble profession, the scammers are trying to con you with fake pictures of drop dead gorgeous models. In their respective profiles, they may quote weird things such as born to Italian Mom and Mexican Father. While this may not seem weird at the first blush, they use names like Irene. Now, names are Irene are Scottish. Will an Italian mom and a Mexican father name their daughter as Irene? Highly unlikely.

Sign #3: Romance and Affection

Scammers use poetry and witty sentences to ascertain romance. To attract disaffected audiences, romance is used as a weapon. Slowly and steadily, scammers will identify your weak spots. For instance, if you say that you have recently lost a family member or a friend, they too attest to losing their near and dear recently. It is in our nature to bond with those who empathize with you or share similar experiences.

A few scammers go overboard and share fake copies of big business deals. They say they have 90% of the money to finalize the deal and subtly ask you to contribute some money. They also make fake documents that seem legit. Once you credit the amount, they will never see you.

Despite all the afore-stated perils and imposing challenges, people haven’t distanced themselves from online dating. The online dating industry has been consistently registering a double-digit growth rate year on year.  In essence, people are essentially prisoners of the following categories:

  • Dating
  • Relationships
  • Intimate Encounters

All this necessarily means that the merits of dating simply outweigh the perils.

There is a lot of money in porn. You just have to be vigilant, smart and daring to take the first step of starting your adult tube website. As an alternative, you may start your adult dating website. Just be honest with your audiences. Do not encourage fake stuff such as fake images, fake reviews etc. Build online presence slowly and steadily. Let your audiences write genuine reviews on adult dating forums, user generated content forums like Quora, Reddit etc. Let users write positive recommendations. If your dating site doesn’t meet the expectations of audiences, seek feedback from them and understand what’s going wrong. Do not build a me-too dating by housing fake ads. Such small things will impact in a big way.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line to two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for insights on how to start your adult dating website. To get informative content directly delivered into your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter. Our best wishes are with you and your adult venture. Cheers!

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