How to Create a Website Like SextPanther?

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So, who are you? A day-to-day phone sex operator? A phone sex veteran? Or an ambitious entrepreneur looking to know how to create a website like SextPanther?

Even if you’re not one of these, it doesn’t matter. Today, with us, anyone can learn how to create a website like SextPanther. But chances are you’re definitely one of the above!😉

It’s great to know that the phone sex industry is still beaming with life, thanks to businesses like SextPanther. And it is because of such successful websites, you now look forward to creating your own phone sex business.

In this guide, here’s what we’ve covered,

  • A quick overview of the phone sex industry
  • The business model of SextPanther
  • Steps for creating a website like SextPanther
  • Ways for hiring phone sex operators
  • Promotional strategies to drive audience
  • Realistic earning potential of a sexting website

We’ve got more in there for you! So, let’s cut the small talk and jump to business, shall we?

Is a Phone Sex Business Still Relevant?

While you were thinking about creating a website like SextPanther, this question sure would have popped up!

Given the circumstances where live streaming platforms and digital porn are overwhelmingly consumed, it’s quite natural to have this question.

Well, here’s something for you!

“The phone sex industry is still massive and an average phone sex operator makes around $40,000 a year!”

If that’s not enough, here’s the traffic overview of SextPanther.

So, the answer to the question is, the phone sex industry is still very much relevant. Only that, it has become more evolved!

These days, the audience can do more than just sext voice calls/chats – they can send nude pictures & videos too, all with sexting as the base.

Since sexting offers more intimacy, emotional connection and anonymity, the phone sex industry is going to be alive for as long as there is time!

That said, let’s look at the website in the light!

What Is SextPanther? How Does It Make Money?

SextPanther is an adult communication platform that allows individuals to connect with sexting performers and communicate with them. With over 10,000 active models on the platform, SextPanther is quite a popular sexting website.

The audience can contact performers by texting, video, and phone calls. In fact, that’s what SextPanther says – Find Porn Stars to Sext and Share Nude Pics.

Now that you know what SextPanther is, let’s take a look at its business model.

Business Model of SextPanther

The sexting website solely depends on its models to make money. Only when the models have enough abilities to entertain the audience, the platform will sustain with increased audience engagement and retention.

Here are the ways how models on SextPanther can make money,

  • Direct Messages
  • Phone Sex
  • Video Calls
  • Picture, Video & Voice Messages

Models earn money when the audience engages with them in various formats. The payouts differ in each monetization method.

  • 60% for text and media messages
  • 75% for phone calls and video calls
  • 80% for tips

The remaining money goes into SextPanther’s earnings. Models have complete freedom on how much they can charge for their services.

As for the audience, they are charged either for each interaction (message) with the performer or on a minute-by-minute basis.

That’s SextPanther for you and how it makes money! That said, let’s look at creating a website like SextPanther.

How to Create a Website Like SextPanther – A Step-by-step Guide

A lot of people have started to create adult websites today. But not every one of them succeeds. 

While understanding the potential of starting an adult business and taking the initiative is appreciated, doing it the right way is much more important.

Creating a website like SextPanther is easy provided you follow the steps right. And that’s what this section is all about. Make sure to carefully go through each step and reach out to us in the comment section if needed!

Step 1 – Research and Market Analysis

Always start with research!

We’re talking about creating a website like SextPanther. So, here’s what you should be doing.

  • Conduct a quick research on the sexting industry – figure out how much the industry is worth and its ongoing trends.
  • Identify key competitors in the sexting industry and make a list of them.
  • Closely analyze each competitor and note their revenue, business model and features list. Since you’re looking to build a website like SextPanther, give extra attention to the particular website.
  • Understand the industry’s target audience and have a clear picture of their expectations.
  • Read reviews about each sexting website to know what mistakes they’ve made. Make sure to rectify them when you create your sexting website.

Here are some other popular sexting websites you should check out – Arousr and Snap-bang

Once you have done your market research, move to the next step.

Step 2 – Legal Considerations to Create a Website Like SextPanther

Since the nature of the website you’re going to start is adult, you need to understand the legal laws and take extra care on this part.

Here are some legal considerations you should consider for creating a website like SextPanther:

  • First of all, make sure to check with the local laws & regulations because every jurisdiction has its own set of laws.
  • You have to take the necessary steps to ensure all platform users and performers are aged 18+. You can have consent popups on your website to ensure this.
  • Clearly outline privacy policy, terms of use, and user agreements.
  • Some jurisdictions require you to maintain the records (age & identity) of performers. Familiarize yourself with local jurisdictions, especially with the 18 U.S.C & 2257 regulations in the United States.
  • Have in place strong security measures to protect user data.

These are some of the legal steps you need to take care of when you consider creating a website like SextPanther.

Next is the features part!

Step 3 – Deciding on the Features Needed to Build a Website Like SextPanther

If you’re building a sexting website, then build a great one – the one that could be a direct competitor to SextPanther.

So, what will make it better? It’s going to be the features! Here, we’ve listed all the features you need to build a website like SextPanther from a user, performer, and admin perspective.

User Features

Here are all the features for your users to have an amazing sexting experience on your website.

  1. User Registration and Profile

Users should have the ability to create an account on the website and add a bio and profile picture, all while having the utmost privacy.

  1. Performer Search & Discovery

Platform users should be able to easily search performers on the platform based on keywords, categories, and interests.

  1. Engagement Options

The more your platform users get to engage with the performers, the better the revenue for you!

Here are some of the engagement options you should provide on the platform,

  • Direct Messages
  • Phone communication
  • Video Calls
  • Picture Messages, 
  • Video and Voice messages 
  1. Reporting & Blocking

Users should be able to report or block fellow performers in case of inappropriate behavior.

  1. Tipping

Beyond getting in touch with customers, they should also be able to tip the performer to their liking.

All these features, to start with, will give your users a wholesome texting experience! Now, let’s look at the features your sexting performers should have!

Performer Features

Sexters are like the engines of your sexting website. Only when there are enough opportunities for them to make money, will they stick around your website. Plus, if the website offers a great user experience, they’re going to love it!

  1. Profile Customization

Performers should be able to create and personalize their profiles in a detailed manner – images, bio, offering and anything else that can enable the performer to drive the audience towards them.

Here’s a screenshot of a performer on SextPanther.

  1. Fan Interaction Options

Performers should be able to interact with the audience by responding to their messages. They should also be able to reach out to the audience by themselves first.

  1. Pricing & Monetization

Performers should have the complete freedom to decide how much they should charge for their services. This gives them a sense of complete control and makes them feel powerful.

  1. Reporting & Blocking

Like users, performers should also be able to report and block users in cases of inappropriate behavior.

  1. Analytics & Earnings

Performers should keep track of how much they earn and how many audiences have interacted with them. All of this information should be available in a clean and informative dashboard.

Having these features will enable performers to make money while giving an amazing sexting experience to the platform users.

Admin Features

Since you are the one who is going to manage your sexting website, you need features to take complete control! And here’s what they are!

  1. User & Content Management

Admins should be able to constantly monitor and manage user & performance accounts including the ability to permanently delete/ban them in case of inappropriate behavior.

  1. Payment & Payout Management

Admins should decide the commission percentage between the platform and the performers. 

Also, they should set the frequency of how often performers can withdraw money from the platform.

  1. User & Performer Verification

Admins should be able to verify the uploaded documents and make sure both the user and performer are legit and aged 18+. 

  1. Platform Analytics

As an admin, you should be able to view how much your performers are making, how much the audience is spending and how much you are making with the help of dashboards.

  1. Communication Tools

Users & performers should be able to reach out when they have queries/issues on the platform. 

As an admin, you should have ways to resolve them.

These mentioned features are everything you need to create a website like SextPanther. Now that the features are laid out, let’s move to the next step!

Step 4 – Choose a Domain & Hosting Services

Now is where you officially start building a website like SextPanther. Everything you’ve done till now is setting the basement up.

For your sexting website, your domain and hosting are very important. Because your domain name’s name is your business’s identity.

Take SextPanther for example – the name has the word “sext” which displays the nature of the website. And the word “Panther” could be added to make things interesting.

Similarly, make sure to come up with creative names for your sexting website. Make sure the name is short, easy to remember and spell. Having knowledge of how to choose a domain name for your adult website can help you out! 

As for hosting services, since the nature of your website is adult, you should choose an adult hosting server. If not, chances are your website might get blocked.

M3Server is a dedicated adult hosting services provider that hosts over a thousand adult websites. You can go ahead and choose a hosting plan you find suitable.

Now that’s sorted, next, we move into the development phase.

Step 5 – Building a Website Like SextPanther

Cut to the chase, there are two ways to build a website like SextPanther. Number one is building it from scratch and two is using modern solutions.

We will take you through both of the methods now.

1. Building It From Scratch

From the name, you know what this method is all about. It means you’re looking to create a website like SextPanther.

This also means that all the features we mentioned above, you will have to develop them from scratch. For this, you will need front-end & back-end developers, UI/UX designers, testing professionals, and more.

All of this will cost you approximately $35,000 to $45,000 considering the time, resources and technology behind the sexting website. The overall time to make your sexting website live will somewhere be between two to four months.

2. Using Adult White-Label Scripts

Before we see how you can create a website like SextPanther using white-label scripts, let’s look at what these scripts are!

Adult white-label scripts are readymade software solutions that allow you to build a specific website and make it live in a couple of days. They are more like plug-and-play – you only have to install it on your server, make a few customizations and make your sexting website live.

One such adult white-label script to build a website like SextPatner is xChat / xTalk Premium by

The white-label script comes with all the features you need to start a sexting website. Listing out some highlight features for you:

  • HD calling experience
  • Call log & recordings
  • Credit package purchases
  • Banner ads for affiliate revenue
  • Pay-per-minute calls, messaging charges, tips, premium content and more.

Since you have all the features pre-built, you can create a sexting website in no time.

With this approach, all it takes to build a website like SextPanther is two to four weeks and $299 – $1000.

Much better than the previous method, right? Once the website is built, the next step is the payment part.

Step 6 – Setting Up Payment Gateways

The website is in good shape now since the functionalities are all built. Now you need to set up the best payment gateway for your sexting website.

Again, since the nature of the website is adult, choose adult payment processors like CCBill. xChat/xTalk Premium comes built-in with this so no worries there!

Your site will be ready for international transactions from day one!

Step 7 – Set up a Customer Support Team

The last piece of the puzzle is setting up a customer support team.

You never know when a user or a performer might run into trouble. The most basic form of support is email. You can set a turnaround time of 24 hours and look to resolve tickets before them.

If the ticket flow is too much, you can hire an agent if needed. With this, your sexting website will be all set to go live.🎉

Step 8 – Monitoring & Analytics

Once your website is live, you need to be aware of how it is performing. Understanding metrics like traffic, demographics, age, customer journeys and more will help you gain insights about your website performance.

You can get started with Google Analytics.

With this, you will now have a fully functioning website like SextPanther! Now, to other significant information you need to know.

How to Hire Models for Your Phone Sexting Website?

So, you’ve got a fully functional sexting website. But, what is it without performers? When you promote your website enough, you will automatically have creators. But, there are some other ways you can consider exploring.

  • Explore adult industry job boards and adult talent agencies for phone sexting models.
  • Look on social platforms and find models who actively seek opportunities.
  • Post casting calls on adult websites or forums where adult performers will be present.
  • Consider running ads on relevant adult platforms.

These are some ways to hire models for your sexting website initially. But as the word spreads, you will see more and more models automatically coming on board to your site.

How to Promote & Market Your Sexting Website?

To drive more models and audiences to your website, you must take it to the limelight and show people that your website exists!

This section will tell you the best ways to promote & market your sexting website.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimize your website by using relevant keywords on Meta Tags and building quality backlinks. This will boost your website ranking and drive free consistent traffic to your website

2. Social Media Marketing

Create a strong presence on social media by constantly sharing engaging content and interacting with your audience. Choose platforms like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and Twitter. But also be mindful of the platform’s guidelines on explicit content.

3. Influencer Marketing

Get in touch with popular porn stars and ask them to promote your sexting website. You can also collaborate with your platform performers and ask them to do the same. This will rapidly increase the traffic flow to your sexting site.

4. Online Forums

Join discussions on adult industry forums and establish connections – subtly promote your sexting website and drive traffic seamlessly. Again, check the platform usage guidelines.

5. Public Relations (PR)

This is a great promotional strategy that when used right will give you great visibility in the wider space. When you launch your sexting website, get in touch with a couple of adult magazines.

Ask them to cover the launch – this will immediately boost the performer & audience traffic giving you a great kickstart.

Here are some more great strategies to promote your adult website and gain traffic. The key is to be consistent in whatever methods you follow.

To the most important question now!

How Much Money Can You Make By Creating a Website Like SextPanther?

Well, it depends on a lot of factors like user base, monetization models, user engagement, marketing & promotion, model base and more. But give or take, in the initial phase, you can easily make over $1000 after model payouts.

The more models you have on your website, the better the payout is going to be. Make sure to give a clean user experience and great engagement options so that the stickability factor is always there!

Final Few Words

With the previous sentence, we’ve covered everything on how to create a website like SextPanther.

No matter how advanced the adult industry becomes (VR porn is becoming more common now), the best sexting websites are always going to be around. It’s because people love the intimate private experiences they get via text & media messages!

So, there’s never a right time for creating a website like SextPanther. You’ve taken the initiative now and you reaching the end of this article only shows how determined you are to get it done.

We’ve given you all the ammunition including the best sexting white-label script to get started with! Go ahead and start creating a website like SextPanther using xChat/xTalk Premium now. And like we said, reach out to us in the comments if you have any queries!


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