The Hidden Mystery Behind How Adult Entertainment Boosts Technology

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Many gadget nerds and tech enthusiasts extol the virtues of VR. They praise entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley for driving technological advancements and major breakthroughs. The proponents of porn think otherwise. Their rationale is simple – Humans love to consume sex. Porn chatbots, porn robots and VR are coveted forms of innovation being driven by porn.  

Pornography has been playing a vital role in the evolution and creation of every major entertainment innovation. If pornography hasn’t helped create a technological innovation, it is definitely one of the first industries to adopt one. Unfortunately, this truth is neither acknowledged nor spoken.

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Porn Industry and Its Relevance in Ancient Relics

Geoffrey Chaucer was an eminent 14th century poet. In the 1380s, he published a collection of stories – The Canterbury Tales. Without a shred of doubt, his stories had themes of sexuality, extramarital affairs, love, nudity and sexual violence. As a matter of fact, his stories were replete with sexual and romantic themes.

One of the many famous stories included in his collection of stories is Wife of Bath Tale. The wife of Bath takes pleasure in having relationships with her different husbands. The Fifty Shades trilogy is inspired from Chaucer’s Wife of Bath Tale.

Rise in the Printing press both helped as well as hindered the growth of the porn genre and industry. In one way, people had more access to porn than ever, while on the other hand, some text books prevented people from accepting pornography as it meddled with religion and considered a sin. That being said, adult content and erotic genre was slowly moving towards acceptance in the people’s minds. The Canterbury Tales presents one such classic case of acceptance of Pornography.

Another major element of the rise of Porn Industry can be attributed to the 1896 movie Le Coucher de la Mariee. This is often considered as the rise of the erotic genre in the filmmaking. Cometh the 1980s, another important show which raised hopes for adult movies was the George Urban launched “The Ugly George Hour of Truth, Sex and Violence, wherein George Urban would convince women in the streets of Manhattan to flash their bodies to the camera. Within a span of 13 episodes, the subscriptions to this show jumped over by 100,000. By the launch of its season, the subscription was 300,000. The porn industry had arrived and it was ready to thrive.

Rise of Porn Tech – From VHS, DVD to Blu-Ray

The year 1958 has a special significance attached to it when a young British Photographer named Harrison Marks started showing interest in the short films directly concerned with a form of Pornography – Striptease. He began taking 8mm short films of women slowly undressing and posing topless over a canvas shot – the rise of porn industry had begun. A special name was attributed to these short films- ‘Glamour home Movies. With the advancement of technology, the sale of these 8mm cameras and projectors rose unprecedented. One of the reasons for this was the price of these cameras often being on the cheaper side as well as more people venturing into this industry to make simple money. These cameras slowly became the standard of videography in the adult porn industry.

Following the rise of 8mm shot cameras, their relevance was challenged in the 1970s, when Betamax and VHS started to rule the industry and the technological competitions came into being for the first time. With the unprecedented rise in the porn viewers across the globe with a demand to clarity and high definition videos, the videography of these shots was given more importance. The war between VHS and Betamax was sorted and VHS tapes had the sole right on selling adult content and accounted for 50 percent of videotape sales in the United States alone.

Patchen Barss, who has authored the book ‘The Erotic Engine – a book which chronicles the history of Pornography’s impact on mass communication, underlines the influence of VCR in the growth of porn tech. before the emergence of the VCR, people used to sneak into the theatres often in the night time to watch the adult porn films. But with the advent of VCR, the adult video streaming became a household things. Apart from this, the shooting of adult pornographies became a daily and casual affair. Barss Says, ‘Without porn, there’s a very good chance that the VCR might never have taken off.”

With the combination of VCRs and Cable TV, the adult porn industry took an unprecedented jump. As per Barss, ‘Pornography exerts a disproportionate influence over technologies at the stage when they are new and glitchy and expensive and difficult to use,”. Barss said, “They create an initial market that allows them to develop to the point where they’re ready for the mainstream.

Another pioneer author who studied Pornography, Jonathan Coopersmith – a professor of Technology at Texas A&M University, underlines the important role played by young men – the main consumer of adult content. The youth were more than willing to take the extra expense in the name of anonymity and not having to go to the theatres which they considered a shabby act. Also, they believed in the prospect of right technology in the VCRs.

Again with the rise of Blu-ray discs, the debate rose up. Though with a technically lower picture quality, the Blu-ray had something which everyone wanted – longest running time of 9 hours record. Also, these tapes were slimmer in size and could be easily slipped up anywhere and hence their sales went up drastically. In the early 2000s, the porn industry saw another phenomenal change in video viewing with DVDs becoming easily available.

Internet leads the way to Adult Technology

The reach of adult pornography to general public was made simple by Internet and better connections. Conversely, the demand for seamless porn broadcast led to the improvement in the internet infrastructure in many parts of the United States. Penthouse seemed to have taken the responsibility solely in their hands by distributing 2400-baud modems to its readers so that they can have the fastest connection to its XXX bulletin in quick times. By doing that, they added significant numbers of readers in their subscription list. With porn industry dominating the internet, bandwidth was forced to grow. Avenue Q – an R-rated send up of Sesame Street, a character which has a real high connection to porn showcases in the rollicking song, ‘The Internet is for Porn’. To give this statement a data base, more than 2 billion people searched for porn in the year 2015 and the numbers have still been on the rise. More than 90% of the boys and 60% of girls get exposed to Internet Porn by the age of 18.

The internet did play a decisive role in proliferation of adult content to the users. While going to buy a DVD or VCR Cassette of pornography, the guy at the counter of the store must know what you are finding. They would even know the person from the street and this would sometimes count as an embarrassment to most people.

Web, on the other hand, had decimated that fear of being known to that guy about the consumption. Web provided the cloak to people under which they could slip any time and consume the online adult video streaming.

Patchen Barss has an amazing comment to make regarding this as well. He outlines that while porn industry coupled with Internet can push people towards isolation, it can sometimes lead to sense of community as well – though online. Online forums, erotica groups, porn channels memberships can bring different people together while taking them apart from the social lives as well. For once, it wasn’t a porn company luring people to a platform with promises of smut; it was people creating and sharing it themselves.

Internet, Porn and Social Narratives

Internet, Porn and Social Narratives

Meanwhile the advocates do argue that while the Internet has made porn accessible to people of all ages, it is the personal desire than the availability which drives to over consumption. They believe that Internet and porn industry is yet to hijack the kids, boyfriends and husbands and that porn tech with Artificial Intelligence has the potential of doing even that.

To understand the trends in the American Porn consumption, we must abide by the guidelines provided in the General Social Survey (GSS) which was launched in the year 1973 by the National Science Foundation. This was a national interview-based survey of the American beliefs and behavior and has talked in detail about the rising of porn industry and its impacts.

Researchers (Wright & co, 2014) at Indiana University who analyzed the GSS responses from a sample of 14,193 men under the age of 18 believed that the consumption has not raised much despite the internet boom in the past few years. Before the boom in internet i.e. from period of 1987-1997, 32% people said yes to the question, have you viewed porn in the past year? This response was 34% in the years post Internet boom (1998-2010) – a mere rise of 2% which validates the claim made by Wright.

People had been making their own porn at homes for decades with the spread of camcorder technology.

Coopersmith has an interesting argument to make for camcorders. He says, ‘really changed the world of pornography by destroying the traditional distinction between producers, distributors, and consumers’.

With the advent of Internet, data cards and torrent sites, online streaming of Pornography became a widespread business – sometimes leading to stealing of private spaces as well. The general public could now participate in generating and sharing their porn while also making money from it.

That social perspective is the thing that most shocked Barss amid his examination. Also, regardless of whether the following wilderness is in virtual reality, haptic input (“teledildonics”), or another new development, the adult porn industry will probably be on the ball—and another network could jump up around it. He Says, ‘Pornography driving  technology has been as much about people finding new ways to connect to other people as it has been about people finding more private ways to consume pornography’.

Porn Industry and Convergent Technological Innovations

Remember the launch of iPad- Apples’ biggest innovation when it came to out and out gaming and entertainment device. Everyone at Apple were awestruck when an announcement came from the world’s biggest porn companies who had found a way to online adult video streaming on these devices. This is how the technology has vociferously driven the porn industry with great ideas and innovations. In essence, porn and technology go hand-in-hand.

It’s not necessarily that the porn industry comes up with the ideas, but there’s a huge difference in any technology between the idea and the successful application,” said Jonathan Coopersmith, a professor at Texas A&M University who teaches the history of technology.

From our earliest examination of growth of technology, we can assert that Pornography drives innovation and that we can soon be witness to some technological advancements in Porn Industry. We can somewhat credit the speed and proficiency of our telephones and the web to pornography. In any case, what’s next? Another time of pornography innovation might be near.  Some of them are as follows:

Virtual Reality

As VR innovation enters the market, reputed and local porn companies are trying different things with vivid items that could speed VR reception, as indicated by some industry insiders.

To utilize the innovation, pornography makers must utilize distinctive strategies to shoot scenes, with the goal that a vivid field of vision can be made. VR pornography is relied upon to wind up a billion dollar business by 2025, as per a few evaluations.


While world governments caution that the production of Killer robots is near, sex robots will probably be promoted first as the subsequent stage up from inflatable dolls. Indeed, a few specialists anticipate people will wed robots by 2050.

Such improvements could goad automated development, extraordinarily in the developing field of delicate mechanical technology. Strangely, in 2016 specialists reported that people can get turned on by contacting robots. In fact a report published at Bloomberg magazine by Dr. Cathy O’Neill discusses the possibility of robots might make men redundant in future.

While men have tendency to pass to other women over time, these ‘dashing menbots’ are always loyal to women. While the creation of the highly sophisticated male sex robots can be a disturbing news for many men, the technology has proven to be of top means.


Imagine what Microsoft’s Tay chatbot would resemble on the off chance that it were re-purposed to make a “pornbot”. If, as some are stating, the end of the apps is here, and on the off chance that chatbots will really assume control, at that point porn bots in combination with AI can make deep and profound relationships with men that goes as deeper as intercourse related topics too.

These porn bots would serve the purpose of utilizing the maximum resource relating to sex at lowest of costs making them available 24 x 7.

Haptic innovation

Haptic innovation is one of the most discussed technological breakthroughs in adult entertainment conferences.

Adding sense and contact to sex entertainment is a bleeding edge of advancement, for adult entertainment industry as well as for virtual reality when all is said in done.

Officially, haptic tech utilized for sex toys has traversed into SFW commercialization: for instance, a “pregnancy belt” by Huggies that gives the wearer a chance to feel the mother-to-be’s infant kick.

In addition to get to everyone’s screen in the best possible ways, the porn industry is eager enough to announce its presence in the cloud space with Ilan Bunimovitz, the CEO of Private Media Group claiming to have developed cloud computing to store a customer’s videos safely in line to iTunes.

3-D technology is another big catch for the porn industry given the fantasies of people. Stephen Shiu Jr., the director and producer of the porn flick ‘3D Zen and Sex’ which has been made with a budget of $4 million, believes 3-D to be a game changer.

Just imagine that you’ll be watching it as if you were sitting beside the bed. There will be many close-ups. It will look as if the actresses are only a few centimeters from the audience’. This is a defining moment of the adult industry which has thrived the technological advancement of all times.

VR making it big at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Virtual Reality is the next big thing in the porn industry. With it having made inroads into gaming and cinematic experience, its amalgamation with porn can literally change the course with which the porn is being viewed in the recent times. At this years’ AVN Show which took place in Las Vegas, VR was the central focus.

There were two addition to the awards as well – Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene and Best Virtual Reality Innovation/Site. AVN’s CEO Tony Rios complemented VR by saying that VR has been phenomenal in the industry given its outreach to the users. Though the technology and its affiliation to porn is in infant stages, its growth is certainly guaranteed.

Ian Paul – Chief Information Officer of Naughty America, the leading porn site, also confirms the impact of VR in the porn industry.

He says, “New revenue attributable to VR is up 350% year over year, and this year we now plan to offer integrated support for smart services toys from companies such as Kiiroo that offer haptic feedback in sync to the video.”

Most other porn sites are also talking about incorporating the Teledildonics into VR.

As per Ela Darling, the co-founder of CAM4VR, which offers live streaming VR sex cameras, has planned to integrate Kiiroo as well as the Voice-to-voice mechanisms to allow the users to chat directly with the performers. This would make the experience much more personal and close-up as per the industry experts. These communications incorporate haptic feedback as well as other important facilities.

Webcam platform CamSoda has explored different avenues regarding different new advancements including 3D Holograms as of late, yet it stopped people in their tracks with their dispatch of a component called OhRoma, which fuses smells through a sensory mask.

As indicated by CamSoda President Daron Lundeen, it takes the augmented simulation experience to the following dimension by conveying scents, for example, “aphrodisiacs,” “body odor,” “panties,” or “private parts” by means of cartridges mounted inside a cover.

The adult porn industry is experiencing a seismic move as we change far from the conventional streaming methods towards a progressively indulging experience which has levels of intimacy involved in it like never before.

So, while completely immersive virtual sex probably won’t be here right now, it would appear that we got an inch nearer, and with the measure of cash and interest at play, we’re probably going to see some significant improvements as the technology develops.

Pornography – The Money Minting Machine

People often wonder Pornography as an industry which never has a depression of any sorts. People, in fact, spend more time on porn stations while being affected in jobs and life than when they are actually happy. This makes the porn industry a money minting industry which refuses to slow down.

The slow and generous advancement of technology in the porn industry generally was concerned with the rise of money control. With the rise of internet, the porn producers benefited with e-commerce and organized web adult content. However with internet being relatively cheaper and people not really buying stuff, the industry has gotten dependent on the advertisements.

Regular experiments with VR and remote controlled outputs, the porn industry is seeing a quantum jump. Interestingly, third party payment services have flourished as against the conventional payment services like Visa, MasterCard and American Express wouldn’t bolster the adult entertainment Industry.

Here’s some other important news from porn industry:

SpankChain, on the other hand has introduced a Blockchain based ecosystem for price mechanism to the Porn industry. The first base features such as the client profile and payment details will help the core capabilities which prove to be critical for the content production and their platforms.

These platforms would then benefit from additional services such as payment channel hubs, age verification, live video, an ad network, an affiliate network, search as well as the interface builders. This is an evolution to the Industry’s economic drivers and consumers’ desires for better services.

So, while the adult industry is all gearing for the quantum leap it is to take for the next evolution, the experts wonder if the leap would generate as much interest as it generally does. The industry has bolstered itself with technological advancement whenever it has faced issues with regressed media formats.

From VCR to Blu-Ray to webcam, the porn industry has seen it all. When faced with a question of ‘What type of adult business should I start?’, the general answer lies to satisfy the clients. But how? –by leveraging the technology should be the regular answer.

VR, OhRoma, Pornbots and other significant technologies making their way into the porn industry of late, the business seems to be a thriving one.

But when launching an adult turnkey business, one must always capitalize on the requirement of the users. One must also take into account aspects of adult web design, adult SEO and internet traffic generation.


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