What is an Adult Turnkey Solution? Read This if You Are a Newbie

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New to the digital world? Or are you just a blogger trying to make it, searching for better alternatives?

Well, if I might ask, have you heard about Adult Turnkey Solution yet?

These are the fastest ways to get a fully functional and professionally designed website which will save you time and money. They will even spoon feed you at every step and stage of the website. Their adult turnkey scripts will almost always bring a certain out of the box element to your website.

Adult Turnkey Solution

The Turnkey Solutions are increasingly being accepted as a pragmatic approach and we will see why. Let us dive right in!

What Are Adult Turnkey Solution?

An Adult Turnkey Solution provider will provide you every aspect of an online business to you on a silver platter, including a website that will be professionally designed and the security of regular and new content updates. They will also take care of your hosting and security. Adult Turnkey vendors will also be able to provide chat rooms, online magazines, creative sex features and even adult toy stores.

People prefer turnkey solutions because of this genuine reason – For a reasonable commission or a fee, you can get rid of your technical issues and even legal issues, since turnkey websites are capable of providing you with thousands of legally compliant photos and videos relating to your content, which would take you ages to gather. Turnkey solutions are all about outsourcing and automation.

The vendors take care of your hardware and software issues as well as the updates so that you would be able to focus your energy on the core of the business.

Turnkey is basically a little wider term than white label. A white label can be called a turnkey, for instance.

What is White Label?

A white label solution is when a vendor makes a website, runs and maintains it and updates it from time to time, just not for itself but for a customer. It runs the website as its own. The only difference is that at the end of the day, the logo on the website is of the purchaser and the purchaser gets all the brand value.

Creating a website can always be a laboring task that would not only require your efforts but your precious time. And if you are going to start a new business, you know that your time is what matters the most! White label solutions tend to monetize on this very fact!

For a certain commission or an out and out fee, these vendors make your site for you, keep it running, fix the bugs and update it. This means that you won’t have to handle any of the technical matters of your business and you can easily focus on the core activities of the business.

For instance, in this case, we are talking about white label solutions for adult content websites. So the white label vendor in this case will take care of the site maintenance, while you can focus your energies more on finding the right content or videos for your website or blog and promoting your website to drive more traffic in. This will save you a lot of productive time to ramp up your core business rather than giving it a divided attention. So broadly speaking, white label solutions are outsourcing services to which you can outsource the technical and website parts of your business.

Advantages of White Label Solutions

If you are new to the concept of turnkey websites and white label solutions, then you could probably be underestimating the importance and use of such services and the impact that they can have on your business. Let me just point some of the advantages out for you that make white label solution a justified and a mindful choice!

  1. Saves Time

Of course, the obvious advantage is that it saves time. It is meant to save time. You can outsource your technical matters and save your time that you would have spent on maintain the site. Instead, now you can focus on improving and promoting it.

  1. Less Worries

Not only does white label solution take the matters of maintenance off your hands, but it also takes care of the legal shortcomings that you might have incurred, if you would have made the site and uploaded the content. They check for copyright issues beforehand.

  1. Proven Market

If you are worrying about paying for a hearsay service that does not really exist in th real world and one which no one uses, you are worrying in vain. There is an established market for this kind of service with established and even competing players. And you know where the rates go when players in the market compete!

  1. Minimizes Cost

This might sound a bit unreal for you because you are going to pay extra for a service that you can do yourself for your business, but it is really a fact that in the long run it will tend to reduce overall cost of your business. This is because you are really paying for saving your time which will reap better benefits when put somewhere else.

SaaS as a Business Model

Coming into the digital marketing world, you might have head the term SaaS a lot. It stands for “Software as a Service” and as the name might suggest, these are software licensing and delivery services. Let us discuss the model further.

In this business model, you can choose a particular software that fits your requirement and the vendor will let you buy a subscription of that very software for a specific period of time. After you pay, he will license that software to you so that you are within your legal rights when you use that software.

These services are generally centrally hosted from the server of your vendor(s), so you don’t have to worry about any technical issues while you are using your software. In the adult industry, you can take up subscriptions for Content Management software, development software etc. that might come of use to you.

How SaaS Is Different From Turnkey

To get confused between Turnkey and SaaS is perfectly normal. Even some of the experienced bloggers tend to, sometimes, misuse their meanings. We have even heard a lot of people say that they are same! Now, while there must be a whole lot of similarity in the concept, there certainly is a big difference in their meaning and models.

First of all, Turnkey vendors provide you with a whole package including every service you might need for running a fully functional site. This includes developing the site, designing it, updating content on it, fixing its bugs, maintaining it and improving it. Whereas, in the SaaS model, you get the access to only one particular software that you require for a specific period of time.

Secondly, there is a difference in payment methods. SaaS model uses a subscription type payment mode, whereas turnkey vendors prefer one-time fee payment.

Lastly, as obvious as it is, software that you subscribe to from SaaS will always require updates and you’ll have to upgrade your subscription to get them. Whereas when you pay for turnkeys, you are paying for all future updates too!

Adent.io – A Leading Turnkey Vendor

If you are a newbie, then one thing that I can be sure of is that you are still confused about which vendors really are the leaders of the market, which ones are really the popular choice!

Well, to solve all your queries, I hereby introduce you to my first choice: Adent.io. They are the adult turnkey solution provider with leading market share in the adult industry especially. They have really creative and updated website development tools that you can use and make a professionally designed looking adult website on your own, in no time at all. Their adult turnkey script makes your site look and work like some of the best adult websites out there.

Their sites are fully “turnkey” and white labeled, which means that you do not have to put your energies in any of the technical matters relating to your website. They take care of everything for you, including development, hosting, content updating, SEO and even security. They take care of even the minutest of details in your website from the look of some ad banner to your SEO requirements.


The crux of what we have discussed today is that adult turnkey solution are a totally pragmatic approach towards running an adult website of your own. It saves you precious time to take care of more core activities of your website like promotion and improving content rather than waste it on hundreds of little technical issues.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Our best wishes are with you and your adult website. Keep yourself abreast of all the upcoming trends in adult industry by subscribing to our newsletter. Cheers!