5 Reasons Why You Haven’t Made Money from Your Adult Website

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Adult website business entails stimulating reconstruction of adult web masters’ quest for making money with porn. If you ever venture into the terrain of turnkey adult websites, you are likely to stumble upon guides with catchy headings such as How to make money with porn, An Ultimate guide to monetize your turnkey adult website etc. For all intents and purposes, the guides are evocative of merit and facts. Truth be told, such guides cajole amateurs and naive audiences into believing that making money in adult website business is an easy feat. But reality is painful and in many cases, it is horrendously harsh. But don’t give in so easily. We are here to help you.

money from your adult website


Here are 5 genuine reasons why you haven’t made money from your adult website:

  • Mismatch of Your Traffic and Ads


More often than not, turnkey adult websites get traffic from the following three sources:

  • Ad Networks
  • Social Media
  • Mailing Campaigns

It is never easy to convert any type of traffic. That being said, if your traffic and ads do not marry each other, you cannot make money. For instance, if your target audience traffic is straight men, it makes no sense if your ads feature Gay and Shemale products. It results in outright resentment. Similarly, if you place a punish-tube type hardcore offer via a pop-under on a softcore site, it just doesn’t augur well. Needless to say, you shall have zero conversions.

I would like to invoke another example here. Social media traffic and dating sites go together like bread and butter. There is no rocket science behind this phenomenon. People on social media look to make friends with strangers and are constantly on vigil to attract opposite genders. Hence, they respond well to dating and hookup ads. Do not promote adult offers blatantly. Follow the principles of STP- Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. In other words, segment your intended audiences, target them by positioning appropriate ads.

Also, it is suggested to exercise caution while placing CTAs (Call to Action). I often see improper CTAs. For instance, a site featuring step-mom and MILF porn should have CTAs which direct audiences to relevant niches such as step-daughter, step-sister etc. It would be plain dismaying if CTAs direct audiences to irrelevant fetishes such as pregnant, blonde etc.  Following the same train of thoughts, an Asian may not understand Spanish porn. Thoroughly understand the demographics of your target audiences and place CTAs in relevant languages.

Risk-pool all the aforementioned pointers. You will soon receive qualified and high paying traffic.

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  • Search Engine Optimization


Do you optimize your turnkey adult website? The most important question is: Are you optimizing it the right way? Many websites are already lost into the heart of darkness owning to laggard in search engine optimization. We have a team of expert digital marketers and experienced SEO specialists who can optimize landing pages and your turnkey adult website in the most efficient and result driven ways. Always keep trying different things in different ways.

Search Engine Optimization

Here is a tip which I wish to share:

After the end of an insightful blog post, place a ‘Download’ or ‘Deliver to Inbox’ CTA. This will illuminate your informative content as people are bound to share your content with others. Similarly, try different combinations of CTAs, new landing pages, new tours, new creative newsletters etc.

Introduce new offers. A/B test all your new offers. Track them and you will get an idea of the type of offers which excel and which don’t. Do this with great alacrity and not with lazy mediocrity.

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  • Do you update the content regularly?


If you fail to update the content regularly, it reflects your utter lack of responsibility. People like unique content. Consistency and unique content can make your adult website business a magnum opus. Approach production studios for new content. Purchase the necessary digital rights and acquire licenses to show-case niche porn.

As an alternative, you can hire a few escort models and shoot niche porn. For instance, if your site caters to relevant to lesbian niche, you may hire a few women and shoot lesbian orgy. Upload at-least two videos per week.

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  • Do you promote your offers the right way?


I completely understand the fact that it is difficult to get paid sponsors in adult website business. But that doesn’t mean that you have to promote any and every product. Adult website business is known for its fake products. For instance, many male manhood products promise to enhance the size of a common man’s penis by 3 inches. This is unlikely to happen. Naive audiences who purchase such products feel deceived and may spread the bad word about your turnkey adult website on various adult forums. It takes a lifetime to re-build the trust.

promote your offers the right way

The bottom line is that you are required to have knowledge about the products that you promote on your turnkey adult website. Always read the offer terms and conditions. Remember, devil lies in the terms and conditions!

  • Do you have enough patience?


Do not expect instant results. It takes some significant time for money to roll in. In adult website business, this is even more pronounced. Build rapport with your affiliate manager. If you have any doubts or issues, get them sorted. Sign up with relevant affiliate programs. If you want to make a career in adult affiliate marketing, learn about the Dos and Donts of adult affiliate marketing. Be consistent in your efforts and remember, patience is a virtue.

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If you have any doubts/issues or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments box. We shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for further insights on how to make money with porn. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about adult website business and turnkey adult business. Our best wishes are with you and your adult website business. Cheers!