5 Easy Steps to Start an Adult Site (Newbie Guide)

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I am happy to see fresh stocks of energized and enthusiastic netizens interested in starting an adult site. At the same time, I am deeply disappointed to see that many articles on the net talk a lot of bunkum about starting an adult website. As a matter of fact, I did stumble upon quite a few articles misguiding newbies. Such articles have created schism between newbies and professionals. Certain categories of biased adult affiliate marketers and self-claimed experts are to be blamed for this schism. The schism seems to have accentuated with newbies being outwitted and subsequently outmaneuvered by established adult businesses. In this article, I shall help newbies start adult websites and narrow the schism. Here are 5 easy steps to help you start adult website:

Easy Steps to Start an Adult Site

1.Listen to What Trusted Sources Say

 In the dogged pursuit of adult web-traffic, the concept of ‘trust’ is almost absent in the realms of adult entertainment industry. That being said, there are quite a few trusted sources like Adent.io. Adent.io has been in this adult entertainment industry for over a decade. They have acquired an aura of orthodox approbation from both amateurs and professionals. Listen to what they say. If you have any pressing technical concerns, talk to their support staff. As an alternative, you may contact them here. Any doubt – big or small, will be resolved efficiently by Adent.io.

As you are new to this adult entertainment industry, read about Adult Industry here.

2.Register a Domain Name and Purchase an Adult Web Hosting

At the very outset, I would like to tell you that you will be damned if you opt for a free adult web hosting. There is nothing endearing to free adult web hosting. Free adult web hosting is all about adhering to too many restrictions and unnecessary enforcements.

Before settling for a domain name, make sure to choose a niche. If you strive for material prosperity without choosing a niche that you are comfortable at, your adult business is likely to end up in trash. I hope all the newbies are familiar with the concept of niche. A niche is a genre. For your information, there are more than 50 adult niches. To learn more about niche specific websites, I recommend you to glance through this article.

There are too many generic porn websites. Upcoming generic porn websites shall be trampled on by established biggies such as RedTube, PornHub etc. So, the trick is to choose an upcoming niche. Are you worried about upcoming trends in porn industry? Here is an insightful article which can keep you posted about this: What’s the Upcoming Trend in Porn Industry? Pick the right niche to make money

The reality of adult web hosting is sobering. Newbies fail to differentiate between normal web hosting services and adult web hosting services. More often than not, newbies end up purchasing a normal web hosting service only to find out that adult content is out rightly rejected. When it comes to adult content hosting, there are a thousand pricks. Not every adult service provider is reliable. My bet is on M3 Server. They provide various types of hosting services such as the following:

  • Dedicated Adult Hosting
  • Managed Server Adult Hosting
  • NATS Adult Hosting
  • Virtual Servers etc.

If you want to understand the differences between the different types of hosting, contact M3 Server. There are quite a few offers running on M3 Server. Make sure to avail them.

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3.Use a Relevant Adult Turnkey Script

To start your own adult website, you no longer require a complex mosaic of programming lines. Web developers simply usurp the funds in the name of ‘web development’ from scratch. This only adds to your miseries. When you resort to traditional methods of web development, you are required to make elaborate plans for various phases such as black box testing, white box testing, integration testing etc. Such phases accentuate your waiting time. Let’s not forget the huge working capital required to fund the team of web developers and testers.

xstreamet adult tube script

Adent.io has quite a few turnkey scripts that let you start your own adult website at affordable rates. But before purchasing a turnkey software, you are required to choose a niche.

xStreamerAdult Tube Site
xCamsAdult Webcam Site
xMemberAdult Membership Site
xAggregateAdult Search Engine
xMarketplaceAdult Toy Store
xPinsAdult Photo Sharing
xGalleryAdult Gallery Site

4.Create Unique Content

Let me remind you – You are about to venture into a niche specific adult entertainment website. If anything, only unique content and awesome web design can keep you ahead across a swathe of existing porn websites and competitors. Website design and framework will be taken care of by Adent.io adult turnkey scripts. Just focus on creating unique content. You can purchase content from production studios. If you think purchasing content from production studios is not your cup of tea, hire a few adult actors / actresses. Diligently complete the documentation process. Emphasize on terms and conditions. Your adult website’s lifeblood will be adult actors. You don’t want your venture to end up in trash because some of your adult actors tested positive for STDs such as Herpes, Infectious Cysts, HIV, etc. Verify the age of the applicants. Every adult applicant should be at-least 18 years old. Child pornography is to be feared and should never be embraced.

Ensure that you upload at-least one new video per week. If you do not have the wherewithal to upload a new video per week, keep your audiences informed. Do not kick the can down the road in this perspective.

5.Focus on Adult SEO

Adult SEO is beyond the routine keywords and meta-tags. To learn more about adult SEO, head on to this article. Make use of Twitter for promoting your adult webcam site. Learn more about it here. Pay attention to image resolution and sizes.

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Be consistent in your efforts. This is easier said than done. You are then required to learn extensively about adult monetization options. Read this article: How to Make Money with Porn Sites? Banner ads are an important source of consistent revenue. It makes sense to do some research on Adult Ad Networks. This article on Adult Ad Networks will help you in your research.

Wrapping It Up

Let me just summarize the 5 easy steps to help you start your adult website:

  • Listen to what trusted sources say
  • Register a domain name and purchase an adult web hosting service
  • Use a relevant adult turnkey script
  • Create Unique Content
  • Focus on Adult SEO

In the upcoming articles, I shall dedicate a separate blog post on how to start an escort service business.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for insights on starting an adult site. To get refreshing content pertaining to starting an adult website, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. My best wishes are with you and your adult venture. Cheers!