Adult Industry

What essentially make adult industry complete? Let me mention a few units/ entities – soft core porn, hard core porn, cam networks, modelling agencies, adult performers, videos, reality stars, tyros and amateurs, dating sites and static pictures. Is that all? The answer is No! I have missed the unmissable- MONEY. Adult industry is emblematic of multi-billion dollar industry. If one were to scoop the reasons and filter them through a sieve of credibility in an effort to discern the reason why people are crazy about adult industry, the reason so obtained is an irrepressible urge to make big MONEY. Starting a porn site is easy but making money is difficult.

Adult Affiliate Marketing


Before delving into the know-how of making money, it is important to understand the various elements of adult industry. This enables the users to target the suitable fetish/ niche and subsequently indulge in making money.

Elements of Adult Industry

  • Video on Demand (VOD) sites
  • Sex Toys
  • Erotic stories and books
  • Adult sex paraphernalia
  • Hard Core porn sites
  • Dating sites
  • Cam sites
  • Amateurs
  • Teens
  • Mature performers
  • Adult Blogs
  • Soft core porn sites

Ways to make money online

How to make money with porn? Certainly, there are many ways to make money. Here is a quick rundown on the same:

Adult Affiliate Marketing

Enlisted below are a few adult content payment programs:

What is Adult Affiliate Marketing

  • Percentage Commission on Sales

For each adult item sold such as a penis enlargement capsule or a dildo or any other relevant item, companies pay commission. In other words, for each and every item sold, companies pay to the affiliate some fixed percentage of the money earned through the sale of the product / item. Of course, the presence of tiers makes affiliate marketing all the more interesting. Higher the sales volume, higher is the percentage earned. Also, there is a fat payout for affiliate referrals.

  • Trial Memberships

More often than not, regular users intend to try a new program or a website for genuine content.  However, the content is premium and hence, users doubt if they really enjoy the adult stuff. Affiliate networks will thus offer the so-called trial memberships to the interested users. Such trial memberships cost as low as $1.00. They might last only for a couple of hours or days. Within this duration, users can access premium content and subsequently decide if they want to opt for full membership. On each successful full membership convert, affiliate networks reward anywhere within $25-$40 per month. Full membership plan lasts for 12 months.

  • Pay Per Install (PPI)

For every install of the adult game or porn software, you earn a flat commission. However, the amount earned through PPI is way less than what is earned though trial memberships and percentage commission on sales. To earn significant money through PPI, your adult porn site must get huge traffic. Customers should be plentiful and content should be genuine.

  • Partnership

For affiliates, adult network programs may serve as passive source of income. Affiliates have the option of having a share in the ongoing revenue generation program. Rather than taking money for every successful signup, they can earn money every month from the customers who continue with the program. If the affiliate joins 100 customers at a time and if 60-75 customers continue with the adult membership program, the affiliate earns huge revenue.


Internet is full of various free adult video submission sites. Once the adult performers gain enough reputation, they may soon start running their own private shows. There are various webcam sites that offer decent paycheck. You can start your own private webcam show or join a reputed webcam site. Either way, you can earn a fortune.

How Do I Build a Webcam Site

Nothing beats camming business. Adult performers enjoy the privilege of working for not more than 15 hours per week. What all adult webcam performers require is a HD cam. Of course, other paraphernalia include good lighting, semi-nude outfits and a webcam profile. Their wallets are always full. Higher the working hours, higher is the fortune acquired.

By referring young cam models to a few webcam sites, you can earn big money. Every successful referral may fetch you $100-$200.

Erotic stories

If you have the ability of playing with words and framing erotic content, you can make money. Just publish a part of your erotic story on your website. To access the remaining enticing stuff, users have to pay a flat $2.00 per story. From horny bosses to incestuous relationships, sex stories and erotic content can be penned creatively.


After starting a porn site, ensure that it has enough space to host ads of third party porn websites. You can demand commission on every successful purchase of the item being displayed on your website. In addition, you can charge for the website space being utilized for the banner or ad.  

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