Adult Business Startup

Noah is juggling between bringing his online business idea to life (gateway to his financial freedom) and his regular 9-5 job. It’s been 6 months, and he is giving a serious thought on quitting his regular 9-5 and building his own business. However, before getting into it full time, he wants to build this on a side-hustle. He is still hesitant to quit his 9-5 and also doesn’t have a clear strategy on how he is going to work his way into building his online business empire.

Adult Business Startup

It’s a Tuesday morning and Noah is in the queue waiting to order his morning coffee before heading to work. He gets a text message from an old friend of his:

Tyler: “Have you seen what OnlyFans just launched? It’s your idea, Noah!!!”

Noah clicks through the link, scans the webpage, then goes white…

The website that Tyler sent him, looks very similar to what he has been working on for the last year and a half. They just got covered by big tech magazines and announced a large fundraiser.

Noah gets back to his office, spends the rest of the day trying out their app and website. After several hours, he concludes: 

While the idea is indeed similar, their implementation is quite different. Noah feels a bit relieved but only temporary. He feels he needs to kick things back into high gear. 

A million concepts start rushing through his mind. Where should he begin? He decides to call his friend Tyler for advice.

Tyler runs a successful startup. They seem to be doing well with 30+ employees, paying clients, and venture funding. Noah has planned to meet Tyler around 2 PM. Before meeting Tyler, Noah organizes his thoughts and writes down a high-level plan.

  1. Get a seed funding
  2. Hire 3 full-time developers
  3. Build the platform and launch in 3 months.

Tyler walks over, Noah talks to Tyler and summarizes what he’s been up to.

Tyler listens patiently and then asks him a simple question:

“Would you rather spend the subsequent six months pitching to investors or pitching to customers?”

Tyler explains about a concept called Building an MVP (Minimum Viable Products) and introduces him to a whole new world of ” turnkey solutions”, AKA – MVPs for X Industry / MVP for a business idea”

He goes on to explain-

“Even in the best-case setup, raising cash is typically a six months progression and a full-time job. During this course of time, you’re wouldn’t make much progress on the platform. So as per your approximations, you’re undoubtedly looking at 9 months to a launch”.

Noah: “I can’t afford to wait for 9 months!”, says Noah.

Tyler cuts him off: “You need to get to an MVP that customers want.”

Noah: “An MVP?”

Tyler: “A Minimum Viable Product.”

Noah: “Is it like a beta version?”

Tyler: “Kind of…but not really the same. A minimum viable product is the smallest solution that you can build to deliver monetizable values to your customers. I know you are looking forward to building a big platform, but customers don’t care about platforms. At least, not at the launch. They stress on the solutions that resolve their immediate problems. You need to find the smallest solution that solves a big enough customer problem, and then you need to start with delivering that first.

Investors nowadays don’t trust ideas, or development process but traction, and you need customers to demonstrate the traction they seek.

Besides, you are trying to re-invent the wheel to build your cart. Instead, you can get the wheels from the market and build your cart the way you want. It’s all about avoiding unnecessary hard work and expenditure, and employing smart-work to achieve greater results without compromising on the requirements of your MVP.”

Noah: “How much traction do you think is adequate?”

Tyler: “It depends. Although, any traction is good traction If you can demonstrate. Even a fraction can set you apart from the rest in the line. We followed the same approach before we went on to speak with investors. Although we had just 10-15 paying customers back then, it gave us leverage and changed the dynamics of investment for us.

Noah thanked Tyler for his time and went back to his office. 

However, Tyler’s idea of acquiring an MVP via a turnkey solution was still circling around his mind.  Driven by curiosity, Noah makes a Google search:

” Turnkey solution to start an Adult webcam website “

He clicks on a search result from a company called ‘’.

They have an exact ready-to-launch script called ‘xCams’ to kick off his business in 3 just days. The script offers open source-code access, which implied that Noah could get a ready-made MVP, and yet he could also play around with the source -code to implement advanced customizations on top of it.  

‘Awesome’, he blurts.  

He goes ahead, adds the script in the cart, makes a one-time payment to purchase the script. He receives a link from after completing the purchase and downloads the source-code of xCams from there.  

Later in the evening

After reaching home from the office, Noah freshens up and sits down in front of his computer to check what has he got.  

He uploads the source-code on his web server, tags the domain name to it, and completes the installation. Now, his platform is ready to run, and all he needs is a few hundred visitors to bring in traction. 

“That was so easy. I have been trying to bring my idea into life for almost a year and a half. I struggled through complex codes to get something meaningful, and these guys already had an easier solution for that”, proclaims Noah.  

3 weeks later

Noah meets Tyler to tell about his new launch and get some more advice

Noah to Tyler: “I followed your advice. I researched on MVPs, and I was able to launch my MVP within a week using a script from Adent. However, I don’t think it’s working.”

Tyler: “Why? What’s the problem?”

Noah: “I’ve got no traffic at all. I build the website, it’s live now, but I don’t see any models signing up on my site. For my webcam site to work and get visitors, I need webcam models to sign-up on it, but it’s has been weeks, and no one has signed up yet.”

Tyler instantly understands what Noah has been trying to explain, and he proclaims-

Tyler: “You are experiencing the classic chicken and egg problem, Noah. 

You have an MVP now, but it’s not complete without users. The whole purpose of having an MVP is getting traction and having some customers in your lap. Since your idea is driven by two types of stakeholders (users and models), you cannot grow your platform by focusing on just one of them at a time. 

“Without models, you have no users, and without users, no model would sign up on an empty platform”

“Here, you need to work your way out to grow both sides of your platform”

It’s clear that you need webcam models on your website before you can start attracting any users to it. As of now, you need to find a way to break this loop and get webcam models on your website. 

Noah: “How can I hire webcam models on a website with ‘0’ traffic? I don’t have a budget or funding to go for a massive launch campaign like OnlyFans or get any big-time media coverage”. 

Tyler: Why don’t you check with, you got your MVP from them, right? 

Noah: But how can they help me to run my business. I already used their ready-made solution to build my website, can a technology provider help me to drive traction, too?

Tyler: I am sure they possess something of value to your issue. No technology provider would sell a script that is stuck in the chicken and egg loop. To keep selling their script, Adent must possess a solution to your problem. 

Noah goes back home and starts looking on Adent’s website:

He connects with a sales representative of Adent, Steve. 

Noah explains his issue to Steve and asks if Adent can help him in any kind to come out of this loop, or he would have to think of investing big or leave the idea at all. 

Steve: “You need not worry about getting your initial traction, Noah. There is a way to break this loop and get you decent traffic with even ‘0’ models of your own on your website”, says Steve. 

Noah: “You are a lifesaver, Steve. But, how do I do that? Wouldn’t I need to hire models at all?”

Steve: Hiring in-house-models is totally on your discretion, but I can suggest two different ways to solve the problem of acquiring models on your website:

Approach 1: Using Whitelabel APIs

“Big webcam networks offer APIs, which you can use for pulling their model-database on your website. We can integrate a few model APIs on your website, which will solve your problem. 

You need not hire webcam models but simply access the model database of these big webcam sites. In this way, you would have models to start with and get the initial traction that you need on your website.

Your website can earn money by simply re-directing the users on the original webcam site and accessing their webcam affiliate programs, which offer monetization options such as Revenue sharing and Pay-per-signup. 

This approach will let you set up a steady passive income stream on your website. We have a script for that, we call it “xShows Lite’.

Noah: Seems like a good option, but I don’t want to limit myself to passive income alone. I want to build a webcam brand eventually. Your method limits my options to affiliate marketing. What if I want active revenue streams once my website is popular?

Steve: I understand your concern, and that’s exactly what the second approach can do for you. 

Approach 2: Using Blacklabel API + In-house models

“Here, instead of using Whitelabel APIs, we will integrate a Blacklabel API from the LiveJasmin AWEmpire network. This special API will give your website the ability to drive income from both passive and active revenue streams. 

With AWEmpire, your website will have a pre-populated model database from the top webcam network. Unlike Approach 1, you need not re-direct your users to a third-party website to drive affiliate commissions. Instead, your users will watch these webcam shows right on your website. 

Apart from this, your website will retain the features to function as an independent webcam site, too. It will have model sign-ups, token management, tipping, and your own commission management system.

AWEmpire will offer you a way to acquire your initial webcam models, while you can also expand into hiring in-house models, once your website is popular, or when you can demonstrate a working MVP to the users.

We also have a working script for this approach, we call it ‘xShows Pro’ 

Noah: “Great, I think the second approach with this ‘xShows Pro’ script is exactly what I want”. 

Noah picks up approach 2 since he is looking forward to having his in-house models in the future.

model database banner

He hires Adent to integrate the AWEmpire API, launches his website once again with over 20,000+ models pre-populated. 

After a week of the launch

Followed by aggressive SEO and premium Ads, the website starts receiving traffic. Within the first two months, Noah made over $10,000 as passive income, without having a single webcam model under his contract. 

Today, almost a year after launch, Noah’s website is doing pretty well. It has become popular, and he has also acquired some investments after showing decent traction, paying customers, and a working MVP to the investors.  

Noah is up for the next phase. Soon, he is going to launch a campaign with a focus on driving native model sign-ups. The next phase will add active revenue streams to Noah’s website. In fact, he has already been getting inquiries from professional webcam models. 

To Conclude

Noah is not the only one to have faced the classic chicken and egg problem. He started with an idea but got stuck into a tricky barrier. For Noah, it was a deadly loop. However, he did not give up and did what it took to take his idea to the next level.

Noah’s case is just an example of different loopholes a business idea might get into before it can take a shape. His approach, discussing his problem with an experienced friend and consulting an industry expert was well coordinated. 

From choosing not to re-invent the wheel to integrating ready-made solutions for early model sourcing, it’s a classic example that no idea is small or impossible. You just have to discover the correct ways around them and find an MVP to begin with. 

If you too have been juggling with an idea, go ahead and build your MVP first. So, what’s your idea for an MVP?

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