How to setup NFT based subscription marketplace like Onlyfans using xFans

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The new age of Adult NFT marketplaces – Introduction

You must have heard about the current craze going on in the cryptocurrencies world. It’s the new age NFTs that have taken the world by storm.

Since the past 1 year or so, NFTs have made big inroads in the way people buy, sell, and invest in the digital world. NFTs have provided an alternative for people to invest in the ever-rising digital assets. These digital tokens contain exclusive data making them more worthy than their regular counterparts. You can trade everything using these tokens, from music and art to sports clips and memes, and porn too!

In this article, we will take you through the basics of what exactly NFT is and what it does, and how you can make money by setting up your OnlyFans NFT marketplace using xFans.

What are NFTs?

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs as we know them, are essentially a type of digital container that holds one-of-a-kind priceless collectibles that generates a great value in the world of cryptocurrencies. These priceless digital collectibles can be anything like a signed baseball card or a rare picture, which is unique and demands a high value in the crypto world.

Similar to the real world of trading where traders purchase collectibles like fine art, rare wines, etc., or invest in assets like shares, stocks, bonds, etc. NFTs also contain a digital asset that is sold and traded to prospective buyers as collectibles. But there’s a difference.

Unlike regular trading where the value of an asset can vary depending on the market but a single unit of money holds the same value as any other unit of money, in NFTs every asset holds a unique value and one NFT cannot be exchanged for another NFT as both the NFTs hold different assets and values attached to them. In simple words, in a regular business, you use and exchange using real money whereas NFTs are a way of digitizing unique collectibles as assets.

You must be thinking if cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are the same as NFTs then. Well actually no. NFTs have unique data attached to them that is certified to be exclusive whereas a bitcoin is the same as any other bitcoin. For example, irrespective of the market situation, a single bitcoin can be exchanged for any other bitcoin, but that’s not the case in NFTs as an NFT holds a specific unique value that is relative to the data stored on it which cannot be exchanged with any other NFT.

NFTs are not a currency in their own right, but form a major part of the blockchain of other currencies like Ethereum, Tezos, Flow, etc. They are like tokens but carry some extra information, rather than being a plain token that can be exchanged for another token.

Since its inception in 2014, NFTs have been used mostly in the field of music, art, films, etc. but have slowly been adopted in various other sectors like academics, sports, and even the adult industry. The global NFT market has seen a rise of a whopping 328% between the first half of 2021 to the third quarter of 2021. This tells us that NFT is a revolutionary new age feature that is going to stay.

How can you make money through adult NFTs?

Adult NFTs are nothing but regular digitally unique NFTs that contain NSFW content in them. That NSFW content can be anything from a picture to an audio clip. Plenty of pornstars and models have jumped onto the NFT bandwagon and are making big bucks by selling digitally exclusive content to buyers and collectors.

Now that you understand the potential NFTs hold for the future, let’s take a look at how you can convert your digital asset into an NFT and put it up for sale.

Step 1- Choose your asset – It can be anything from a music clip to a digital image you drew, everything can be converted to an NFT.

Step 2- Choose your blockchain platform – Before you convert your asset to NFT, you need to register on a blockchain platform that will basically issue the NFT to you. There are many options available but for starters, you can choose Ethereum which is the most popular blockchain currently available.

Step 3- Buy a small amount of Ethereum – To cover the fees associated with the conversion of digital assets to NFT, you need to purchase some Ethereum to pay for those charges.

Step 4- Choose NFT marketplace – You need a marketplace to enlist and sell your NFT. Again multiple options are available but you can go ahead with Rarible to start with as it provides a straightforward and easy setup.

Step 5- Create and sell NFT – Once you enlist on the marketplace, then you would need to upload your digital asset and create your NFT. Once NFT is created, you can put it up for sale after defining the sale guidelines and interested buyers can buy it.

Benefits of NFTs

Most of the adult content sites provide you with multiple ways of making money by selling your content or doing live shows, etc. Then how is the NFT platform beneficial for you? The beauty of an NFT based platform lies in the additional features and security it provides. Let’s take a look at some of the features that make an NFT platform beneficial for you.

Your NFT content comes with a built-in digital ownership stamp that makes it exclusive. The regular way of using watermarks on your content isn’t that safe anymore as it can be tampered with easily and resold without your knowledge. But the NFT content has a stamp of ownership attached to it which means that users can download a copy and save it for themselves but it can’t be sold in the digital world by them. Think of it as a painting, you can take a picture of the painting, but the original piece is what gets the business. NFTs are the same. The original owner of the NFT holds the sole right to sell it.

Another great thing about NFTs is the residual sale. This means that you receive a royalty fee every time your NFT is resold. Isn’t that amazing. You as the original owner get to set the royalty (usually between 10-20%). And every time your NFT exchanges hands, you receive a part of the reselling fee. This is just an extra income you make without literally doing anything.

There are a few other benefits associated with NFTs like lesser transaction fees, quicker access to your money, and a more safe and secure identity protection system in place. Safeguarding your real identity becomes really important in an industry like the adult industry. Your name, billing address, payment details, everything is kept securely and you don’t need to worry about any identity leak.

The rise of NFTs in the adult industry

Before the NFT craze entered the adult market, it had been making huge strides in the art and music industry especially. Artists like Grimes have sold $6 million worth of digital artworks in auctions in Feb 2021. Her one-of-a-kind video of 50 seconds sold for $389,000. Another digital artist known by the name of Beeple sold his NFT for a whopping $69 million in an auction at Christie’s. Even Jack Dorsey, ex-CEO of Twitter sold his first-ever tweet as NFT for $2.9 million.

It wasn’t long before NFTs entered the adult industry and for good. With the disparity the adult industry faces in terms of social taboo, or in the huge chargeback they face from banks, NFTs came in as the answer for all the troubles of the adult industry. Seen as a robust and safer way for the adult creators, NFT could be the solution to the age-old problems of discrimination towards sex workers and de-platforming (OnlyFans banned adult content) which is common now in the adult industry.

Watch your step with adult NFTs

Keeping all the good things that NFTs offer aside, NFTs are still pretty new to the scene and are volatile to any sudden switch in the market. Despite being there since 2014, NFTs picked up the audience’s interest only recently, and if reports are to be believed then the initial surge in the start of 2021 for NFTs has started to slightly fade already.

Let’s be honest, the major audience of the adult industry isn’t exactly the art-collector type, they just want some explicit content to see and jerk off. Yes, there are many who appreciate good adult content and would pay for it as a collectible, but it will take some time for the audience to focus on adult content as a financial asset.

Another concern is that NFTs are still not embedded with the age verification protocols which means that even a minor can buy explicit content which is something nobody wants. Also, the adult industry is way too familiar with how the tables can turn quickly, and something that is great today can turn into a disaster tomorrow.

And then there is the lack of knowledge in people about how to work with the NFTs. The gas charges, minting money, creating NFT, this all is still very much alien to the majority. Although there are a lot of articles and tutorials on how to understand this business, it will still take a lot of time for people to grasp this new age technology called NFT.

We are not saying that the NFT isn’t good, if it’s handled well it can turn out to be a tremendous boon for the digital world and the adult industry too. We can just hope that these shortcomings of NFT are worked on and we can empower the adult industry and give it the place it deserves.

How to create your NFT marketplace using xFans

We believe that NFT is the next big thing and it will empower the adult industry in a way nobody would have imagined. This match of subscription-based adult platforms and NFT is made in heaven and nothing can stop the adult industry from booming using the NFT technology.

When it comes to the subscription-based adult platform, OnlyFans leads the way with about 170 million registered users on its platform. The constant problem that OnlyFans and the other adult fan websites face is the payment issues with banks charging huge chargebacks, a high commission, etc. Imagine if you can integrate NFT technology into such platforms, it will take away the major pain-point of such websites and the models who work on them. Adult content creators can create and sell their content using NFT and earn the royalty for it for a lifetime. Isn’t that great!

xFans is a whitelabel clone of OnlyFans that lets you create your own subscription-based adult fan website just like OnlyFans. You get features like subscription levels, live cam, merchandise store, etc. through which you as a model can generate a hefty income. xFans also comes with the flexibility to customize your OnlyFans clone site with NFT so that you can be away from the hassles of the payment gateways and convert your content assets to NFT and sell them on the xFans platform.

xFans is the leading OnlyFans Clone Script that provides you with an open-source code, and is easy to install, simple to set up, and comes with the combined abilities of an eCommerce marketplace and a video streaming platform. Considering the recent hype of the NFT and seeing the benefits NFT brings in for the adult industry, xFans also provides easy customization to integrate the NFT system on your OnlyFans clone website. So, if you are looking to make some big money from sites like OnlyFans, then build your own using the best whitelabel solution, xFans.

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