OnlyFans Restricted Words: Revised List of 214 Banned Terms

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Ever wonder what kind of words are off-limits on OnlyFans? Well, get ready for a peek behind the curtain! OnlyFans, the platform known for its spicy content, has some strict rules about what you can and can’t say. And guess what? We’ve got the inside scoop on a massive list of OnlyFans restricted words. 

From the obvious (like explicit terms) to the downright puzzling (seriously, who knew “pee” could be so controversial?), this list is a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of one of the internet’s most talked-about platforms.

What Does Restricted on OnlyFans Mean?

On OnlyFans, there are certain words known as “restricted words” that are not allowed to be used anywhere on the site. This includes your profile name, bio, and direct messages with subscribers.

These words are banned to maintain online safety and ensure a positive user experience.

Types of Restricted Content

  • Explicit Language – This covers profanity, sexually explicit terms, and derogatory language.
  • Hate Speech –  OnlyFans prohibits language that promotes discrimination, partisanship, or violence against individuals or groups based on race, religion, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
  • Illegal Activities – Any language related to illegal activities like drug use or solicitation is prohibited.
  • Copyrighted Material –  Using copyrighted words or phrases without permission is also not allowed.

Effects of Using Restricted Words on OnlyFans

Using OnlyFans restricted words can have several effects, both for content creators and for the platform itself:

  • Violation of Terms of Service (ToS) –  OnlyFans has a set of terms of service that users must adhere to. If a content creator uses restricted words that violate these terms, they could face penalties ranging from warnings to having their account suspended or terminated.
  • Loss of Audience – Using restricted words might deter some users from subscribing to or engaging with a creator’s content. This could result in lower subscription rates, decreased engagement, and ultimately, less revenue for the creator.
  • Negative Public Perception –  Depending on the nature of the restricted words used, there could be a negative public perception associated with the content creator. This could impact their personal brand and reputation both within the OnlyFans community and more broadly.
  • Legal Issues – Certain restricted words may have legal implications, especially if they involve topics such as hate speech, harassment, or illegal activities. Content creators could face legal action if their content violates laws or regulations related to these topics.
  • Platform Enforcement – OnlyFans actively monitors content on its platform and takes action against users who violate its policies. If a content creator repeatedly uses restricted words despite warnings or enforcement actions, they may face more severe consequences, including permanent bans from the platform.

Evolution of Policies

OnlyFans’ policies regarding restricted words may change over time, so it’s important for creators to stay updated on the latest guidelines and community standards.

OnlyFans Banned Words

The Revised List of OnlyFans Restricted Words

Introducing the ultimate list of banned words on OnlyFans that’ll make your eyebrows raise and your jaw drop:


OnlyFans Banned Words


Admireme, Animal, Abduct, Abduction, Abducted, Abducting, Asphyxiate, Asphyxia, Asphyxiation, Asphyxiated, Asphyxiating


Bareback, Bait, Beastiality, Blackmail, Blood, Bleeding, Blacked, Bloodplay, Blooded, Bestiality, Bukkake, Blackmailed, Ballbusting


Cannibal, CBT, Cashapp, Canning, Canned, Comatose, Cervix, Cervics, Cerviks, Cervicks, Child, Choked, Choking, Choke, Chokes, Canning, Coma, Cycle,Choloroforming, Chloroform, Chloroformed, Chloroforming, Consent, CP, Caned, Caning


Dog, Doze, Drink, Drunken, Drinking, Drunk, Diapers


Escort, Escorting, Escorted, Eleven, Entrance, Enema


Fuckfan, Fecal, Fetal, Fanfuck, Fanfucked, Fuckafan, Foetal, Fist, Fisted, Facentro, Fancentro, Fisting, Flogging, Farm, Force, Forcing, Forced, Forcedbi, Forceful, Fifteen, FansOnly, Fansly, 


Gangbang, Gangbangs, Gandbanging, Golden, Gaping, Gangbanged


Hypno, Hardsports, Hypnotizing, Hypnotize, Hypnotized, Hypnotization, Hooker


Inbreed, Inbreeding, Inbreeded, Incapacitate, Incapacitation, Intox, Incest, Inzest


Jail, Jailed, Jailbait


Kidnap, Kidnapper, Kidnapping, Kidnapped, Knocking, Knock, Knocked


Lactate, Lactating, Lactation, Lalita, Lolicon, Lolita


Menstruate, Menstruation, Menstruating, Menstrual, Molest, Molested, Molesting, Medical play, Manyvids, Mutilate, Meet, Mutilation, Mutilated, Mutilating


Niger, Necrophilia




Paralyzation, Paralyze, Paralyzed, Peeplay, Pee, Piss, Pissing, Pissed, Poo, Pooping, Poop, Pooped, Paddling, Pegging, Passed out, Prostitution, Prostituted, Paypal, Prostituting, Preteen, Pre-scat, PSE, Pedo, Pedophile, Pedophilia


Rape, Rapped, Raped, Rapping, Rapist, Restricted


Skat, Showers, Suffocate, Suffocation, Suffocating, Suffocated, Strangled, Strangling, Strangled, Snuff, Strangle, Slave, Strangulation, Scat, Slavery,


Teen, Torture, Toilet, Toilet slave, Toilet slavery, Torture, Tortured, Torturing, Trance, Twelve, Thirteen


Unconscious, Unconsciousness, Underage, Unwilling


Vomit, Vomiting, Vomited, Venmo, Vomino


Watersports, Whipped, Whipping 





Furthermore, back in 2021, the OnlyFans support team responded to a Twitter user, detailing the content and language they prohibit.

An OnlyFans creator shared the list of restricted words from OnlyFans Support Team on Twitter
Source: Twitter (now X)

Is it Possible to Bypass Banned Words on OnlyFans?

No! Certain individuals attempt to evade OnlyFans restricted words by using alternative spellings. For example, rather than using ‘thirteen’, they might opt for ’13een’. However, we strongly discourage this practice.

OnlyFans diligently watch for such efforts, meaning even if you successfully avoid restricted words temporarily, it’s unlikely to remain effective for long. They have already incorporated alternative spellings like ‘whipped’ instead of ‘whippits’ into their list of restricted terms.

Violating OnlyFans’ rules could lead to more severe consequences for your account.

Let’s explore some alternative vocabulary examples that can be used instead of restricted words in messages and bios on OnlyFans.

Example 1: Restricted Words On OnlyFans Messages

Flagged Message

Hey there! I’m so excited to **Meet** you here on OnlyFans! Let’s make this experience **Eleven** times better together 😉.

Modified Message

Hey there! I’m so excited to **connect** with you here on OnlyFans! Let’s make this experience **exceptional** together 😉.

Example 2: Restricted Words On OnlyFans Bio

Flagged Version

Hey there! 😘 I’m Samantha, a professional **Escort** who loves to **Hypnotize** my audience with my charm and sensuality. I love going **Bareback** on my wild escapades! Subscribe now for a wild ride! 😉

Alternative Version

Hey there! 😘 I’m Samantha, your **friendly neighborhood content creator**, who loves to **captivate** the audience with charm and sensuality💋 I love to **seize natural connections** on my wild escapades! Subscribe now for a thrilling journey! 😉

What To Do If Your OnlyFans’ Account Gets Banned for Using Restricted Words?

If your account gets banned for using words that are not allowed on OnlyFans, here’s what you can do:

  • Notification – Firstly, OnlyFans will send you an email to inform you about the ban. They will clearly state the reason why your account was banned.
  • Contact Support – If you find out that your ban was due to using restricted words, it’s important to reach out to OnlyFans’ support team as soon as possible. You can do this by sending them an email at [email protected] or by using the contact form on their website.
  • Provide Details –  In your communication with OnlyFans’ support team, explain your situation thoroughly. Let them know if you used the restricted words accidentally and without any harmful intent.
  • Review Process – Once you contact support, the moderation team will manually review your account. They will consider the context in which the restricted words were used.
  • Reinstatement –  If it’s determined that you used the restricted words unintentionally and without any malicious intent, your account will likely be reinstated without much difficulty.

Remember to be patient during this process, as it may take some time for OnlyFans to review your case and make a decision.

Where to Find Updates and Support for OnlyFans Creators?

You can stay informed about the latest updates and issues facing creators on OnlyFans by checking out online forums like reddit’s r/onlyfansadvice and AmberCutie’s Forum.

Finding Updates and Support for OnlyFans Creators

These forums serve as communities where adult content creators and members can come together to discuss various aspects of their experiences. Whether you’re a cam model or a subscriber, these platforms offer valuable insights and discussions about the challenges and opportunities within the industry.


We hope our list of OnlyFans restricted words helps improve your experience on the platform. It’s crucial to understand and abide by the rules & guidelines, especially regarding restricted words. By familiarizing yourself with community standards, using alternative language when necessary, and staying updated on policy changes, you can create and engage with content effectively. Keep your content safe, respectful, and compliant with OnlyFans’ guidelines.

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FAQs Related to OnlyFans Restricted Words

1. Are There Penalties for Repeated Violations of Restricted Word Policies?

Yes! Repeated violations of restricted word policies can result in escalating penalties, including content removal, account suspension, or permanent banishment from the platform.

2. How Many Words are Restricted on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans has not provided an official list of restricted words, and it undergoes frequent updates. To remain knowledgeable about these restrictions, users are advised to consult platforms such as Reddit or the official OnlyFans Twitter account. These sources often offer insights and updates on changes to the platform’s policies regarding restricted words.

3. Are There Alternatives to Using Restricted Words on OnlyFans?

Yes, creators can use alternative language or euphemisms to convey their message without violating onlyfans’ guidelines. It’s essential to be mindful of the platform’s rules to maintain compliance.

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