How to Get Tips on OnlyFans – A Quick Guide

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Looking forward to know how to get tips on OnlyFans? We’ve come up with an exclusive OnlyFans tipping guide that tells you all the information on how to get tips on OnlyFans like a PRO!

So, it seems you’re one of the 2 million creators on OnlyFans or at least looking forward to becoming one. Given the competitive nature of the OnlyFans platform, you need to have all the possible leverage on your side.

One of them is knowing in-depth about OnlyFans tipping. Imagine if 100 fans tip you $1 daily, it’s an easy $3000. That’s the power of OnlyFans tipping.

That said, let’s get started with the basics first.

How Do Tips Work on OnlyFans?

It’s pretty easy to understand. In the physical world, a waiter or a valet gets tipped for their service. In the digital world, especially on platforms like OnlyFans, you, a creator, get tipped for your amazing content/to build deeper relationships with fans.

The only sophisticated option here is that there are multiple OnlyFans tipping options, which will increase the chances of making money. We’ll look at them now, one by one.

1. OnlyFans Tipping on Profiles

This is the most common OnlyFans tipping method and users find this as an easy way to connect with their creators.

This OnlyFans tipping option is found next to the creator’s name. All a user has to do is, click the “dollar” sign and deliver the tip they want to.

However, as of now, this tipping option is not available.

2. Tipping on Live Streams

Livestream tipping is a great way for the user to directly engage with the creator and tip them.

Users can simply tip creators while they are on a live stream and take the session to the next level.

3. Post Tipping

It’s not just live streams. Users can also tip creators from their photos/videos. If a user likes a post very much, they can appreciate it by tipping the creator.

Speaking of posts, here’s something you’ll want to know – the basic profile tipping option will unlock only when you have put up at least five posts.

4. Direct Message Tipping

This is another OnlyFans tipping method that’s highly popular among creators – engaging with fans directly and making them tip.

After all, who doesn’t want to spend a dollar or more just to continue talking with their favorite creator?

So, those are the different types of tipping methods of OnlyFans – the ways you can earn some extra money. Apart from the mentioned, there’s also another method called milestone tipping or wishlist, where you ask fans to tip you for a purpose 

Note: The OnlyFans business model is that it charges a 20% commission on every dollar you make. So, if you’re getting $200 as tips, you are entitled to only $160.

Now that you know how OnlyFans tipping works, let’s move to the next section.

Effective Ways & Tricks to Increase Tips on OnlyFans

Like we said in the first paragraph, you need all the leverage you can get to stand out on OnlyFans and make more money. And this section is all about that – the ways that’ll help you make more tips on OnlyFans.

1. Make Your Profile Jaw-Dropping

Whether you’re planning to make tips or not, an amazing OnlyFans profile is mandatory. Forget the tips part – would people even subscribe if your profile looks cheesy?

So, when you create an OnlyFans profile, make sure that you have,

  • Used a good profile picture
  • A detailed bio description that’s creative and self-explanatory on what you do
  • Links to your wishlists and other important stuff you want to sell

The audience should find it easy to make out what they’ll get when they subscribe to your profile.

Take cues from top OnlyFans creators in your niche and get started from there.

2. Create a Tip Menu for Your OnlyFans Profile

Since how to get tips on OnlyFans is the focus talk here, after creating an OnlyFans profile, you need to create an OnlyFans tip menu.

Okay, let’s talk about what an OnlyFans tip menu is. It is an explanation of how much you charge for the different services you offer. This makes it easy for your fans – they just tip you for what they want. This process removes all the guesswork and explanation in between.

Here’s an example of an OnlyFans tip menu.

Similarly, plan out what you offer and how much to charge. Create a post and pin it on your profile or include it in your bio if the offerings are less.

Make it look sexy and affordable!😍

Note: The offerings and services will change according to the type of creator you are. If you’re someone who is planning to sell feet pics or sell used panties on OnlyFans, your tip menu would look different.

3. Promote Your OnlyFans Account Vividly

Now that the foundation is set, next, you’ve got to pull in people. And for that, you need to promote your OnlyFans profile on different platforms.

Okay, this isn’t rocket science. All you have to do is, create handles on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Reddit and promote your OnlyFans profile and content. You can simply blur your latest photos or post a snippet of your videos.

This is enough to drive initial traffic and provided everything else is good on your profile, they’ll become your subscriber and start tipping you.

4. Post High-Quality, Tip-Worthy Media

If you want to get tipped on OnlyFans, you need to create content that’s worthy of the people’s money.

Whether it be videos or photos, make it worth their money. Use high-quality cameras, be creative and post videos in high quality – people won’t think twice about tipping for your post.

Also, remember that quality matters over quantity. There’s a belief that if you have more than 20 videos, you might get tipped more. But, do not compromise on quality, ever!

5. Make Live Stream Sessions a Regular Thing

So, as of now, you’ve created a profile, set up a bio, promoted your OnlyFans account and started posting media.

Now, it’s time you take things to the next level. To get tips on OnlyFans, you need to engage with fans in real-time. And what better way is there to do it than a live-stream session?

Lucky for you OnlyFans doesn’t charge extra for live-streaming sessions. Once you have a sizable fan following, you can start conducting live-stream sessions on a regular basis.

Make sure to put up a post about the live-streaming session and the agenda a day or two before to drive maximum attendees.

6. Engage With Fans on DMs, Constantly & Daily

Once you are quite popular (which will happen with regular posts and live-streaming sessions), a lot of fans will start reaching out to you with their wildest fantasies. Though it’s impossible to entertain all of it, at least respond to them.

This is a good way to build relationships with fans and get more OnlyFans tips because not a lot of creators engage with their fans.

But if you’re able to spend some time daily and engage constantly with fans, your tip figures will be massive!

7. Take Special Care of Tippers

Remember one thing here. The fans who tip you, are spending dollars out of their pocket for you. And if you want that to be a constant process, you need to make them feel special, just like they do for you.

Once you find that a fan has been a consistent tipper, start taking special care of them – offer them exclusive content, give them special goodies, have an exclusive 1-on-1 with them and more.

The idea here is to recognize tippers and make them feel special by rewarding them.

8. Create a Secondary OnlyFans Account

This is one of the most underrated techniques to drive more followers and get tipped more on OnlyFans. Though it will require some additional effort and time, the results are rewarding!

Once you have a good fan following on your OnlyFans account, it would be a wise idea to create a secondary OnlyFans account. This is because you’ll be able to drive traction from a completely new set of audience.

Just make sure that you post different content on your secondary profile. Once you have gained enough traction there, slowly start redirecting them to your primary account for premium content. From this point onwards, you should only be posting previews and teasers of your premium profile content.

9. Creating Your OnlyFans Website

While getting more tips on OnlyFans is all fine, you’ve to remember that you’re getting only 80% of your earnings from tips and all the other content sales.

Over a period of time, once you have gained enough fan following, you should create a brand around yourself. And it starts with your own personal fan site.

You can easily create your own fan website using whitelabel scripts like xModel by It doesn’t cost you much and takes less than a month to launch your website. The best part is, that you get multiple monetization features and even built-in payment gateways for processing.

So, those are the 9 ways you can get more tips on OnlyFans! Fair enough? Great! 

Things to Know About OnlyFans Tipping

While you know how to get tips on OnlyFans, there are some other factors and things you should know.

  • OnlyFans tipping might not work if you have registered an incorrect address, zip code, or postal code.
  • The maximum tipping amount you can receive from a fan is $100.
  • Sometimes, fans might tip you and end up asking it back/ask something beyond possible. Learn how to tackle these situations politely because you don’t want to lose them or provoke them to tarnish your reputation.
  • Not one price works for all – diverse your tipping menu and the hotter & higher the requirements, charge accordingly.
  • There is no minimum amount for tipping on OnlyFans if the user has money in their wallet. But from a credit card, the minimum tipping amount is $5.

Those are some exclusives we were able to pull out for you! That said, we’ll head to the closing!

Final Few Words

We assume you now know how to get tips on OnlyFans. It all comes down to how creative, consistent and engaging you are with your fans.

Sure there are a lot of other creators in your niche making the game hard, but the above-mentioned ways & tricks will help you stand out from the crowd and make more tips on OnlyFans. 

So, go now and do what it takes to hit the $100 tip limit from your fans!😍

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