How Much to Charge for Sexting?

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There is no doubt in the fact that sexting is a viable side hustle nowadays. But what people don’t know or are confused about is how much to charge for sexting. In this article, we will see how you can set prices for sexting and what are the best ways to make more money through sexting.

Sexting basically means exchanging sexually explicit and steamy messages between two adults. The thing to remember is sexting should be between two consenting adults, or else it turns into harassment. In the old days, sexting used to mean sending raunchy text messages on our old phones. But now, with smartphones, sexting includes emojis, pictures, videos, voice notes, sending nudes, etc., making it an immersive experience for adults.

What started as a pastime between two horny adults soon turned into a viable side hustle for many out there, both males and females. Let’s get into the details and see how much sexting costs and how much to charge for sexting. But before that, let’s understand more about the sexting business.

Is sexting a profitable business?

Out of all the various ways to make money in the adult industry like selling boob pictures and selling butt pics online, sexting is the easiest way to make a quick buck. Sexting is a profitable business as there is quite a demand for it. Especially since the pandemic hit and people were confined to their houses and void of human connections, sexting became a preferred option for many.

Sexting usually has an audience of two types. First are the lonely people who have been looking to form some human connection in any way possible and are ready to pay money for sexting. Second are the fun loving people for whom sexting is another way of having fun and pleasure. Both types of people love to spend money on sexting and make this business profitable.

Key Factors in Maximizing Earnings Through Sexting

1. Platform Reputation and Traffic

The reputation and popularity of the platform you choose for sexting can greatly impact your earnings. Platforms with a large user base and a good reputation tend to attract more paying customers.

For example, if you choose a well-known platform like OnlyFans or SextPanther, you’re likely to have more potential customers compared to a lesser-known platform.

Marketing and Branding

How you market yourself and your brand is crucial for attracting customers and making money. This involves creating an appealing profile, using high-quality images, and effectively promoting your services on social media or other platforms. 

Marketing and Branding Affects the Sexting Charges

For instance, creating an enticing profile on social media platforms like Instagram can draw in followers who may have an interest in your sexting services, much like Peyton Kinsly, a top 0% creator.

2. Skill & Experience  

Your skill and experience in sexting play a significant role in your ability to make money. Just like any profession, the better you are at it, the more satisfied customers you’ll have, and the more money you can earn. 

Skills such as effective communication, understanding clients’ desires, typing speed, and creating engaging conversations are crucial. Experience helps you refine your techniques and understand what works best for different clients.

3. Consistency and Availability

Consistently being available to your clients and maintaining a regular schedule can help build trust and loyalty, leading to more repeat customers and increased earnings. 

For instance, setting specific hours for sexting sessions and being prompt in responding to messages can make clients more likely to return for your services.

4. Pricing Strategy 

How much to charge for sexting services can significantly impact your earnings. It’s essential to find a balance between offering competitive rates and ensuring you’re adequately compensated for your time and effort. 

For example, you might offer different pricing tiers for different services or lengths of sessions to cater to a wider range of clients.

5. Network and Collaborate

Ever heard the phrase “two heads are better than one“? Well, sometimes it’s true! Building connections within the sexting community and collaborating with other sexting providers can open up opportunities for cross-promotion and referrals, ultimately leading to more clients and higher earnings.

For instance, collaborating with another sexting provider for joint promotions or guesting on a podcast can help expand your reach and attract new clients. Just like reigning queen of sexting, Amber Sweetheart, has been successfully doing.

6. Stay Updated and Adaptable

The world of sexting, like any other industry, is constantly evolving. Staying updated on trends, technologies, and changes in the market can help you remain competitive and adapt your strategies to maximize your earnings. 

For example, keeping an eye on forums like Reddit’s r/dirtyr4r can help you capitalize on new opportunities and stay ahead of the curve.

Best pricing plans for sexting

Anyone who gets or wants to get into the sexting business has the first question of how much should I charge for sexting. Well, depending on how much time you’ll spend on sexting, your prices can vary. Let’s take a look at how to set prices for sexting services.

sexting tip menu for charging

Not too high

If you charge exorbitantly high prices for your sexting services, then remember that customers would just move to another model who charges reasonable prices for sexting. Unless you’re like Kim Kardashian selling nudes on Snapchat, try to compare your prices with the market rates and accordingly price your sexting services.

Not too low 

Now you wouldn’t want to starve yourself, too, right? If you try to beat the competition by reducing the prices for your sexting services, then sooner than later, you’ll be doing a lot of work for almost free. And also, many customers might get a feeling that as your prices are low, your services might be bad.

Sell in bundle

A good way to increase your customer base and earn more through sexting is to sell your service in bundles. Rather than charging customers on a per minute or per text basis, you can sell out plans like $x for 15 minutes or $x for 30 minutes. This way, it sounds reasonable for the customer, and you also make more money through texting.

How much to charge for sexting?

Now comes the most important question of how much to charge for sexting services. Sexting is an easy way to make money, and that’s why many models prefer this as a side hustle. But models still need to treat sexting seriously to be able to make some good money in this competition.

Sexting is time consuming and can take up a major part of your day. So don’t undervalue your time and efforts, and set prices for sexting accordingly so that you can get money worth the effort. To start with, models can either choose to price sexting on a per-text or per-minute basis or can sell bundles or packages of 10, 15, 20, 30, and more minutes.

It is recommended not to start with the per-minute or per-message model till you make a name for yourself in the sexting business. Till then, bundles or packages should be the way to go. But if you start with the per-minute model, then the standard market price for sexting can be $2 to $3 per minute.

The price of bundles or packages can differ depending on if you show your face, if you share images, video clips, voice notes, or even use props. The standard market rates for just sexting vary from $10 to $20 for 15 minutes of plain texting. Whereas, if you include pictures and video clips along with sexting, then the price can vary from $30 to $40 for 15 minutes, $55 to $75 for 30 minutes, and $100 to $150 for 1 hour of sexting services.

Reddit user says her experience about sexting service price and how to charge based on session

You can also offer the girlfriend or boyfriend experience in your sexting services which can last for the whole day. Models can charge customized high prices for this kind of experience as it needs a lot of time and effort from the models’ side. As sexting is mostly a side hustle for models along with selling used panties, models can make good passive income through all this.


To maximize your earnings from sexting, consider opting for pre-built solutions like xModel by It’s a ready-to-use fansite software designed for models & creators, enabling them to effortlessly create their own websites and monetize their content. Easy to install, budget-friendly, and equipped with robust chat features, xModel can significantly boost your income from sexting. 

It includes individual dashboards for admin and users ensuring convenient management. Plus, there’s an optional sexting add-on that can take your sexting experiences to a whole new level. With a range of powerful features and multiple monetization options, you can make the most of your fans and boost your income big time by setting your sexting rates. For sexting enthusiasts, this add-on offers capabilities such as messaging charges, receiving tips, accessing premium content, and facilitating pay-per-minute calls.

FAQs About How Much to Charge for Sexting

1. Are There Any Standard Sexting Rates?

No! There’s no fixed standard, industry trends suggest rates typically range from $1 – $5 per message, depending on various factors such as exclusivity and customization.

2. What Factors Should I Consider When Setting Sexting Prices?

Factors to consider include your experience level, the level of customization offered, the platform used, and the demand for your services. Researching competitors’ rates and gathering feedback from clients can also help determine fair pricing that reflects the value you provide.

3. Should I Charge Per Message or Per Session for Sexting?

Charging per message allows flexibility for clients and can encourage ongoing engagement. On the other hand, per-session pricing may be more straightforward and predictable. Consider experimenting with both models and assessing which resonates better with your audience and aligns with your revenue goals.

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