How Much Should I Charge For Feet Pics?

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Selling feet pics online has caught up as one of the most profitable ventures in the adult industry. And for all good reasons too. Firstly, there is not much effort or investment needed to start selling feet pictures online. And secondly, you can stay anonymous to protect your privacy and still make good money by selling feet pictures.

With the trend of selling feet pictures online setting ablaze, many people now want to get into this profitable venture and make money. But the question of how much to charge for feet pics bothers a lot of beginners in this market. So today, in this article, we will try to answer your questions regarding feel pic selling and help you figure out how much should I charge for feet pics.

What makes selling feet pictures profitable?

Selling feet pictures online is a preferred way for many foot fetish models to make easy money without having to do much. Before we go on and see how much do people sell feet pics for, let’s discuss what makes selling feet pictures profitable.

1. No nudity needed

Selling feet pictures doesn’t need you to be naked in the pictures. Only pictures of your feet can suffice for making money.

2. Less investment

The only investment you need is a good camera and your beautiful feet. Selling feet pictures doesn’t need you to invest much time or money, but the profits are great.

3. Huge demand

With more people accepting their fetishes and opening up, the demand for feet pictures is huge. Not only fetish lovers but even footwear companies and agencies are looking for beautiful feet pictures.

Factors that decide how much to charge for feet pics

When you want to understand how much to charge for feet pics, then you should also be aware of the factors that decide the prices of feet pics. Other than beautiful feet, here are a few factors that’ll determine how much to charge for feet pictures.

1. Platform

Today, there are numerous platforms available where you can sell feet pictures. Depending on which platform you choose, the prices of your feet pictures will vary.

If you’re selling feet pics on stock photo websites like iStock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Gettyimages, etc., then you can set the prices of your feet pictures higher than usual. These stock platforms are where big agencies and companies usually look for feet pictures, and they can pay good money for it.

When you’re selling on platforms dedicated to feet pic selling like Foap, InstaFeet, FeetFinder, etc., then you’ll have to set competitive prices for your feet pictures. As these platforms have many people selling feet pictures, the competition is high. To stay in the hunt, you need to begin by charging less for your feet pictures.

2. Feet type

The type of your feet also plays a role in deciding how much you should charge for your feet pictures. If you’ve arched and slender feet, then you can demand a higher price compared to flat feet types.

Also, how you present your feet can help determine how much to charge for feet pictures. Clean and well-moisturized feet pictures can sell for more compared to dirty feet unless specifically asked by the buyer. Wearing stockings, ornaments, painted toenails, etc., can help you raise the prices of your feet pictures.

Another aspect of deciding the price of your feet pics can be your feet size. Some people have very small or large feet that are not common. You can use this to your advantage and make it your selling point. Irregular feet size is a niche within a niche that can help you charge higher for your rare feet type.

3. Client type

The prices of your feet pictures also depend on who your client is. Big agencies, magazines, branding firms, bloggers, and such clients will generally be happy to pay higher for your feet pictures.

Factors that decide how much to charge for feet pics

When you’re selling feet pictures on social media platforms like OnlyFans and such, then you should lower your charges for feet pictures. Users who buy feet pictures for personal use generally avoid paying high prices as they have many options available to them.

Pro tips to increase the charges for your feet pics

Selling feet pics has become a very popular side hustle that many are following, leading to huge competition in this segment. To be able to compete and stay in business, here are some tips to boost the average price of feet pics for you.

1. Picture quality

If you’re serious about making money by selling feet pics, then your feet pictures should also be of seriously good quality. A randomly taken feet picture on the bed will get lost in the sea of feet pics available online. Firstly, you should invest in a good camera and editing software to make your feet pics crisp, clear, and beautiful to look at.

Secondly, to stand out from the crowd, you can get creative and take the help of props to put life into your feet pics. No one likes repetitive content, and you should put in the effort to diversify your content and take feet pics at different locations with different props and accessories to increase your prices for feet pics.

2. Use multiple platforms

You will only come to the notice of buyers when you consistently post feet pictures on your profile. Consistency is the key to selling feet pictures. The more your pictures are noticed by buyers, the more chances you have to build a fan base and increase the prices for feet pics.

Also, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Use multiple platforms to publish your feet pictures so that you can catch the eye of a larger audience and boost the chances of making sales. It’s recommended to post feet pics on at least 2 to 3 different platforms to maximize the reach of your pictures.

3. Social media marketing

Any fetish model who has a good presence on social media platforms stands a better chance of earning more money than models who don’t. Social media ensures that you’re well-known outside your feet-selling platforms too.

This makes you popular as well as provides good exposure for your niche. When people know you better, then you’ll have better chances to increase your prices for feet pics.

4. Frequency of posting pictures

Another major factor that helps determine your feet picture prices is the frequency of posting your feet pictures. Models who regularly post on multiple platforms build a reputation for themselves as their posts are always in front of their buyer’s eyes. So the more reputation you gain, the higher prices you can ask for your feet pics.

How much to charge for feet pics?

Now we reach the million-dollar question of how much should I charge for feet pics? To be honest, it totally depends on your popularity and the dedication you show towards this business. Along with that, all the factors mentioned in the previous sections play a major role in deciding the price of your feet pictures.

Popular foot fetish models sell their feet pictures for $100 a picture or more which sounds very rewarding. But they have reached this level after days of promoting and publishing better content over the years. To start with, beginners usually charge anything between $5 to $10 for a feet pic. This is a reasonable price for your feet pics when you begin selling as you would make more sales at this price and make a good fan base for yourself.

For those who have established their name in the industry, the prices for feet pictures can vary depending on the buyer. The usual rate to sell feet pictures on social platforms like FeetFinder can be anything from $15 to $30. On the other hand, when you sell on stock image websites like iStock, then you can charge anything from $30 to $50 for a single feet picture.

For custom feet pic requests, beginners can charge anything from $30 to $50 per picture, depending on the requirements of the buyer. Established feet models can charge $50 for any amount they feel is right, based on the demand by the buyer. If you’re lucky, you can strike the jackpot like OnlyFans user Char Borley who claims to have earned a whopping $20,000 for a single feet picture.

So to put it all together, how much you can charge for feet pictures depends on multiple factors that we have discussed above. With time and popularity, you can stand a chance to increase the prices of your feet images and make good money. Till then, keep hustling to make your dream come true.

How much to charge for toe pics?

Yes, you read it right. There is a completely separate fan base for toe pics. Toe fetish is also an upcoming side hustle that you can look at. Many users ask how much do toe pics sell for, and the answer depends on you. The target audience for toe pictures is lesser than feet pictures, making it a profitable venture as not many models sell toe pictures.

How much to charge for toe pics

You can charge anything between $10 to $20 for high-quality toe pictures. As this niche is an upcoming niche that not many know about, this is the right time to cash in on it and make good money by selling toe images to buyers looking to pay well for it.

How much should I charge for feet videos?

Some buyers prefer to buy feet videos rather than pictures as it gives them more time to lure over your beautiful feet. Custom feet video prices can vary from $20 to $30 for beginners in the field, while established feet models can charge $30 to $50 for a feet video.

To be honest, there is no upper limit to how much I can charge for feet pictures and videos. It all depends on your popularity and how much your buyer is willing to pay for it. If you can smooth-talk with your buyer and convince them with your words, the sky’s the limit to how much to sell feet pictures for and get paid for fetishes.

How much do male feet pics go for?

You would be surprised to know that selling feet pictures isn’t completely a female thing. Men, too, can earn money by selling feet pics to interested buyers. Don’t believe us? You can ask Jason Stormm, an Arizona-based man who sells his feet pictures on OnlyFans and makes $4000 per month!

So yes, there is a market for male feet pics too. Although comparatively smaller than the market for female feet models, the competition in selling male feet pics is much lesser. Male feet pics can be bought by both men and women, and you can charge anything between $5 to $15 for male feet pics depending on your clientele.


Selling feet pics online and making money has become one of the top-earning side hustles for many models around the world. Not only does it pay well, but it is also easy to start and maintain anonymity too. We hope this article has answered your question of how much should I charge for feet pics. There is a lot of potential in this niche, and it comes down to your efforts on how much money you can make by selling feet pictures online.

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FAQs related to charges for feet pics

1. Will people pay money for pictures of my feet?

Yes, there are many people with a feet fetish who will pay good money for beautiful feet pictures.

2. What is a good price to charge for feet pics?

Depending on your popularity and fan base, you can charge anything between $5 to $30 for your feet pics.

3. What type of feet pics sell best?

Buyers usually like pictures of feet that are natural and of good quality. A picture of beautiful feet in natural lighting with your feet hanging in the air sells the best.

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