Adult Marketplace for Models and Studio Owners to Sell Videos

- 7 mins read – Review

Clips4sale is one of the biggest adult content selling websites that you can ever find online. It has earned quite a name and fame for itself among the adult studio owners and producers. Many people even use it to sell their self-created content. It is basically a media hosting website which any producer and an authorized content re-seller can leverage to the fullest. This website helps them start their own studio which they can subsequently offer for sale here. Clips4sale provides everything which a new producer wants to create and start selling his / her content.


For Cam Models / Producers

Clips4sale provides producers and authorized re-sellers with a studio account. The studio account comes with a seller panel and a dedicated dynamic user dashboard. The website puts their content on marketplace under whatever category the producers want it to be placed. It is noticeable that the website takes a genuine yet profitable percentage according to the content uploaded. From 25% to 40%, any percentage figure can go into the kitty of the website owners. This is a fair enough figure.

As most of the producers do not know where to begin with or where to sell their content, Clips4Sale caters to their requirements by providing competitive schemes. And not just producers, there are several individual models who work alone, and they face difficulty in selling their content online. Through Clips4sale, they can sell their content for competitive prices, and without any hassles.


It is a pretty good deal for all the producers/re-sellers, as the minimum amount that can be transferred to their accounts is $50 only. If they are international producers, then this limit is $150. This may not be a jaw-dropping figure, but the figure is good enough. Remember, this payment can be withdrawn monthly, and not whenever one wants to. On the 7th of every month, Clips4sale clears out the previous month’s sale revenue. This is one disadvantage of the website.

For Users

The users who are looking to buy adult content can go through a variety of adult videos, adult images, DVDs and membership sites, to buy. The website is full of many porn studios. There are several studios who also offer custom content service. In other words, users can request the studios to create content as per their requirement. There are also many re-sellers available, from whom the users can buy content which is already on the market, at a low price. This gives a very good opportunity for new adult website owners to buy original content at not so higher prices.

Revenue Model

The website earns revenue through a simple process. The only aim of the website is to give a platform to the adult studios to sell their content. This content is bought by several buyers who are interested in buying these for their adult website. Although, this service doesn’t require a lot of work from Clips4sale, they take a fair amount of money from each sale. From each sale, Clips4sale takes about 25 % to 40 % revenue split. Rest of the money earned from each sale is sent to the studio administrator / owner or the content creator of the sold content. The content seller and buyer are required to create an account on this website.


Business Model

The website’s business model is pretty simple. There are no advertisement banners or any type of pop-ups on the website. The website simply takes percentage out of every sale made by their users. Clips4sale acts as the middle man in every transaction. They provide content seller to the buyer, and a buyer to the content seller.

The website looks pretty good, and is a custom designed website. Anyone can create similar website, but there are a few important things which should be kept in mind while starting such a website. There are also some improvements, which Clips4sale requires. Here are all of them –

  • It is not a business for beginners
  • A lot of bandwidth is required to keep content
  • The design and user interface of this website is not good enough, which should be attractive
  • Not enough payment gateways on the website, which are important for any website dealing with payments

After mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of Clips4sale, it is quite clear that it is a good website, but it surely needs some improvement. While starting a similar website, these improvements can be applied by simply choosing a better custom development company. This is a custom developed website, and it has been created according to its owner’s demands.


Bottom Line

You can also create a similar custom adult website of your own. We have seen many website owners who use templates which are provided either by their hosting providers or which come with a script software. Such website owners are never completely satisfied with the design of their website. This doesn’t have to be the case with you. You can have your website designed exactly the way you want.

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