Popularity of Porn

Let me begin this post with an interesting statement- Porn is popular than Facebook and Twitter. Just search for the word ‘porn’ on Google and in less than a second, you have more than 735,000,000 results.  Isn’t this number huge? People must have seen others getting addicted to social networking sites. Ever since the inception of 21st century, people are getting addicted to porn. The number of people getting addicted to porn is increasing every day. People visit porn sites in millions and porn sites end up making billions.  


Numbers serve as concrete evidences to substantiate my claim that porn is popular than social networking. Each and every second, an estimated $3200 is being spent on pornography. Approximately, 30,000 users are viewing porn every second. And every second, 400 adults are busy typing the word ‘porn’ or any word related to it. Here is another interesting stat- Every 38 minutes, United States produces one adult video.

Types of Adult Websites

Porn marketers are brilliant at what they do. Porn may seem un-ethical but it has become a necessary evil. If you want to make some decent money and be an integral part of this multi-billion dollar industry, you must think on these lines:

  • Tube Sites
  • Membership Sites
  • Sex Toy Websites
  • Live webcams

Adult Tube Sites

Some of the examples of adult tube sites are pornhub.com, youporn.com and redtube.com. These tube sites get tremendous traffic and earn revenue by displaying advertisements on the site. These sites are known to sell traffic to various membership sites. As a matter of fact, you can get content from membership sites and upload it to your site.

If this is your first time, or if you are a zealous solo entrepreneur craving for some easy money, you should start an adult tube site.

Membership Sites

You must have heard of popular membership sites such as Brazzers.com, Naughty America, and Reality Kings etc. These membership sites are owned by content producing studios. They have their own models, performers and studios. They shoot videos on a daily basis and upload it to their respective sites. Most of the content is HD premium. They focus on converting casual porn viewers into full-time members. Trailers of videos are made available to all for free.


You can start a membership site and rake in the moolah.

Sex Toy Websites

Sex toy market is huge. It is a 15 billion dollar industry in itself. It is estimated to touch 52 billion US $ by 2020. You start a marketplace of your own and start selling sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, lubricators, rings, cuffs etc.  This niche has nothing to do with SEO. It works on PPC and other its sister programs.

Live Webcams

Live webcam sites are giving their users superior erotic and romantic experience. Sites such as Chaturbate, Bongocams, and Cams.com have shown to the adult industry what live webcams niche is all about. More or less, live webcam chat is like having a chat on Skype. Sites such as LiveJasmin have a dedicated hub for all live adult webcam performers.  To start your own live webcam business, you need to have a few cam models. You can advertise your requirement in a newspaper. Also, you can hire strippers or contact model agencies and subsequently hire them for adult camming.

custom porn cam sites


With the inhabitants of the earth observing 2017, there is no other propitious time to start making money by leveraging anyone of the aforementioned sites. Let me share some sights on how to make money with porn

How to make money with Porn

To begin with, I suggest you to own a porn site. Well, if you have enough money at your disposal, you can buy an existing and decently performing porn site. Otherwise, you have to create one. Well, the question is: how to create a porn site?  Long gone are the days when people used to create sites from scratch. There are various turnkey script software available in the market. Turnkey software make your life easy as they have a wide variety of templates, themes and features.

Adult Affiliate Marketing

Choosing the right porn tube script

No doubt, there are hundreds of tube script software available. However, it is important to choose the right porn tube script. Purchase a tube script software that has the following features:

  • Multi-language support
  • Adult Payment Gateways
  • DMCA complaint handler
  • Video Embedder module
  • Image Gallery module
  • Affordable Hosting Provider
  • Search Engine Optimization Features
  • Rotating Thumb nails
  • Dashboards
  • Revenue models
  • Sufficient bandwidth
  • Round- the – clock customer service

Please be informed that this list is not exhaustive. It just covers the basic features that every adult site should have.  

Adent.io is a world class adult turnkey software provider. Its cutting edge technology and state –of – the – art products help you build scalable and powerful websites.  

How to build a porn site?

Here is a brief on the names of the products and the requirement they cater to:

  • Adult Tube Site – To build an adult tube site, I recommend xStreamer product.
  • Membership Site – To build an adult membership site, I recommend xMember product.
  • Adult Toy Store – To build an adult toy store, I recommend xMarketplace product.
  • Live webcam Site – To build a live webcam site, I recommend xCams product.

A few Money earning tips:

  • PPS programs

PPS stands for Pay per Sale. If you have ever visited a porn site, you will be able to see advertisements asserting, “Increase your penis by 3+ inches.”  These are the advertisements of the companies that sell health products. Following the same lines, you can host such ads on your website. For every sale that happens through a visitor from your site, you earn a fixed commission.

  • Affiliate Marketing

There are various programs under affiliate marketing. For instance, an adult company may ask you to divert your website traffic to its website. For every unique visitor the adult website gets, you may earn a certain percentage.

  • Streaming Sites

The best thing about streaming sites is that they embed videos in the video player. Popular website YouTube is a brilliant example. They place interstitial ads and pop-under. Money is again earned through ads.

  • Membership Sites

You can create a fan club within a membership site and share adult content. You may a charge a premium for the members to access the content of their favorite porn star / cam performer.

  • Live Cams

Money is earned in the form of virtual tokens. As the administrator of the website, you can decide how much commission you intend to pay to cam performers. Of course, mutual consent between the performers and site administrators prevents conflicts.

I hope you have got answers to questions such as how to create a porn site, how to build a porn site etc. Do let me know if you have any other concerns. I will be happy to address them. Cheers!

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