How To Start an Escort Service Business in 2024? (Legally)

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Starting an escort service is one of the most fruitful business models today. After the success of starting a porn site and making money from it, it is now much easier nowadays to start an escort agency than it was a few years ago. But there still are so many questions in people’s minds about how to start an escort business that we thought of helping by answering all such questions related to setting up an escort business.

This article will help you find answers to questions like:

  • How to start a legal escort service?
  • How to run an escort service?
  • How to make money from your escort business?
  • How to find models for your escort business?
  • Tips to run a successful escort business.

Before we tell you how to start an escort service, you’ll need to understand the prerequisites required for setting up an escort business and the Do’s and Don’ts in the escort industry. So without any further ado, let’s get going.

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What is needed for starting an escort service?

There are a few things you need to be sure of before you start escorting to make sure your escort business is a legitimate business and a successful escort agency.

Legality of your escort business

Escorting is banned in many countries, which is why it becomes very important to check before starting an escort business. You will need to be absolutely sure that the escort business is a legitimate business in your country of operation before you launch one. Once you’re sure that your escort business is legal, then you will need to register it with the authorities as an LLC, S Corp, or C Corp legal entity.

Insurance cover for your escort business

An insurance policy is very much needed for any business, especially when your business is a high-risk one, like an escort business. In case your business runs into trouble and doesn’t perform as you would have expected it to, an insurance policy can help you recover some of your investment put into your legal escort business.

Business plan for your escort business

Before you start your own escort service, you will need to create a business plan for your venture. A business plan contains the strategies that you intend to implement in your business in the long term to make money from your business. While registering your escort business, you’ll need to present a business plan to the authorities to let them know how serious you’re about starting an escort service.

Website with a catchy name for your escort business

Finally, you will need a website for your legal escort business that has a catchy domain name and is easy to remember for people. The escort business is mostly a high-class business where you’ll deal with wealthy customers. So you need to make sure that your website is classy and contains every information needed by the customers. Your business name will be your brand, so give a name that is catchy and easy to remember.

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What are the types of escort business?

There are three ways in which you can enter the escort industry, which we will explain in brief.

Escort agency website

If you’re someone who has a lot of contacts with escorts all over the world, then starting an escort agency of your own is the right business plan for you. The look and content of your escort agency website decide whether customers stay to make a booking or leave for one of your competitor escort agencies. There are a few things that can decide the success of your legitimate business and bring potential clients to your escort agency website. Let’s take a look at those features.

  • High-class images and videos – Any escort agency website needs to contain a lot of high-class pictures and videos of escorts. It is the images and videos that lure potential clients to convert into paying customers.
  • Mandatory pages on your website – A few pages that are absolutely mandatory on your escort website are the Homepage, Contact us page, Services and fees page, Escorts available page, Booking page, and Terms & conditions page. A potential client looks for easy ways to connect with your business, know about your business, and make bookings for escorts on your website.
  • Mobile-friendly website – Gone are the days when people used desktop computers to browse the expansive world of the internet. Your escort website needs to be mobile-friendly and easy to navigate for potential clients to make it a smooth experience for them.
  • Contact ways on your website – Your escort agency website should clearly mention the ways in which a potential client can connect and make bookings for escorts on your website. A phone number, email ID, Whatsapp number, and contact form are a must for your escort website.
  • Multiple language support on your website – The escort industry is not limited to a country but gets clients from all over the world. To give the edge to your escort company, you need to make your website translated in a few popular languages like English, French, Arabic, German, and Russian.

Escort directory website

An escort directory website is a listing of escorts from all around the world. Escorts pay you money to be listed on your escort directory and become available to clients from around the world. Running an escort service business is a great option if you don’t want to get into the hassles of starting an escort agency.

There are many escort directories that are available online, so your escort directory website needs to stand out to be successful. You can charge escorts as well as escort agencies who are looking to get listed on your escort directory. Escort directories are easier to run and can make you serious money if set up in a unique and profitable way.

Escort review forum

An escort review forum is basically a forum where customers and escorts post reviews and discuss the offerings and services available. Members on an escort review forum can post ads about their requirements, give reviews about the services on offer, ask questions, and much more.

Being a member of popular escort review forums allows them to check on reviews and opinions of an escort and then decide. The same applies to escorts, who can choose clients who have a good record on such escort forums. Members can ask questions about their fantasies to the escort and see if they’re comfortable with it, making it a transparent interaction.

How to start your escort business using xScorts?

Be it an escort agency, an escort directory, or an escort forum, everything needs a website to run a successful escort service business. You can either choose to build a website from scratch, but that would mean you have to invest a lot of time, money, and resources to make it happen. The other easier option is to choose a readymade escort script for setting up an escort business website.

Escort business model

xScorts is the perfect solution for starting an escort service. All you need to do is install the script and run a successful escort booking and management site. xScorts is fully customizable and provides you with multiple lucrative monetization options. Designed by adult industry veterans, xScorts powers your escort website with a top-class tech stack that is flexible enough to let you scale your website later when needed. Let’s take a look at some of the features of xScorts that makes it the best choice for starting a legal escort business.

  • Subscription-based listings – Escorts can subscribe on your website to get listed and make use of your vast user base. You can set the subscription price and let escorts register on your escort directory.
  • Premium profiles – As your escort website grows and catches attention, more escorts on your site would want to switch to premium profiles to get more visibility and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Easy booking system – Potential clients on your escort website can easily book by checking the escort’s calendar, the services offered by them, and the prices for their services. Escorts get notified of any booking made and can accept or reject booking requests.
  • Multiple contact ways – xScorts enables easy communication between clients and escorts. Users can contact escorts through integrated private messaging and direct emails and connect through phone or Whatsapp too.
  • Reviews & ratings – Users on xScorts can review escorts and share their experience with everyone on the platform. Ratings of escorts help them gain credibility and improve their site standing.
  • Monetization – Site owners can make money when escorts subscribe to their platform to get listed on the escorts directory. Escorts can even opt for premium subscriptions, which is another way of monetization for the owners. Webmasters can apply for the affiliate program, which again aids the earnings from the platform.
  • SEO-optimized website – xScorts has user-friendly URLs and is SEO optimized to help your website rank higher on search engines. Everything on the platform is SEO optimized, including meta tags, descriptions, and static page management.
  • Mobile friendly – xScorts platform is mobile friendly, which means potential clients can browse your escort site from anywhere in the world and make bookings without any lags.
  • Search function – It is easy for users on xScorts to search for escorts by filtering them according to the region, ethnicity, services offered, and even physical attributes.
  • Report models function – Users can report models on xScorts for violations, fraud, or any kind of misdemeanor so that the site owner can take action and remove the escort from the directory.
  • Add ons – xScorts provides you a range of add-ons that can be easily integrated to your escort service website to enhance the user experience. You can even ask the support team for specific features to be added on your escort site and they’ll deliver it to you.

Along with the above mentioned features, xScorts offers many more functionalities that make it the best choice for starting an escort service. M3Server is the recommended adult hosting provider for xScorts and you can even get a discount on hosting when you buy xScorts. Check it out today to know more.

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How to market your new escort business?

Marketing your new escort business is as important as starting one in the first place. With many escort websites available across the globe, it’s necessary to market and promote your legal escort business to catch the eye of your prospective audience base. Here are a few important points that you need to implement to market your new escort company.

  • SEOAdult SEO is the easiest and most effective way for your new escort website to show up when people search for escort businesses on the internet.
  • Adult forums – Sign up on adult forums like and Reddit to target the audience on such adult forums. Make some useful posts and get the attention of users while promoting your escort business website to everyone.
  • Image sites – Publish attractive pictures of escorts of your company with a watermark on various Image sites like to get traffic to your escort website.
  • Social media – Make use of adult-friendly social media platforms like Twitter and Tumblr to promote your legal escort business.
  • Buy adult traffic – Buying adult traffic is a fast and straightforward way to get traffic to your escort website. Buy ad space on various porn sites like Pornhub and promote your escort sites vigorously.

How to make money from your legal escort business?

Knowing how to monetize your escort website is very important as you’re into this business to make money. Here are a few ways in which you can make money from your escort business.

  • Get a share of the earnings from the escorts that work for your escort agency.
  • Sell subscriptions to escorts to get listed on your escort directory website.
  • Sell advertising space to other adult websites to make some extra income from your escort website.
  • Make money by sending traffic to other adult websites from your escort business.
  • Do affiliate marketing by promoting products of other adult businesses, like selling sex toys to clients on your escort website.

How to find models for your escort business?

Models or escorts are the most important factor that decides the success of your escort business. The escorts registered on your website or the escorts that you hire for your escort agency website are the face of your legal escort business. For starting an escort service business, you’ll need to find the best escorts for your business. There are many models who want to become an escort, you just need to find them. Here are a few places where you can find top-class escorts for your call girl business.

  • Adult forums – Adult forums like Reddit are great places to look for escorts for your business. You can start a new subreddit to post your requirements and let models contact you.
  • Social media – Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have a huge set of audience to whom you can advertise your requirements. Share posts and use appropriate hashtags to catch the attention of models who’re looking to become an escort.
  • Advertisements – Post ads on various adult websites to hire escorts from such websites. Give attractive offers through your ads to lure escorts to your escort business.
  • Cam sites – Cam girls are your best bet when it comes to hiring escorts for your escort company. Look for escorts on popular cam sites like Chaturbate and you will surely find cam girls willing to become escorts.
  • References – Make connections in the adult industry and use those connections to advertise your requirement for escorts. You can even ask already registered escorts to refer other models for your escort service company.
  • Other escort directories – There is no harm in getting in touch with escorts on other escort directories and offering them a better deal. This way, you can pull some escorts if your deal is lucrative enough.

Popular niches to start escort business

Although the niche for the escort business is usually about sex work, you can classify it further down into sub-niches to build a more specific escort business. You can either choose one of the niches or combine all niches and categorize them on your escort site for people to choose as per their preference. Here are some popular niches to start an escort business.

  • Recreation
  • Sexual pleasure
  • Religious
  • Sex toys oriented
  • Cultural
  • Nature oriented
  • Adventure
  • Sports

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Tips to run a successful escort business

We have covered almost everything that you need to know about how to start an escort service in this article. Here are some more tips to make sure your escort business is successful.

  • Diversity in your escorts – Choose models from all types of ethnicity, region, taste, etc., to offer a diverse range of services to your customers. Try to hire escorts who are comfortable to fulfill some fetishes of the clients.
  • Health and fitness of your escorts – Make sure that the escorts listed on your escort website are healthy and free from any kind of medical conditions or diseases. The customer’s health is of top priority, and you can make sure of that by asking your escorts to submit medical records once in a while.
  • Treat your escorts well – Always be respectful and just towards all the escorts working for you. This will give them a healthy workspace and also brownie points for your escort business when they refer your escort company to other models.
  • No fraud or malpractice in your business – Your escort business needs to make a good name for itself, and that can be done by making sure that you don’t allow any fraudulent activities in your escort business. Make sure all escorts are of legal age, and in case you find any escort cheating customers, then it’s your responsibility to blacklist such escorts.


So with that, we come to the end of this article. Escort business is surely a lucrative one, but with the competition out there, you need to be unique in your approach and offer world-class services to make it to the top. Hope all your questions regarding how to start an escort business are answered in this article. Remember to check out xScorts for creating your escort services website, which is the best readymade escort script available.