Online Escort Business In Asia And Europe

Both Asia and Europe are two massive landscapes to be digested as a single destination. Asia, which is a massively diverse landscape with both ultra-modern and poor countries. While on the other hand is Europe, the birthplace of modern thoughts and a hub of the adult industry.

What comes to your mind when I say sex-work, prostitution, and brothels?

Online Escort Business In Asia And Europe

One thing that is common in all these terms – Sex for money. A business where they expect money from the clients in return to sexual services.

If we talk about the European Union nations, there are over 1.2 million sex workers as per research. Whereas, the Asian Commission on Aids also revealed that over 10 million sex workers in Asia offer services to more than 75 million male customers.

However, this article is nothing about traditional flesh business or making money in exchange for bedroom services. This piece to sheds some lights on a pretty modernized form of adult entertainment businesses – online escort business. A business activity that is on boom in Asia and Europe for not just sexual services but a lot more than that is being offered.

Escorts and sex workers – Is there a difference?

Technically, it depends on the way business is leveraging technology and the market. In many nations, traditional escorts and sex-workers are seen as same. While many see them as a completely different line of work with an unlike way of working.

When you are hiring a sex worker, you are supposed to pay her for the bedroom services. There is sex, payment, and that’s all. The primary business activity and goal here is getting paid for the sex.

Whereas, when you hire an escort, you pay him/her for spending time with you. Based on the contract, you can expect them to accompany you to a party, play games with you, or even to merely sit and talk with you. The primary business of online escort business is supplying companions or entertainers, and it doesn’t have to be sex.

However, often in places where sex work is legal, escorts have been found offering sex as one of the services. It’s purely based on the differences in the laws. Running an online escort agency is a more organized and professional activity where client satisfaction is a primary goal. The part where sex comes in the picture need not necessarily be a service, but two people may agree to consensual relations as per their individual choices.

Escort business in Asia – China’s gamer escorts

China is one such country where prostitution is illegal. So there are no chance escort services would be officially offering sex in their catalog. However, still online escort business is a booming business in China. Entrepreneurs have found prospects in the literal meaning of the term ‘Escort’. Officially, this business in China means exactly the same as defined by dictionaries – a companion, guide, or attendant. Online escort business in Asia, especially in China, is not just sex. Here is a case –

China takes gaming pretty seriously. With more than 20 million active online gamers, and hundreds of world-class game development companies, online gaming is a craze here. However, gamers often find themselves secluded after spending long hours of gaming alone.

Such people can simply hire a female online escort to play with them. You can find gamers often hiring female escorts as game casters. These escorts need not even meet their clients face-to-face. They simply interact via online video chat and explain games to their clients.

A girl in this line makes $3.20-$16 an hour. The popular girls make $484 to $1,300 a month for explaining or teaching games to the clients. Women with a good portfolio, like have won online game competitions, get annual wages starting from $1.6m. The online escort agencies take up to 5% -10% cut from their escorts’ earnings

Female gaming escort is just one example of booming escort business in Asia. Businesses in this arena have found several lucrative niches and they are booming. Countries like Japan, South Korea, Thailand, are practicing many such services with alerted business models. People in Asia are finding dates to dinner, girlfriend for a day, escorts who can drive, companion for a drink, and much more with just a click of a button. You can read about China’s high profile rent a foreigner business model to get a better idea.  

Thailand – A major Contributor to Escort Business in Asia

Unlike China, the escort business is a pretty open and ubiquitous activity in Thailand. Thailand’s booming network of escort agencies is not limited to companions. They offer services to singles as well as couples. Their catalog has no restriction and you can find almost all kinds of services listed on them.

With Bangkok and Pattaya being two of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world, it’s not a surprise that the demand for escort services is quite high here. Nobody is unacquainted of Bangkok’s exotic night-life. Sleazy bars and adult playgrounds are some of many names from Thailand’s’ sex tourism industry.

One of the biggest drivers of this boom in Thailand’s escort industry is discretion. They deliver a professional escort right into your hotel, who blends with the crowd and ready to become seductive once in the privacy of your room.

Thailand is home to well trained and professional escorts. They know their jobs and how to please their clients best. Rather than looking for fun on streets and picking up a random girl from the bar, the escort agencies are all about ‘in-room’ experience. They rely on recommendations, repeat customers, and flawless reputation to grow their business.

Hence, they are bound to offer the best services for the right chemistry. The top agencies in Thailand are not only offering escorts but also helping clients to find the right kind of girl(s) as per preferences. You want a companion, a masseuse, someone to talk to, or spiced-up night, there are dozens of options for each.

Hungary – The Destination of Escort Business in Europe

Hungary can be called as the sex capital of Europe. It’s not only a prominent destination for sex tourism but also a booming space for escort services in Europe. Not just that, the Hungarian escorts travel to Germany, Austria, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland for business. Most of these countries have even legalized sex workers and all kinds of escort business in Europe.

While most of the countries in the west still oppose sex working, Hungarian women see it differently. They face racism, gender inequality at work, and low wages. This probably a major reason why this part of Europe is finding a better alternative in online escort businesses.

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Hungary is a big market and adult workers make enough money to even support social causes and provide aid to vulnerable groups. However, according to a 2017 survey, 50% of the sex workers are raising children, 12.5 % are male, and the majority are female. Only a tenth of them actually work on the streets. 90% of the business is done out of sight, maybe online or thorough organized networks. Still, the street workers are always vulnerable to violence and law brutality.

A fusion of both the professions? Not good!

Something that looks good on paper or promises a better return is not always true. Same goes with the escort business. There are places where prostitution is illegal but not escorts. So sex workers often call themselves or advertise as escorts to trick the law. It’s everywhere; not just in the banned places. At first, you can’t even single out between a legitimate escort service and the ones with the disguise.

There is this another mix where escorts have been providing both companionship and services on the bed, which is hardly any different from non-escort bedroom services. Sex workers have been seen putting on the ‘escort’ brand for charging higher amounts than what they could ever ask conventionally.

Online Escort Business could be a solution

Considering the literal meaning and various adaptation of the escort services, it’s pretty tough these days to find out the kind of service you are looking for. The online alternative seems to be a perfect solution here. They can create several brands and offer diverse services under new names.

China’s online gamer escorts are perfect examples of how you can start an online escort business by simply being clear and niched about the services being offered. If sex is one of the services in the list, in’s in your best interests to give out a clear message, and not mix it up or disguise as the usual companions. Even the unorganized sector of the escort business in Europe can go branded by adapting to the modern online escort agency business model. Probably, this might help in keeping immoral practices like human trafficking away from a legal sex work business.

Working as a legitimate escort is a respectful and widely accepted way of earning money. Mixing-up the other side with it would only create complications for both getting customers and escorts on-board. You can leverage affordable escort service software solutions to create professional portals with clear-cut catalogs.

If you don’t want your gamer escorts to be approached for hook-ups, create an unambiguous brand that shouts so; not the one which tricks the law. Even if sexual contracts are legal in your state and you wish to offer the same, it’s better to keep sexual and non-sexual services under separate roofs. It’s in best interests of your customers and the girls to know what they are signing up for, and what they are not supposed to expect or do.

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