Do’s and Don’ts in Escort Industry

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It’s not uncommon to see strippers working as escorts. It’s equally not uncommon to see webcam girls donning the mantle of escorts. Make no mistake – Escorts aren’t prostitutes. In many countries, prostitutes work in brothels. In a vast majority of brothels, there’s always the standard expectation of sex from clients. Engagement and companionship are minimum.

In case of escorts, the scenario is completely different. Men visit escort service providers for companionship and accompaniment. They take escorts to dinner, outings, movies etc. Sex may or may not happen. Sex isn’t the primary objective. Sex happens only after the mutual consent of escorts and clients.

A few escorts do not offer sex at all. They just offer massage services. This is a busy world where people spend truckloads of time with computers, gadgets and machines. To all those people who do not have a shoulder to cry on, escorts are a boon. Truth be told, many escorts are excellent masseurs.  

Moreover, brothels don’t advertise. Escort agencies often advertise. In many countries, prostitution is illegal but running an escort agency is legal. 

Professional Escort

Questions are often asked as to what is a professional escort.

Here’s an answer – A professional escort is a professional companion who caters to refined gentlemen. And these refined gentlemen have their own expectations. Apart from a pretty face and phenomenal physique, professional escorts should possess lively and joyful personality.

There are many do’s and don’ts. There are many best practices for escorts. This article throws an insight into escort rules and best practices.

Read on.

Basic Rules when Working as an Escort

Dedication and commitment are expected of you. Almost every day, you are likely to meet different clients. There’s little denying that different clients have different behavioral, social and influencing styles. Therefore, it’s important to adapt and adjust.

Clients are often friendly, happy and loving. In a vast majority of circumstances, you may get carried away. Do not get carried away. Always remember that clients are paying you for a good intimate session and nothing more.

What really matters to your clients is their satisfaction. If they are satisfied, they are likely to come back to you. So, the key is to satisfy your customers to build a generous list of loyal and high paying clients.

Personality and attitude are two important traits.  A few clients may demean, dishearten and demoralize you. Things can really go messy and exacting at times. A firm attitude and outspoken personality shall help you sail through all the hurdles.

There’s no going back. It’s like a surgery. Can you undo a surgery? To undo a surgery, another surgery has to be performed. So, before you embark on this journey, weigh the advantages and disadvantages. More often than not, students join this industry to make a fast buck and eventually, they regret profoundly. It must be remembered that experiences cannot be erased from our memory.

If you are a single mother with kids, huge responsibilities and no stable employment, then this profession is likely to provide you a window of opportunity. You will be paid for your time. Societal ethos are evolving. People have already started treating escorts with immense respect.

If you are an immigrant, just ask yourself this question – Am I motivated enough to be in this industry? If yes, join a reputed professional escort agency and start building your list of clients. If you are half-hearted and not motivated enough, you will be troubling not only yourself but also other stakeholders involved – your clients and escort agency owner(s).

Working as an escort may not be legal in some countries. By all means, you should acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations. Here’s the key takeaway for natives and immigrants – Always ask yourself this question – Is working as an escort legal?

It’s important to learn from experiences. Learn from your mistakes. Have your own set of friends, social circle and family. There’s life beyond being an escort.

Set targets. Many women are keen on making money and leaving this industry. Are you thinking on similar lines? If yes, have you set targets and goals? Do you have an exit career option? What’s your long term strategy? It’s important to have convincing answers to all these questions.

Now that you are aware of basic escort rules, let’s now understand the process of screening clients.

Screen your Clients

Always screen your clients. To begin with, ask for their name and landline number. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a landline number is associated with a property. The client is likely to stay somewhere near the property. If your clients are not willing to share their landline number, avoid them.

Take the mobile number of your client. If the client calls you from different SIM cards, avoid meeting him. His activity looks suspicious. In countries where mafia, kidnapping and murders are rampant, you should exercise great caution.

Call your clients and understand their expectations. If they have any weird fetishes that you aren’t comfortable with, cancel the booking. A polite ‘NO’ from your mouth will not impede your escort career.

Be Anonymous

It’s important to be anonymous. You should have a pseudo name.

Some clients have an unhealthy obsession that doesn’t augur well for escorts. Don’t disclose your address. Do not disclose your personal mobile number. This is a cruel world. Your clients can get hold of your data bills by resorting to data theft mechanisms. Therefore, it’s suggested to get a pre-paid phone registered in your pseudo name.

Do not carry any personal stuff or belongings that can potentially disclose your details. Let me share an experience here – An escort had her name written fancifully on her hand-bag. Her client saw it and inquired if that’s her real name. Fortunately, nothing bad / terrible happened. The client wasn’t interested in learning more about her personal details.

But this may not be the scenario every time. Remember – it’s better to safe than sorry, the best to be pro-active than reactive.

Be careful when you are on an outcall

If your client is asking you to come and meet him in a lonely place, cancel the booking immediately.  It’s important to verify the address of your client. As stated earlier, call him on his landline number and verify. Arrange your own transportation. You should be accompanied by a driver.

If the client has booked a hotel in a poor residential area or a remote area, you are likely to not feel safe. So, the best thing is to request him to make a new hotel booking in a good residential area.

Ask your client to share the name of the hotel, address, hotel room number and reception number. Discreetly call the reception and check the name under which the room was booked. If the client name doesn’t match with the booking name, something is fishy!  If you find more number of people than what you had signed-up for, cancel the booking immediately. Otherwise, your life may be in jeopardy.

Get Paid

For all intents and purposes, payment should be done upfront. Do not accept any credit card or debit card payments. As a matter of fact, many US and UK banks neither endorse adult entertainment industry nor escort profession. Your bank account privileges may be seized if they come to know about your profession. Moreover, your clients may contact the bank officials and dispute the transactions.

I have seen many clients paying fake currency notes. Get yourself a pen checker. Verify the authenticity of currency notes. If the client offers an envelope, open it immediately and count the notes. If there are any discrepancies, cancel the booking or escalate it to your escort manager.

Educate your clients on how to pay an escort. If your escort agency has an online presence, all the payment terms should be well articulated and listed on the site.

Be Safe

Always share your booking details such as the hotel name, hotel address, contact number of the client, etc., with your escort manager and a friend.

Always use protection. It’s not a safe strategy to have unprotected sex. You may contract STDs. If you contract HIV, it’s impossible to reverse the irreparable damage.

Do not carry too much cash with you when you visiting the client location. In conclusion, be safe. This industry has a lot of potential. Use your judgement before making any commitments.

Final Thoughts

Escort agencies are often started by experienced women (who worked as professional escorts before) and business partners. If you are looking to start your own agency, here’s an awesome product for you. It has an amazing bundle of incredible features. Get in touch with the support team for product inquiries.   

Got any doubts or questions? Shoot them in the comments. I shall reply in a day or two. Our best wishes are with you and your journey. Keep watching this space for informative stuff on escort rules and how to pay an escort. Cheers!