How to Setup Video Streaming Server for Adult Websites?

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There are millions of adult tube sites available on the Internet and many of the famous ones make more than 100 million US dollars a year. Users visit these websites in millions of numbers and the websites are a pretty much brand in themselves. The popularity of adult tube sites is growing rapidly, and it’s no secret why there’s big money in the business of adult websites. But the question is, how to own a porn website without much hassle?

How to Make Money with Porn?

Making money in the porn business is not so difficult if done in the right way. When we think of the question how to make money with porn, the first idea that comes into our mind is buying a website. If you are financially strong, you can buy a porn site within minutes. There are a number of porn sites for sale. Mostly, Adult Dating, Live Cams and Tube Websites are the types of porn sites you should be looking for while searching a porn site for sale. And if you don’t have enough money to buy a porn site, you can always setup your own website. Starting a website can be done in two ways. You can start building your own video streaming server, or you can look for a script software which has their own video streaming server built in.

Adult Affiliate Marketing

Start a Video Streaming Server

The key to starting an adult turnkey business lies behind which kind of streaming server you use. The pornography business can be very profitable and lucrative if done in the right way, with the best streaming server. There have been many companies and individuals, who have tried and failed because they weren’t able to setup a streaming server the right way. A simple mistake and your streaming server could drown your dreams of becoming a millionaire.

NGINX RTMP Streaming Server

The things that are required to start your own streaming server are a server box and Nginx RTMP module. Why Nginx RTMP? Because it is considered to be the best video and audio streaming server. The Nginx RTMP streaming server supports all the three major protocols RTMO, HLS and MPEG-DASH. RTMP provides multicast support and the server weighs much less than the other normal streaming servers and is much faster than the rest. The next big reason why users or streamers favour the NGINX server is that the server uses much less memory when compared to the others. In addition to the above-mentioned features, the server provides the advantage of handling more than 10,000 connections simultaneously. The server has a great fault tolerance and supports SPDY protocols also.


The most popular websites such as YouTube and Facebook use Nginx and STMP module for live streaming. Although it is the best streaming server out there, setting it up and configuring it is what can be considered a complicated process. If you are not well informed or don’t have much knowledge about coding, then it is impossible for you to configure it. It is a very complicated process but, if you want your website to have the best-known Nginx RTMP module used, you can buy a script software. A script software that has Nginx RTMP setup will not only do your work of creating a video streaming server, but will also have a number of features which are bound to make it smooth and easy to start a porn website and then subsequently maintain it. But where would you find the best script software for your porn site? We have an answer for that too.


xStreamer from Adent is known to be the best script software to start an adult website. It is all you need to start your porn site. The host feature of xStreamer simplifies the setup process and provides you with additional and powerful features. Buying xStreamer gives you a lifetime license to unlimited domains / websites, along with 100% non-encrypted source code. The package also gets you the lifetime free support and free lifetime upgrades from xStreamer for your tube site. One of the best features about xStreamer is Modules, and you get all the modules for free, along with free script installation. And all this is available at completely affordable price.

xstreamer pornhub clone

Using xStreamer does not only help you with your video streaming server problem, but it also has tonnes of features which will make your website one of the best porn sites out there. Let’s have a look at its features –

Features of xStreamer:

  1. Responsive Design: The responsive design feature of xStreamer gives the ability to serve every type of user with its responsive back and front end. This feature makes the design device responsive.  In other words, the adult tube site can be accessed from any device, with all the bundled features.
  2. Multiple Video Format Support: With this feature of xStreamer, you can upload the same video in multiple formats without any need of additional tweaking required. The visitor along with you can have the freedom to publish the content in any format you want, without worrying about the technicalities. The formats which are supported include: mp4, DivX, FLV, MPEG, 3gp and much more.
  3. User Profile and Personalization: With this feature of xStreamer, you can have the ability to create a personalized login setup for users, and users will be able to like, comment and share the content with their friends. This feature covers the social aspect of your adult tube site too.
  4. High Definition Content: To make your adult tube site compatible for all types of users (with high/low-end devices and fast/slow connections), this feature from xStreamer lets you have the option to make the content available from 2K, 4K to even 480p, and the users with low speed connection will also be able to stream the videos from your adult tube site.
  5. Technically Sound: The xStreamer is built on the most popular PHP Laravel framework, and uses Nginx RTSP video streaming, which means doesn’t matter which you choose, you will always have the best tube scripts available.
  6. Multilanguage System: With this feature from xStreamer, your adult tube site will be able to support multiple languages. You can add new supported languages right from the admin panel easily with xStreamer.
  7. Multiple Streaming Backends: With the xStreamer supporting a plenty of streaming servers, there are much more options which means much more flexibility for you. Some of the supported servers the work well with xStreamer are Adobe FMS, Wowza Streaming Server, Nginx rtmp, and much more.
  8. Bulk Video Upload: The problem which most of the video streaming sites face is not having the option to upload videos in bulk. With this feature from xStreamer, you will be able to upload the videos in bulk, right from the admin panel. This feature will allow you instant inflow of content on your adult tube site.
  9. Rotating Thumbnails: This feature creates a number of thumbnails for every video and rotates them in a neat UX trick when the cursor hovers over the video file. This way, the user can have a short look at the video content, without having to really play it.
  10. Payment Gateways: Just like many adult tube sites, some content is free but most of the content is paid. And to make any content payable to watch, you first need to have payment gateways. xStreamer provides you with the built in payment gateways like Paywall, CCBill, and Epay. There are over 20 additional payment gateways available within the software, which you can use as add-ons.
  11. Search Engine Optimized: The xStreamer uses new search engine friendly URLs, which keeps your website ahead of other adult tube sites in search engine rankings. This feature will always bring more and more visitors towards your adult tube site, which will make it a bigger success.
  12. Subscription Based Membership: Subscription based membership system makes it very easy for you to manage multiple price points and plans. This way you can easily let the users download and stream videos, only which must be available to them according to their plan selection.
  13. HTML5 Video Fallback: Many tablets and smartphones don’t have Adobe Flash player and with this feature, xStreamer falls back to HTML5, which streams the videos in the mobile version, with a proper resolution. This also uses less bandwidth and the data on the user end is saved.
  14. Admin Everything: With xStreamer, you get the power to configure and admin all the aspects of your platform. You have the complete power over your adult tube site with xStreamer, which is not possible in every other tube site script.

Also, there are several modules available, which are all available with the package. Some of them are Video Grabber Module, Video Embedder Module, Warning Page Module, Payment Gateway Integrations, DMCA Compliant Handler Module, and much more.

Nowadays, a very less number of people setup their own video streaming server. It is much easier to buy a script software, rather than handling a complicated process. Buy xStreamer today, and take the first step towards starting the best porn website of your own.