Perfect Time to Make Money Online with Adult Site in this Lockdown Period

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to stay at home as v a safety measure. To encourage self-isolation and social distancing, different applications and websites are coming up with innovative ideas. Adult tube site Pornhub has become the most popular kid in the town after it announced free access to its premium subscription until April 23. The porn giant is doing its part by hooking up people in their homes on its website.

make money in corona lockdown period

Nevertheless, the initiative is not just a CSR activity but also as a great opportunity for the brand to feature itself in the mainstream limelight. The mainstream media houses are discussing Pornhub in their publications and social media is teeming with brand’s hashtags.

Now is the right time to make money online with adult site

The pandemic has forced many businesses to shut down, but the adult entertainment industry has found itself the right opportunity to grab all the attention of people looking for different ways to kill some time in isolation.

make money in lockdown

While many entrepreneurs have suspended their venture plans amidst the COVID-19 crisis and fear for a possible economic slowdown, many more are seeing this as the right opportunity to start an adult entertainment business. The truth is a pandemic that forces people into isolation with their smartphones would hardly hurt the entertainment industry as a whole. In fact, people are relying on online content like never before.

As per the possible global economic slowdown is concerned, the love for adult content is omnipresent. Unless the internet shuts down completely, there will always be a demand for adult content in most of the circumstances. An adult entrepreneur can always find a way to become valuable under these circumstances and make money online from the industry. 

If you too are an entrepreneur looking for possible ways to cash in the lockdown by being valuable like Pornhub during the tough time, we have some quick business ideas for you.

Adult business ideas to make money in the lockdown period

Adult websites are attracting a massive amount of traffic during the lockdown. This traffic is generating unparalleled prospects for businesses to make money in all possible ways. This is the right time to come up with a valuable business idea and launch a money-making machine. The beauty of the adult industry is you don’t even need to step out of your bedroom to start a business. You can launch an adult website and make money in the lockdown period right from your home:

1.     Start an Adult Tube Site

Free porn sites have become one of the biggest hotspots of adult content lovers during the lockdown. Tube sites like Pornhub, Xvideos, and YouPorn are receiving unprecedented attention from the users. It’s a perfect time to start a free porn tube and make money from the adult Ad networks.

As adult tube sites allow their community members to upload content, just like YouTube, the lockdown will hardly have an impact on the supply of content for the site. Besides, there are N numbers of ways to outsource content for your tube site to start with in the beginning days. Just build a tube site, integrate Ad networks, market your tube site, and wait for Ad-money to pour-in. To go extremely profitable with your porn tube site, you can experiment with different niche porn content ideas too.  

How to build a porn tube site in a few days?

You don’t need to build one, as we have a ready-made solution for you. You can simply use our popular xStreamer Script, which is a ready-made tube site solution with a ready-to-launch website. Since it is an open-source script, you have full control over your website. Just install the script on your preferred adult web server, setup the back-end, setup the front-end, upload some content, and you can go live with your free porn site on the go.

Note: Learn everything about building a porn tube site using xStreamer Script here.

2.    Start your Adult Fan Membership Site

If free porn sites are making big money showing Ads, fan sites are making a fortune out of their premium subscriptions. We can’t say much until we have any official data, but the current surge in the demand for adult content is a clear indicator that premium fan sites are not lagging. After all, a giant like Pornhub would not make its premium subscription free without any hustle from the premium class competitors.

The earning opportunities in fan membership sites are one of the best in the industry. As they depend on selling subscriptions, the profit margin is also huge in the fan sites. If you have seen the sites in the names of popular porn stars, you would know the profitability in starting your own such site.

If you are an adult model or a porn star with a fan base, you can start your own membership site with a hybrid of monetization channels to sell not only subscriptions but also individual content as pay-per-view and value-added services such as download access, HD streaming, nudes, and Snapchat access, etc.

How to build a fan membership site without coding?

Same as tube sites, we have a customized solution for building fan sites too. We know that being an adult model, you might not possess the necessary skills to build your fan site by yourself or manage its security precautions. That’s why we have developed our xModel script for your convenience. The xModel script is a ready-made solution to setup adult fan sites by merely installing the source code on your web server. The graphical user interface makes the setup of both back-end and front end interface easiest.

Besides, we have embedded multiple monetization channels to let you make money selling tokens, membership subscriptions, digital content, social media access, and physical products such as fan merchandise as well.

Note: Learn in detail how to set up an adult fan site for adult models using xModel

3.    Start an Adult Marketplace for Sex Toys

The unfortunate lockdown might have forced us to stay inside, but it has also given adults enough time to experiment with their sexual fantasies. If porn movies are helping people kill some time, sex toys are doing the same more erotically. You can start an adult marketplace from the comfort of your home and make money online selling a variety of erotica such as porn DVDs, Magazines, Lubes, Condom, and everything associated with sex and pleasure enhancement.

However, the lockdown has also forced many sellers out of the supply chain, so the big question is how do you procure the supply for your adult eCommerce site? The answer is Dropshipping. The sellers might have gone out of stock, but the suppliers might still be in business and looking for every opportunity to clear up their stock. Hence, you can start dropshipping directly from the manufacturers and suppliers.

Since dropshipping does not demand the eCommerce store owner to have the inventory or manage shipping, it is the most ideal business model amidst the lockdown. You will be simply passing on your orders to the suppliers and they will take care of the fulfillment and shipping.

How to build an adult dropshipping marketplace?

The xMarketplace script is the quickest way to build an adult marketplace website without coding one from scratch. You can install this WordPress script on a webserver to setup a multi-vendor sex toy store in a few days without going through the hassles of development and programming by yourself. The best part about the xMarketplace script is it comes with inbuilt dropshipping API from top sex toy suppliers. You need not worry about inventory as our Dropshipping API consists of over 70,000+ products, which you can start selling from the first day and make money from the commissions paid by the suppliers.

Note: It is possible to make over $10,000 per month by selling sex toys from your home.

To conclude

Please note that all these scripts come with open-source code access. Hence, you need not worry about customization limitations, as you get the full ownership of the source code after making a one-time payment to purchase the same. This also implies that the scripts are white-labeled and there is no limit on the level of customizability. You can customize not only the default features but also personalize your website front-end as per your needs and requirements. Once you purchase a script, we will deploy the stock website within a week with all the white-labeled personalization as per your brand identity. It is the perfect time to make money online with adult site of your dreams. Tell us about your business idea today.

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