Escort Industry in Top 7 US Cities

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According to, there are an estimated 42-44 million sex workers worldwide. In the US, the number of sex workers is estimated to be anywhere between 1 and 2 million. Sex industry is incomplete without pimps, prostitution, drug trafficking, human trafficking and coercion. And yes, escorts are also an integral part of the ever-growing sex-for-sale industry.

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The escort industry in US is flourishing. Three big factors persuading women to be escorts are:

  • Encouragement from family members to become escorts rather than getting into physical violence
  • BIG money in this industry
  • Lack of job options

Commercial sex economy in the US is largely concentrated in 7 cities – Atlanta, Dallas, Washington D.C, Denver, Kansas City, Seattle and San Diego.

According to the findings reported by Business Insider, Atlanta has the biggest sex economy among the 7 cities. There is no evidence of prostitution and trafficking. Atlanta escorts charge anywhere between $60 and $100 for 15 minutes. This translates to $300 (approximately) per hour.

The size of Denver’s sex-for-sale market is $40 million. What’s jaw dropping is the fact that Atlanta’s sex market is 6 times bigger than that of Denver.


San Diego escorts usually charge $150-$500 USD for showing up. For performing sex acts, they charge sex hundreds and thousands of dollars. This clearly brings us to one inference – San Diego escorts love wealthy men.

Dallas escorts have their own charm. They charge at-least $500 per hour. Per night charges are $4500 USD. More often than not, they have sex with only wealthier men. Dallas is notorious for its topless bars. Owing to language barriers, poor availability of resources and other hindrances, the US law enforcement is unable to infiltrate them.

Without a shred of doubt, escort managers find escorts from their friend groups. Other venues are social circles and local neighborhoods. Another important source of escorts’ recruitment is the internet. And yes, quite a few escort managers scout clubs to find fresh talent.

Contrary to popular perception, the underground economy in the Washington DC is small compared to that in other 7 cities.

There are evidences of trafficking in Seattle. In Seattle, sex-for-sale operators earn multiple massage parlors. As a result, women keep rotating between multiple erotic massage parlors. A vast majority of masseurs are Asian women. They are usually in their 40s and 50s.

In Kansas City, there’s wide prevalence of organized crime. Erotic massage parlors are usually owned by Chines nationals. What’s interesting is the fact that masseurs are individuals smuggled illegally from China.

Denver escorts are pimp controlled to some extent. They usually charge anywhere between $100 and $300 USD per hour. Drug addicted women work in brothels. They charge $60 USD per hour.

Each of the 8 cities houses erotic Asian massage parlors and Latino brothels. It cannot be denied that street prostitution is prevalent. The common prevalent rate for prostitution is usually in the range $100 -$150 USD. It’s safe to infer that the contribution of these 8 cities to the escort industry in United States is significant. 

Let me conclude with the following brief yet informative note.

There’s a fine line of difference between a prostitute and escort. Prostitutes are sex workers. Prostitutes usually work in brothels. Escorts provide companionship. Sex may or may not happen with escorts. Escorts are smart, hygienic, affable and well-behaved women.

Escorts are not forced into sex-for-sale industry.  They enter into this industry by choice.  Sex workers are often forced into this industry. As a matter of fact, a vast majority of them are vulnerable victims.

High-profile clients prefer escorts to sex workers.

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