5 Things to do After Starting an Adult Tube Site

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There is no paucity of adult tube sites on the web. Adult tube sites are known for their timeless profitable business models.  While it is so obvious why anyone would ever start a porn venture or create a porn site, momentum to monetize the porn site seems to peter out slowly and gradually. Starting a porn site is just a stepping stone to the juggernaut and a profound conundrum called “What to do after launching adult tube sites?” Just check the Alexa rankings of famous porn sites. I bet, most of the famous porn sites are in the top 500. The list of to-do things to feature in the top 500 is really big. However, to enjoy the immense good will of your customers, you have to essentially do 5 things.

Content is still the king

If you fail to update the content of your adult tube site, it only means that you have lost the resolve to monetize your web site. I believe that ‘giving excuses’ is the last refuge of a scoundrel. Content can be a mashup of audio and video. If you are running an online sex toys store, keep updating the list of products. To dig further into the details, display the pictures of newly arrived dildos etc. While having a good website interface is an absolute must-have, unique content and substance engage the visitors.

content is king for seo new

Let me be clear- Unique content is something which is not plagiarized. To deal with the plaguing issue of plagiarism, you have to rename the video files which you have downloaded from other adult tube sites. Change the meta-description. Make it keyword rich. Producing niche specific content is difficult. It is therefore recommended to purchase niche specific content from production studios. As an alternative approach, you may hire a few models from escort services, shoot the videos after taking the approval of the models. Ensure that you acquire all the rights associated with that particular set of videos. Subsequently, upload all the videos to your adult tube site.

If you fail to provide niche-specific content, you are failing to differentiate your website from other porn sites. Ignore my recommendation at your own peril.

Adult Affiliate Marketing

Sadly, you cannot have a Google AdSense account to monetize your website. For all intents and purposes, Google AdSense network is family safe. In other words, you cannot monetize a website through Google AdSense if the website contains pornographic content. Likewise, Google AdSense cannot be used for websites which sell adult content.

Is this a dead end?  Obviously no! How do you think are the porn sites making BIG money? Porn industry is a lucrative $100 billion booming business. Rather than relying on one AdSense account, they use a plenty of adult advertising networks. Some of the best adult ad networks are:

  • ExoClick
  • EroAdvertising
  • TrafficJunky
  • JuicyAds
  • Traffic Holder

Engage in adult affiliate marketing. Adult affiliate marketing encompasses PPC (Pay per Click) and PPS (Pay per Sale) programs. In PPC adult affiliate programs, payment is made by referral sites whenever a visitor clicks your affiliate links and visits their sites. In PPS adult affiliate programs, whenever a visitor purchases a product after clicking your affiliate link, certain percentage on the mark-up price of the product is paid.  The percentage can lie anywhere between 10 and 30%.

Adult Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be classified into three categories:

  • Un-attached affiliate marketing
  • Related affiliate marketing
  • Involved affiliate marketing

Basic PPC programs come under the ambit of un-attached affiliate marketing. You may have zero presence and zero authority in the niche of the product that you intend to promote. It just does not matter. It all boils down to persuading the customers to click on your affiliate link. In adult industry, this category of adult affiliate marketing is highly popular. Most of the adult webmasters do not have enough time to dig into the details of the product / link they are promoting.

Related affiliate marketing is different from un-attached affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer, you have a basic idea of the type of the product being promoted. You also have knowledge about the niche. However, you may not necessarily use the product to vouch for its benefits.

Involved affiliate marketing is the next level of related affiliate marketing. In this category of involved affiliate marketing, you have knowledge about the product being promoted. You vouch for the benefits of the product only after you have used it.

Link Building

Link building is an SEO practice of acquiring hyperlinks from other adult blogs and websites to your adult tube site. Links upheld the privileges of search engines to crawl the web. Web is made up of websites and websites are aggregations of webpages. Search Engines crawl all the links between the webpages of websites. Some search engine specialists opine that search engines use links to weed out spam content. More than 60 percent of the webpages contain trash and worthless content (spam). Link building is used as a scoring metric to differentiate high performing adult tube sites from the non-performing ones.

seo link building

Another important facet is the presence of a viable “link neighborhood.” One spam site can link to another spam site. Search engines very much understand this trash and hence, it is essential that your adult tube site links with non-spam adult tube sites. Obviously, you cannot expect a news channel to link itself to your adult tube site. However, you can submit your website to adult business listings and link submission directories. You may take the help of your existing customers in this regard. You can request influencers (porn stars such as Siri) on Quora. They shall definitely look into the issue with a gentle eye.

Link signals tend to decay and eventually expire. Most of the reputed adult tube sites fail to realize this fact. Such ignorant sites shall be dislodged and dethroned by lesser-known sites. To avoid being dislodged by your competitor sites, it is important to earn additional links every now and then. Popular search engines such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox use freshness index to judge the relevance of the adult tube sites.

Better Call to Action Features

In a world where porn is being extensively accessed on mobiles, Call to Action features are the best reach options. For audiences to sign-up to your daily dose of adult content, a compelling CTA button is mandatory. For audiences to download adult guides and e-books, CTAs serve as the ultimate silver lining. Sometimes, you may be in two thoughts regarding the perfect CTA feature. You can take a cognitive decision after conducting a split-test and subsequently analyzing which call to action button works best for your adult tube site.  

For your information, split testing is a process of comparing two or more versions of a landing page to weed-out the non-performing versions. When split test is run, the entire incoming traffic is split among different versions of the landing page and their performance is tracked.


Popular faith in keywords remains profoundly affirmative. However, keyword stuffing is a bad idea. Also, targeting only your primary keywords is undesirable. Use long-tail keywords. Porn viewers use different terminology- for instance, baby making videos is a euphemistic search phrase for porn videos. Similarly, the search term xxx videos essentially mean porn videos. Therefore, targeting only the keyword ‘porn’ doesn’t necessarily yield long term gains. Target all the possible keyword phrases.


Starting a porn website is not challenging. Building traffic and monetizing the adult site are two challenges. Diligently and religiously do the aforementioned ‘to-do’ things. Be patient and consistent. Do not hesitate to accost me for assistance. Feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. My best wishes are with your adult tube site. Cheers!