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COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we used to live in the world. With our lives being confined, there is so much in life that we are missing right now. Especially during the initial lockdowns, the only thing that encouraged going on was entertainment.

From Netflix to Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, and adult websites like Pornhub, everyone experienced unprecedented growth in viewership. Heck! The hype was so rigorous that Pornhub made premium free for an entire month, while Netflix and YouTube had to cut down their streaming quality to cope with the added loads on the servers. 

March was full of surprises, and one such surprise was an event that tossed out the concept of Virtual Instagram Live Strip Clubs.

Virtual Instagram live 

Yes, if you haven’t heard of it yet, ​Virtual Instagram Strip Clubs are a thing. Just make Google search with the keywords like live stream strip club, lap dance Instagram, you will find tons of details about this trend. 

I know what you are thinking, Instagram wouldn’t allow nudity (and it didn’t for sure), so what virtual strip club Instagram is hosting, and how did they appear on Instagram? 

It all began with a regular live stream on Instagram

Former basketball player and social media influencer, LaBoy was live streaming to his 60,000 followers on Instagram one evening when he said with boredom, ‘I need a demon to call up’. ‘Where my demons at?’

Immediately his Instagram account was bombarded with women requesting to appear on his live stream. He accepted some of the requests, only to see girls dancing, twerking, and taking it all off. 

The event triggered the idea of, what it’s called now, “The Respectfully Justin Show”. As the social media influencer said, “I was like, hold up, we can’t be doing this for free.”

He asked his followers to better pay up for all the hard work these girls are doing to entertain you in the lockdown. To make sure of it, he pinned Cash APP usernames of the dancers on the screen. 

The live stream became an instant hit, and people started asking to do it every night.

However, soon, LaBoy revealed that his Instagram account was deleted and he working hard to get things back up and running again.   

The “The Respectfully Justin Show” is basically a pop-up event where LaBoy hosts virtual strip clubs on Instagram that feature women who request to appear on his live streams. After the last experience of Instagram deleting his account, he now improvised to be on the safe side. 

  • He would create a new Instagram account for each show. 
  • He would share the Instagram ID of each show on this Twitter handle the same day. 
  • The freshly created Instagram profiles would get over 30,000 followers in just a day. 
  • He would pin the Cash APP username of the dancer on the screen and encourage his followers to pay. 

Justin always made sure that people are paying up the dancers. A woman named Alexis said that she has made over $18,000 from her appearances on the “The Respectfully Justin Show”.

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A large number of women who lost their jobs to the pandemic have claimed to make their living from these pop-up shows. They could not earn a fraction of what they are earning from the show in just 5 minutes, when compared to 8 hours shifts in the regular strip clubs.

The idea soon picked up some pace and establishments like Magic City in Atlanta also hosted ‘virtual lap dance’ on their Instagram stories. Rapper Tory started hosting a shows ‘Quarantine Radio’ dance nights on his Instagram.  

Looks like there is nothing that’s outside the reach of the internet today.

What makes the Instagram Virtual Strip Clubs so special?

The adult industry has changed a lot in the digital era. The desire to see naked people doing naked things has driven this industry from VCRs to CD-ROMs, and now streaming on-demand.

However, the same technology that has given so much has also taken a lot from the adult industry. People who once sought rented DVDs can now simply go on a random tube site and watch HD porn- most of which is pirated, which puts a stake in the hearts of those who work so hard behind the scenes and on the screen.

For years, the adult industry has just been trying to survive the chaos that technology has brought to them, let alone big profits like in the old days. It was only after the advent of live streaming the adult industry saw a significant shift in its scope for profitability. 

The shift from DVDs to VOD streaming was a loss for the porn studios, and piracy made it even worse. Whereas, with live streaming and webcam modeling becoming a thing, an entirely different genre of adult entertainment was born.

Webcam modeling is immersive, connects with the viewers, and most of all, you can pirate a recorded live show but cannot pirate the experience that comes only by being a paying user of one these webcam site where you can-

  • Interact with the models
  • Place custom requests
  • Purchase their personal stuff

Live strip club on Instagram is special for these reasons, but it becomes even distinctive with social media influencers endorsing the events. However, an influencer like Justin may manage to gain 30,000 followers in a day, but not everyone can do that. It limits the scope of the virtual strip clubs, as such accounts also get deleted by the platform immediately. 

The people involved are focused on evading the actions of the platform, when they could have taken it to the next level hadn’t they relied on make-shift virtual clubs each day. 

In short, Instagram may be a great place for massive visibility, but it’s not a place to accommodate a long-term viable business model for adult entertainment. Justin and others have done fabulous jobs with their ideas and supported a large number of unemployed women, but this idea can be taken to a whole new level by creating a dedicated platform for such shows.

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Clearly, the followers are paying up, so why not make virtual strip clubs permanent? This could be a great business model with backed up marketing from influencers.  We know that strip club live stream has become a thing in the pandemic. Using the same web-tech solutions, an online virtual strip club can offer employment to many such women who are still looking for financial support. 

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