woman using virtual reality

Definition of Virtual Reality

Porn industry is evolving every day. From VHS porn to webcams, adult entertainment industry has come a long way. Today, the buzzword is ‘Virtual Reality.’ Virtual reality is essentially about placing the users in a 3D environment by leveraging technology. A 3D simulated environment is created and users are subsequently immersed into the 3D environment. This is very much different from traditional user interfaces. The ultimate aim of virtual reality is to create a virtual world which appears to be real. Users experience the strange and pleasant feeling of manipulating the objects and engaging in a series of actions.

Virtual Reality- Creating an illusion of Reality


Until recently, virtual reality seemed impossible. Thanks to the introduction of headsets, gloves and multi-directional treadmills, an illusion of a real yet virtual world is made possible. Virtual reality entails a combination of technology (both hardware and software) and sense organs to achieve conscious immersion and illusion of reality. Adoption of new technologies such as virtual reality has taken adult entertainment industry to a completely different level.  Thanks to VR webcam devices, both perception and cognition are perked up.

Terpon- Virtual Reality Webcam Devices

Terpon is a manufacturer of VR webcam devices. It has been in news recently for choosing approximately 1000 models to test drive their VR webcams. Once they solicit the feedback from the webcam models, they shall be making a few tweaks to their 3D webcams and subsequently launching them in April and May, 2017. It is noteworthy to mention that such devices shall be leased annually. They cannot be purchased. Terpon webcam devices are in beta phase. Once the webcam devices are made available to the public in April and May 2017, Terpon shall provide access to a module called ‘Knowledge Base’ which will help models learn how to cam and film using VR webcam devices.

Versions of Terpon Webcams

There are two versions of Terpon webcams: Hermes and Artemis. Of these two versions, Hermes is the basic version. Artemis is the advanced one. For all intents and purposes, Artemis is capable of shooting

in 4K at 60 frames per second. On the other hand, Hermes VR webcam is capable of shooting at a maximum frame rate of 30 frames per second.  Hermes is perfectly compatible with any USB3 compatible computer. However, to use Artemis, you require a special computer provided by Terpon. Purchasing a special computer for 3D webcam is undoubtedly an expensive proposition. Therefore, it should not be surprising if many webcam ventures prefer Hermes model to Artemis.

Version of Terpon

It is noteworthy to mention that light sensitivity of Artemis is 2.45 times better than that of Hermes. Pixel size of Hermes is 2.2 µm while that of Hermes is 3.45 µm. For independent webcam models and beginners, Hermes should be used. The set-up is pretty much simple and what all it takes is a simple plug-and-play mechanism. Artemis should be used by full time professional models and professional webcam studios. As Artemis is sophisticated, it requires professional setup.

Leasing Costs

As mentioned earlier, Terpon has no intentions of selling their 3D webcam devices. Instead, they are all set to lease the product monthly. Webcam models can thus do away with the expenses associated with hardware and software upgrades. Not every webcam model will be willing to shell out thousands of dollars. Terpon Virtual Reality webcam devices come as a boon to all those webcam models. Leasing rates start from $30 per month.

Affiliate Marketing

Porn industry is incomplete without adult affiliate marketing. Referral marketing or affiliate marketing is the heart and soul of adult entertainment industry. While Terpon has announced an affiliate program, its details are yet to be disclosed. It is widely speculated that models will be able to earn a fortune by making commissions off the sale of the headsets. Details regarding the referral program will be made available on the website either in the last week of April or in the first week of May.

Keep Watching this Space

We shall keep you posted about Terpon and its affiliate programs. Keep watching this space and our social media pages for insights on virtual reality and adult entertainment industry. If you have any concerns or doubts, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two.

woman using virtual reality


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