Adult cam sites have emerged as the newest distribution channels and a highly trending niche in the adult entertainment industry. In 2013 itself, they estimated adult webcam sites generating a revenue of over 1 billion US dollars, and they are still growing FYI.

The adult camming sites are a non-traditional adaptation of the porn sites but still work way differently than typical porn websites. They are known for their eccentric ways to generate revenue and direct engagements with the actual consumers. They can leverage the best of the ways to fulfill the consumers’ fetishes and encourage them to pay more and more to the cam models.

Things We Shall Learn About Adult Webcam Business Here

In this article, we are going to discuss this very industry in detail. This article will guide you through the money flow in camming industry and how you can leverage it to generate impressive income by launching your own webcam modeling site.

If you wonder how much does an adult webcam website cost, we are here to help you with everything in this regard. We will explain the estimates for everything from webcam website cost, hosting cost, monetization cost, to hiring the girls on the site.

However, before giving you an adult webcam website cost estimate, let me take a few words to explain how cam sites work to make money for the entrepreneurs. It’s important to understand the business mechanism. In this way, you would be able to regulate the flow of revenue in and out by getting a complete picture of the overall cost figures for a webcam startup business. So keep reading.

How do Adult Cam Sites Work?

Unlike porn sites, which upload pre-recorded videos, webcam sites utilize live streaming and live video conferencing to engage their users. The value proposition of cam sites lies within the live nature of their content and real-time interactions with the performers.

Models give real-time performances through webcams and relay them live to the site users. In return, users pay the models for varying degrees of intimacies. To make payments faster, easier, and secure, camming sites offer on-site currencies, also called tokens. Users purchase these tokens, which they later utilize for paying to the cam girls as tips.

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This is the simplest explanation of the business flow in webcam modeling websites. It’s all about getting as many tokens from the users. Sites utilize various advanced ways to encourage users for this. For example, private one-to-one cam shows at higher token price, shared on-to-many cam shows for a lesser price, and a rate list for models with different moves costing different amounts to the users.

How do Payments Work in Camming Sites?

Adult cam sites leverage a two-way payment system:

  1. User-to-site: Token payments by users to the site for tipping the cam girls. Users purchase the tokens from the site using actual currency and again pay them back to the site as tips to the models.
  2. Site-to-models: Payments from the site to its models as per models’ collected tokens from the users. Site deducts its commission and pays rest to the models in actual currency.

How Much Does Building Camming Business Cost?

A cam modeling business does not only consists of the webcam website cost but also a lot of other things. The overall cost of your webcam website business depends on the following factors and the cost involved in each of them:

1.    Cost of the domain name

A business-friendly domain name is a key success and first representative of your brand. It’s important to get a friendly domain name. Narrow down your preferences and select some strategic domain names that could offer a multitude of returns to your business.

Here are few tips to consider while registering a domain name for your camming site:

  • Necessarily register under the .com domain.
  • Choose a short, easy to remember, type, and pronounce domain name
  • Choose a unique name not similar to other brands
  • Avoid using hyphens

Before you lock the .com extension of your preferred name, make sure it satisfies the following scenarios as well:

  • It should also be available in all popular extensions so that no one would miss-use your brand identity. ( .net, .us, .uk, .info, etc). Ensure that all social media usernames are also available in the original form
  • Try to get .webcam extension. Having this extension will offer an upper hand in SEO and building brand identity.
  • Purchase all the relevant extensions and redirect them to your primary extension.

Major domain registrars are offering webcam domain for as low as $19 for the first year.

2.    Cost of Hosting Server

Hosting servers act as the backbone of your business. This decision is going to have a long term impact on your commerce. So it’s very crucial t not only select an affordable web server but also an efficient one for handling large adult traffic.

You can select from the servers of the following kinds:

  • Shared Servers
  • On-site Servers
  • Hybrid Servers
  • Cloud Servers
  • Elastic could servers
  • Virtual servers
  • Dedicated servers
  • Virtual private Servers etc.

How to Choose the Perfect Server for Your Cam Site?

Server selection depends critically on the following factors. Critically analyze your requirements and decide the best-suited options in the following factors:

  • The scale of your website
  • Flexibility in the service level agreement
  • Security measures like PCI-DSS compliance
  • SSL certificate support
  • Maximum server uptime
  • Good technical support

Depending on the above factors servers could come at an expensive fee. However, there are various adult web hosting providers who offer some great plans for startups under certain partnerships.

We can recommend vicetemple and m3server in such states. They are our official web hosting partners and offer great discounts to our customers. The best part is, they also offer adult domain registration at very affordable rates. You can give them a try for the best adult web hosting experience.

Affordable web hosting plans can be purchased for as low as $5/month along with free SSL certificates.  

3.    Cost of CDN and Media Servers

It’s a known fact that adult sites get some good traffic and it’s not possible for a single web hosting server to serve that load. Moreover, you would be serving the users spread across the globe. It’s not possible for a traditional webserver to stream live videos to the global audience without buffering and latency.

To ensure the best live streaming experience for users as well as models, you need media servers from Content Delivery Networks (CDN). CDN servers spread across different locations ensure seamless streaming with zero buffering and least possible latency.

Be advised that a webcam site can work even without investing in CDN but it will just increase the load on your web hosting servers and degrade the user experience. It’s always recommended to use CDN media servers for delivering heavyweight content like live videos. FYI, Netflix uses Amazon’s AWS CDN to deliver high-quality content in over 90 countries on the planet. 

You can also check out the adult CDN service from M3cdn, which starts from $16 /Month.

4.    Cost of Encoders, Decoders, and Video Players

Now that you have a domain name, a web server, and a CDN server, it’s time you would start building your website. The first few components that add up to your adult webcam website cost are encoders, decoders, and video player. These components can be added to your webcam site through their respective APIs. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay for separate APIs to add these three components. There are video streaming APIs in the market which offers all three components in a single installation.

For example, Wowza offers all three components in one with its media server package for as low as $95per instance per month. 

5.    Cost of Adult Payment Gateways

Though there are numerous payment gateways in the market, you cannot just integrate any random solution. Adult merchant accounts are normally categorized as “high risk” merchant accounts. Normal merchant account providers, therefore, do not offer payment processing for adult entertainment websites. It’s mainly because high-risk websites record most of the chargebacks and merchant services also fear they may involve payment fraud. 

Be advised that popular payment solutions like PayPal, Stripe, First Data Corporation, and Braintree do not allow adult websites. You need adult payment gateways for your website. There are many payment services providers, though, who not only support but specialize in these ‘high risk’ payment processing. Many of them also offer payment solutions to adult websites as well.

6.    Cost of Hiring Models and Cam Girls

Apart from the fact that there are massive companies already dominating the webcam modeling world, it’s pretty hard to start a webcam site with just a few models. You would need at least a few hundreds of cam girls who can be persistently online to bring huge traffic.

Hiring cam girls is not an easy job. You need at least 10-20 cam girl sign ups a day. You see, women take no time to change their minds. They never settle upon one site for so long. They will stay if they are earning or quit when they’re not earning enough.

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An experienced cam website owner said this on a thread on

I agree with this view. Before kick-starting your cam site, you need models, and you can’t get models so easily for a new site. It’s like chicken and egg problem, where no models without traffic and no traffic without models is inevitable.

That’s why we developed a solution, which I am going to discuss in the following point.

7.    Cost of Building the Website

All the six steps explained above are crucial, and you would be paying to complete each of them separately. Trust me, it’s tough. Especially, building a website with contemporary features and then attracting the models to draw new users on the site, it can’t get trickier than this. Like all profitable deals, massive earnings through a webcam site is also not easy.

If you can code your own website you can save a lot of money. If not, you need to hire a coder(s). This would be a hell lot of money to spend. It’s almost unrealistic to code everything from the start without spending fortunes. You need something quick and something ready-made to save you money.

That’s why we developed our turnkey adult cam site builder –xCams. With xCams, you don’t have to invest a fortune at the beginning. Using our adult webcam site builder script, you get your very own camming site with just a onetime payment within a week without any extra cost.

What do You Get with xCams?

xCams is our one-stop solution to build a webcam modeling business. By paying just a one-time purchasing cost you get-

  • An adult webcam site builder script with source code
  • A ready-made white-labeled webcam site with all features built-in
  • Access to hundreds of models from our model partner using our model API
  • Built-in adult payment gateways
  • Built-in encoder, decoder, and video player
  • Exclusive deals on web hosting and CDN servers from our server partners.

Special Mobile App for Push Notifications

Want to grow your business even faster? You can provide an Android and iOS app to your users based on your webcam site. Users with the app will get an instant push notification whenever their favorite cam girl goes live. Our app will keep your users posted of what’s happening on the site and would encourage them to come back.

How much Adult Webcam Website Costs with xCams?


Below is a screenshot of one-time pricing plans for xCams adult cam site builder script. Besides this, you will also get access to the massive directory of hundreds of models from our model partner – Flirt4free.  We know that camgirls not going to sign up in an empty site, nor do the users. That’s why our model API is your best bet to get a head start, where you can start earning from the very first day of the launch. 


Setting up an adult webcam site is not a costly process, but setting up a webcam modeling business is. However, we have also made this affordable by giving you access to a massive directory of models from our partners. Now, you need not do anything by yourself. Just get our xCams script, and we will set up everything for you within a few days.

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