How to Make Money in Adult Cam Shows?

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There is no exaggeration in asserting that top webcam models earn as much as 1 million in a year. While some top-notch adult cam pornographic performers charge as high as $6 per minute, some other amateurs charge somewhere between $2-4 per minute. These figures seem to escalate every now and then, and when webcam girls strip off their clothes and indulge in erotic moves, viewers go crazy. While the porn industry is highly profitable and lucrative, adult cam models cash in on their popularity and bamboozle the porn viewers with their enamored looks and lascivious gestures.

How to Make Money in Adult Cam Shows

Enlisted below are a few insightful tips that shed some light on ‘How to make money in adult cam shows:’

Spend More Time

Ever since the invention of internet connected cameras, camming has been gaining immense traction. More often than not, cam girls do not indulge in camming for more than 10 hours per week. To be forthright, they spend no more than 90 productive minutes per day. While this duration is good enough to chase the almighty dollar, it is imperative to go overboard to earn loyal and repeated customers. To gain an edge over your rivals, it is better to spend at-least 40 productive hours per week.


The importance of correct business hours cannot be discounted. For instance, people tend to spend a lot of time on adult cams and custom porn cam sites on weekends. Similarly, they tend to cherish chatting with their favorite adult performer(s) during nights. So, it is better to indulge in camming during those profitable hours.

Fan base

Adult cams and custom porn cam sites generally continue working with cam girls whose followers count is high.  Be it any custom porn cam site, building an enviable fan base is highly important. If you gain a huge legion of fans, your popularity keeps increasing. Needless to say, you will experience Midas touch!

Being active on adult cams and custom porn cam sites is therefore important. It always takes some significant time to gain a rich fan base. Once you get the drift, it will be a bed of roses.

Killer Looks and Awesome Personality

Look your best on adult cams and custom porn cam sites. While looks are important, it is undoubtedly the personality and cordial characteristic traits that take you to the zenith. Ensure that you have the necessary paraphernalia such as good lighting, superior quality HD webcam, high-speed Wi-Fi connection, wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. An organized room, clean looks, brushed hair and beautiful smile will work wonders. Do not indulge in conflicts with customers. Make them happy with your erotic looks, libidinous curves and pleasant personality.

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Higher Ranking

While adult cams and custom porn cam sites have different, diverse and varying criteria, webcam models can dig into the details of FAQ pages and acquaint themselves with the necessary factors that play a vital role in ranking and listing the webcam models. Ensure that you abide by the rules of the website. Play your cards well. Have patience. Put in your maximum efforts with complete dedication. You will soon make it to the top spot.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is in fact a feasible combination of revenue channel and a marketing avenue in which you shall get paid for every new customer that you have referred to. This is a win-win situation in which you will earn money and gain immense popularity.  It drives traffic and fetches you some handsome revenue.

Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews help cam models in earning some brownie points. Customers rate and write a short one hundred (or less than one hundred) worded review about the cam show, adult performer and overall experience. Positive reviews and higher ratings will result in better ranking of pornographic performers. Whenever a cam model consistently receives positive feedback, higher ratings and best reviews, she is at liberty to increase her pay per minute charges.

Virtual Tokens

One of the various proven mechanism by virtue of which adult cams and custom porn cam sites rake the moolah is by converting virtual tokens into dollars. Pornographic performers will get a fair share of the virtual tokens as well. The key to earn more and more virtual tokens is to engage and entice the viewers.


In adult cams and custom porn cam sites, tipping system is widely used. If the adult cams and custom porn cam sites do not have a robust tipping system, they are at a great disadvantage. Affluent customers spend as high as £500 in the form of tips and virtual tokens. Website owners take a part of this tip and let the pornographic performers take the remaining significant amount.

Regular and opulent customers do not mind spending as high as £1500 per private session of 30 minutes. What a common man earns in six months can be earned in six days! More often than not, adult cams and custom porn cam sites include a feature called ‘Top Tipper’. The name of the customer who has spent a fortune on a particular cam model will be listed on the leaderboard. He will be offered a virtual prize as a token of gratitude.

Social Media Following

Twitter is one such social networking platform where you can share the links of your adult videos, blogs and other erotic content. You can follow your intended target audiences and make them follow your profile. Once your twitter profile gains immense traction, it is time to tap your fan base.

Facebook is another such promising platform where you have enough opportunities to make an everlasting mark for yourself. Have a dedicated Facebook page. Keep posting semi-nude photos and links to your cam shows. Keep in touch with your fans by replying to comments and shares.

Leverage Tumblr and Pinterest platforms as well. Slowly and steadily, have a dedicated website and learn SEO best practices. SEO can take you to the next best level. On your blog and website, add affiliate links and experience an upturn in fortune.

Bottom Line

Camming is a lucrative business and if everything goes right, you will become uber-rich. Do not reveal your personal information at any point of time to your customers. Remember- Better safe than sorry. Follow the aforementioned tips and become a member of nouveau riche elite.