Q&A Session with a Renowned Webcam Site Owner

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Lena (changed name for privacy concerns) is a successful webcam model and owner of one of the top webcam sites in the US. She started as a webcam model on a US-based website. After a series of events, she shined to become a popular face and a highly paid model on three different model websites.

interview with a cam site owner

Today, she is an industry veteran and has been running her own webcam site for 15 years. Her webcam business in 2020 features 3500+ models and average annual revenue of over $10 Million. She was kind enough to agree for a QnA session and answer a few questions that we solicited from our readers, clients, and users across different continents.

If you have been pondering about the adult webcam industry and wondering how top webcam sites work to make millionaires like her, you would certainly find most of your answers in this interview with a cam site owner. 

Part 1: Model Recruitment

  1. How do you hire models for your website?

Answer: Hiring adult models is probably the most difficult job of all. I was lucky, as I had connections in the industry and got help while hiring most of my early models. I began by spreading the word among my former collogues and connections.

I got over 50 professional models from my contacts. However, 50 models were not enough to run a marketplace of adult models. I needed a lot of people to sign up.

I started doing classifieds and paid Ads on adult networks. Still today, these two methods are working for me. With Ads, I mostly target professional models, porn performers, and stripers.

It’s was not logical to expect that regular women would sign up on a completely new website, so I kept my target sample limited to professionals in the early days.

However, today, I hire models from all around the globe. Anyone above the legal age can sign up and proceed through the steps.

Since the website now is popular, sign-ups from amateur models, common women looking to make some extra cash, have also increased. I still run paid ads on adult networks such as Juicy Ads.

I also reach out to professional models on the platforms such as-

  • Mainstream social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat
  • Adult social media- ManyVids and OnlyFans
  • Other webcam business competitors
  1. Do you collaborate with webcam agencies to get models?

Answer: Yes, I do. Model agencies work great, especially for a new webcam site. My website features many models from the referrals of these webcam agencies.

We also feature a model referral program where we give a 4% lifetime commission to anyone referring new models to our website. Many model agencies have signed up with us.

Besides, we also have collaborated with a few model agencies under special contracts. The payments to such agencies vary from contract to contract.  

  1. What type of document do you collect from models when you onboard them?

We ask the models to upload scanned copies of the following official documents:

  • ID: A scanned copy of a photo ID clearly showing her photograph, date of birth, and signature
  • Expiry date: Models need to mention the expiry date of their photo ID.
  • Snapshot of Face: A snapshot of her face
  • Snapshot with ID: A clear snapshot of the model holding the ID near her face

Part 2: Model Training

  1. What are some of the important tips that you give to your models?

Answer: Most of the models on my website are experienced and they know their job. However, we also feature tons of new girls who have just started their journey. I try to guide both kinds of models in the best ways possible.

We have an online orientation program, where we send eBooks and videos prepared by professionals and veterans like me, to every new model who joins the platform. These materials consist of all the platform rules, guidelines to follow while camming, and tips to engage with the users, etc.

As per my tips are cornered, I always start with the same statement – “don’t jump into ways of making money at the beginning itself. You should do it for fun and engaging with the users in the first place. If they enjoy your presence on their screens, they will come back again and become your fans.”

  • Focus on building a connection with your viewers
  • New models could take some time before users start to pay, don’t be discouraged
  • Focus on persuading them to come back; repeat visitors are likely to pay even more
  • Give them the reasons to tip. Update your profile with different ways to send the tips
  • Let them know about the moves you can perform for certain amounts of tips in return
  • Work for as many hours as possible. However, keep your schedule consistent and timed
  • Set your working hours based on your engagement stats and time-zones of your fans
  • Avoid going online at random time-frames, or you will confuse your regular fans
  • Use social media to engage with your followers with regular posts and updates
  • Give extra focus on esthetics, lights, webcam placement, video-quality, and audio
  • Tease them with your body, but don’t offer nudity for free, learn the art of seduction
  • Use all revenue channels on the website- tips, private chat, group chat, spying, eCommerce, etc.

  1. How should a model optimize her free chat & private chat to make more money?

Answer: As I said earlier, don’t offer too much free of cost or they will think of it as –“why buy a cow when you can get the milk free of cost?” Use free chats and public rooms to seduce and tease the users.

Free chatrooms are like a marketplace, while a private chatroom is your shop in that marketplace. You need people to enjoy the marketplace and come to it, so you can entice them to your shop.

If you want to use a free chatroom to make some money, it’s best to attract as many users in it.

Tips are the best ways to generate revenue from these free chatrooms. Encourage your users to send you tips for different reasons and moves-on-demand. Say-[bs_notification type=”success” dismissible=”false”]

  • 50 tokens to flash your breast
  • 100 tokens to turnaround and twerk
  • 10 tokens to use a vibrator for 10 seconds
  • 1000 tokes to use masturbate till orgasm
  • 150 tokens to participate in a contest[/bs_notification]

You can list N numbers of stuff on this menu to attract more and more tips.

In other ways, you can use your free chatroom as a channel to make your users feel comfortable, while you introduce your private chatroom and its exclusive benefits to them.

Be advised that in private chat, users pay per minute in tokens. They purchase certain amounts of tokens and use them to pay for private chatrooms. Once the user has exhausted all the tokens in his wallet, the room closes.

You must ensure that users feel your attention on them. People love to talk, especially when the attention is coming from a woman, they wouldn’t care that private chats are expensive.

Be strategic with your words and say things that linger a conversation, not end it.

For example, if a user says – “I won a contest today

Wrong reply: “Wow! Congrats”

Perfect reply: “Wow! Congrats {His Name}, tell me more about it”

Such replies trigger a continuation in the conversation, and users are more likely to keep it going in this way. The more you can hold them in the private chatrooms, the

  1. How should a model become the best of herself to make more money when competing with other models?

webcam business USA

Answer: Some models are lucky enough to get followers in the early days itself. However, webcam modeling is less about luck and more about strategies.

Even the biggest models on best webcam sites cannot go on forever with a casual attitude. It’s a serious profession and requires extraordinary dedication.

  • Update details on your model profile and upload your best display picture
  • Work as much as you can, but don’t stretch it in a single shot
  • Work in shifts: say 2 hours each in morning, afternoon, and evening
  • It will help you to target your fans spread across different time-zones
  • Avoid going live at random times of the day. Stick to your schedule
  • Make use of all the revenue channels provided by the website
  • Compete healthily. Collaborate with other models if you can
  • Engagement is the key. Focus on building a 1-to-1 connection with the users
  • New users come and go, but repeat visitors are your true fans, don’t lose them
  • The websites provide tons of user-engagement tools, use them strategically
  • Think yourself as not just a webcam model but also a digital marketer
  • Acquire useful skills like video editing, photography, and graphic designing
  • Having such skills will help you create better content than many others
  1. How do you motivate your models to stay more online hours?

Answer: We run weekly contests among the models. There are different categories to participate:

  • Female- Top performer of the week in the US
  • Female – Top performer of the week international
  • Couples – Top performers of the week
  • Male – Top performers of the week
  • Transsexual –Top performers of the week

Winner in each of the categories gets cash prizes. We decide the winners based on an on-site rating system. Ratings are calculated based on many factors and their weights. For example-

  • Tokens and time: Token earnings and amount of time spent online carry most weightage
  • Quality: Good audio-video is a must, as poor qualities disqualify models from the contest

A model must excel on these ratings to win the contest. We encourage models to increase their token counts through tips, private shows, private chats, Voyeur peeks, gifts, etc. The best way to increase token counts is staying online.

  • There is also a monthly contest, where the top -100 models win cash prizes based on the same factors.
  • A mega annual contest is also there for the top 10 models with most weekly wins to get BIG cash prizes and gifts.
  • We also offer exclusive benefits to the most active models who complete 3 years of service on the platform.
  1. What are the industry rates for group chat / private chat / full private and spying chat?

It differs from platform to platform and even models to models. I can give an average estimate that most of the models follow on our website:

  • Group chat: costs 30 Tokens per minute for each user
  • Private Chat: costs 60 Tokens a minute
  • Full Private: costs 90 Tokens per minute
  • Spying chat: costs 15 Tokens per minute

Part 3: Model Payouts

  1. How do you pay out your models?

Answer: We make weekly payments to our models for seven days. Models usually, get their previous week’s payments every Friday. We follow some terms and conditions- 

  • The minimum payment amount is $50 for a model
  • The minimum payment amount is $100 for a studio

In case, a model was unable to reach the minimum payout threshold, we hold the current week’s payout and carry it forward to the next week until she earns the required minimum amount.

Besides, we also give ‘on-request payouts’ and ‘early payouts’.

To become eligible for ‘on-request payouts’ a model or a studio needs have spent at least 6 months on our platform with a total of at least $200 as payouts over the last 6 months. Having fulfilled these criteria, a model or a studio can place payout requests before their regular payout schedule.

  1. What payment methods you use to pay out your models?

Answer: We offer multiple payment channels for the convenience of the models in the USA or located outside. A model can choose anyone that suits her the best.

We offer payouts through the processors such as Paxum (no fees), ePayService (no fees), and WebMoney (3% fee). We also offer payments in Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple (1.5% fee).

For payouts inside the USA, we encourage models to use Checks and Direct Deposit, as there are no fees involved in these methods.

  1. What are the payout period & payout fees for models?

Answer: The payout period is 7 days, and as per payout fees for models and studios are concerned, there are two types of fees associated with it:

  • Payment channel fee: Differs based on the chosen payment method to receive the payouts. I have mentioned the fees of the respective channels in the previous answer.
  • Platform commission: We take 35% from a model or studio’s overall earnings as service fees. However, the percentage decreases to 25% once the model has spent at least 1 year on the platform and has achieved an overall earnings mark of $3000 or more.

Part 4: Business Essentials

  1. How does chatbot help your business? Could you explain some of the growth hacking chatbots that you use on your site

Answer: Chatbots are very important for a webcam model. Since models conduct live streaming alone, it’s not possible to keep a track of everything manually. Chatbots help models manage most of the repetitive tasks.

We provide chatbots as virtual assistants to our models. They help models to expand their chatroom potentials by letting them manage multiple tasks automatically.

Models use chatbots to send an assortment of automatic messages, greet users, thank users for tips, welcome new visitors, flag or report abuse, block spam, manage token countdowns, and run many more programmable chores.

  1. What is that 1 viral strategy you followed in your early days to attract more visitors? (can talk about referral program here – refer a member, refer a model)

Answer: We used referral programs as our early strategy to grow our platform. We made full use of referrals to gain both the users and the models on our website. We run still run these programs, as they proved to be extremely useful in the past.

User-referrals: We run a premium membership for our website visitors. This membership offers some exclusive benefits to our users. Any registered user referring a premium member on our website gets free tokens worth $100.

Model referrals: Anyone can refer new models on our website. If you refer a model, we give you a 3% commission on the model’s earnings for a lifetime. This program was extremely successful for us and we had a large number of individuals and model agencies using this program to generate passive income.

  1. What is that 1 thing that most people ignore when running a serious webcam business?

Answer: It’s a misconception that adult websites do not comply with legal laws. For example, we see the same content on multiple websites and start thinking that copyrights, DMCA, or piracy laws do not matter in the adult content business. 

It’s not true. In fact, legal complications are even sensitive while running an adult website. Like any other venture in the mainstream industry, you need legal help for running an adult business, too.

I would admit that most adult websites do not entertain DMCA complaints as actively as the mainstream websites, but eventually, they all fall in line.

If you are serious about your business and willing to make it one on the best webcam sites without any complications, you must consider legal aspects with equal priority. 

  1. When literally millions of users visit every month, how do you handle spam and abuse to your models?

Answer: We were aware of the eventual spike in the traffic. Now that we are getting website traffic in millions, we try to keep a track of everything. 

Honestly, we get lots of spam and some abuse reports too, but it is a part of the big scene.

We have aimed to offer the best user experience to our genuine visitors and models. We try our best to keep everything under the radar.

Our models can appoint moderators in their chatrooms, who keep their eyes on the users.

We also provide relationship managers to our top 500 models, who not only look after the chatrooms but also handle all kinds of inquiries, issues, resolutions for the models.

We have a dedicated operations team whose job is to look after these issues and offer quick resolutions to the models.

Just like relationship managers from the banks, our operations team works in different divisions to manage our relationship with the models.

  1. How is your life as a renowned cam site owner?

Answer: Socially, it’s no different from when I was a camgirl. My friends and family know what I do and they find it uplifting. I have complete support from everyone close to me. 

It was tough when I started camming though. Back then, there was little awareness about this line of work, so I had to deal with a lot of stuff. My boyfriend broke up shortly after I told him. It was a tough job.

Fortunately, people now are much aware and understand that camming is like any other job and it’s safe. The increased understanding has helped people like me to attract professional models to our websites.

As a cam website owner, I enjoy my life even better. Economically, I feel that earning power is unlimited when you have the wheels in your hands.

  1. Can a model broadcast a pre-recorded video in a chat room?

Answer: It’s a big No! Everything we do in webcam modeling is all about establishing a real-time connection with the prospects. From our revenue channels to unique selling points and marketing strategies, we depend on live streaming to distinguish ourselves in the massive adult industry.

Pre-recorded broadcasts are not at all an option.

However, my website does allow models to sell recorded video clips separately as pay-per-view, but that’s an entirely different scenario, as live streaming is still our major revenue channel.

  1. What is the future goal of your site despite having tough competitors?

Answer: Back then, when I started my website, there were only a few webcam business in USA. Out of which, only 3-4 websites were popular enough.

Today, we are competing with hundreds of cam sites, and it’s a good sign if you think about it. The demands are increasing and a large number of people now prefer cam sites and model websites for unique experiences.

Our future goal is to keep up with the changing trends and staying relevant. In the last 15 years, I have experimented with my website on every other front to stay in the trend.

I have altered the revenue channels, updated privacy policies, integrated the latest technologies, revamped the website’s tech stack, and collaborated with many B2B service providers.

One such example is an integration that we did 3 years ago. We integrated support for IoT-enabled sex toys from major brands.

You might have seen in the cam shows. The vibrators that react when visitors send tips; 10 tokens to vibrate for 10 sends, 20 for 20 seconds, and 1000 tokens to vibrate until orgasm.

Webcam business competitors are tough, but the market is still capable of feeding hundreds of more websites. You just have to stay aware of your market and evolve with it.

That’s our goal for now. We want to become one of the top webcam business in UK, US, and the globe.

Part 5: Legal

  1. How do you handle privacy and security of your models

Answer: It is our top priority. My website offers ways to the models for managing their privacy and security:

  • Geo-block: Models can geo-block certain regions so that their profile and any kind of promotion relevant to them are not visible in those regions. Models use this feature to geo-block their local regions and other regions.
  • 2-Step Verification: Models can activate 2-step verification mode on their profiles for signing in to their user accounts.
  • DMCA: Models can put DMCA notice on their profiles to let everyone know that their rooms are protected by the DMCA certificate.
  1. What kind of agreement do you have with models? Is it an employer-employee or freelancer agreement with the model?

Answer: We follow freelancer agreement with our models for a couple of good reasons. A freelancer agreement is flexible and offers both sides of the contract with individual benefits.

  • We don’t bind our models into exclusivity contracts
  • Models on our platform are free to work on other platforms, too
  • We don’t need to pay fixed salaries to our models in a freelance contract
  • Models earn their own salaries and it’s without any limitation on the maximum

I have seen many of our webcam business competitors following employer-employee contracts. I have no doubts they would be doing great, too.

However, the Freelance model is what is have followed from the beginning, and it gives both the models and us the space we need to boost our prospects without any constraints.

  1. How do you make sure your models obey the site rules and what metrics do you have in place to manage this?

Answer: We have rewards and strikes to make sure the models are encouraged to abide by the website rules. We have a model-rating system, which we use for rewarding the top-performers on weekly, monthly, and yearly scales.

This rating system motivates our models to keep up their job. Apart from this, there are strict platform rules and restrictions. If models violate these rules, they might have to deal with penalties, suspension, and ban from the platform. 

  1. What are the reasons a model can be fined for?

Answer: We try to stay as lenient as possible, but we don’t tolerate infringement on sensitive rules meant for complying with the law. I am sure none of the top webcam sites in the market feels otherwise about this. A model can be fined if found guilty of violating the following rules:

  • Not allowed to give out or ask for personal information
  • Not allowed to establish direct personal contact with the users
  • Cannot put anyone in a camera who is not registered as a model on the website
  • Cannot engage in banned activities and fetishes that are prohibited by the platform
  • Cannot breach legal restrictions out by the authorities about drugs, minors, and animals

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