10 Best High Paying Adult Affiliate Programs

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Adult entertainment and dating industry is huge. If we go by the statistics, a major part of the internet and internet traffic is related to adult content and topics. Using this fact, you can zero upon an idea on how big the adult industry actually is.

Now these adult tube websites on the internet have to earn revenue in order to keep serving their audience and to earn something as well. There are many ways adult websites can earn money. There are advertisements, then there is sponsored content and let us not forget the affiliate income that these websites make.

No matter what you browse on the internet, you will find affiliate links everywhere. You can see affiliate links on review websites as well as websites that provide other content. Affiliate marketing is a great and a mutually beneficial way to make benefits.

As an affiliate, a company or an individual earns money by successfully referring a customer to a business and as a business, you get an extra customer. It’s a win-win situation for both parties and I have talked to many business owners who consider affiliate marketing as a better practice to capture customers. Advertising is all fine and everything but in advertising, you don’t have a certain possibility that people who are going to view the ad are going to become your customers. But in affiliate marketing, you pay the affiliates only when their referred traffic converts into a customer.

Types of Adult Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is fine but in order to earn proper money from adult affiliate marketing, you need to choose the type of adult affiliate marketing model that you are going to adopt for your adult website. Here are two main types of affiliate programs that we are going to talk about in this post.

Pay Per Sale

In these types of adult affiliate programs, you have to refer customers to a business where the customers are going to buy some product or subscribe to a paid service. The payout of these types of adult affiliate programs is usually high, but you will only get paid once.

Life Revenue Sharing

When you refer customers to websites or services that follow this type of affiliate structure, you will get paid for as long as the referred customer is using the service. You will be paid monthly or yearly or in any other format that you agreed on while signing up.

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Best High Paying Adult Affiliate Programs:

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Let’s come to the point now. We are going to share some of the best websites where you can sign up as an adult affiliate and earn some big money for every customer that you are going to refer. Each of these websites have different payout plans and products to offer. Take a look at each one of them, analyze and decide which one is going to work the best for you.


JuicyAds.com is an advertising as well as affiliate platform where you can search for and choose the offers that are best suited for your website. You can choose from multiple offers like multiple ad types, popunders, popups, mobile redirect etc.


Adxpansion is just as good as JuicyAds.com and they have offers like text, popunders, inframe, instream, text, mobile etc. that you can choose from. They perform payouts 2 times a month so you can get your earned money in your bank as soon as you want.


CrakRevenue.com boasts of higher payouts as compared to its competitors and you can sign up and access different offers that you can start promoting on your website. You will have access to proper analytics so that you can analyze where you are getting most of these sales from and you will be able to optimize your content to get more out of CrakRevenue.com.


This website has a collection of good programs that you can choose from. You will have chances of earning up to $300 per sale in their pay per sale program. You also get revenue if you bring other adult webmasters who go on and promote products on their adult websites. You can earn 40-60% of their revenue for as long as they are promoting products via Awempire.com.


This website will allow you and offer you to promote 31 websites that you can show or advertise on your adult website. They 50% revenue and 50% for rebills and the the payments are sent out every 14 days. If you refer a webmaster on this site, you will get to earn about 5% of their income for lifetime!


With Serious-cash.com you have a chance to earn up to 60% of the revenue that you refer to them and they provide hosting for their affiliates as well. You can also refer a webmaster and earn 10% of the sales that is generated by the webmasters that you referred.


You can earn $40 per sign up through this website and their programs. You also get to earn 50-70% of the amount when they rebill the customers that you referred. When you refer webmasters, you get 10% of the income that they generate for lifetime!

Blazing Bucks

Blazing Bucks pays you $30 when you get them a sign up or a sale. They will also pay you 50% of the bill amount every time they bill their users whom your referred for life! You will also get 10% of any webmaster’s income or sales that they generate for life.


Royal-cash.com promises to provide you $30-$40 per sale or sign-up that you send to them. They will also share about 50-60% of the bill amount that they will be generated from the users you have referred. If you refer any webmasters, then you will get a chance of earning 5% of whatever sales that they generate or you can get a $100 one time bonus for an active webmaster you refer to them.

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All in all you can see that affiliate marketing in the field of adult websites has a great potential for you to earn some big bucks if you know what kind of offers you need to promote to the type of traffic that you have. You can choose from any of the above mentioned websites and start earning right away!

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